Best Dust Collectors Metal and Wood Buyers Guide 2022

Last Updated on May 2022

When working in that workshop, you must be extremely concerned about your health and safety. Not only do you have to take much care of your power tools in your workshop, but you must also take many precautions when dealing with dust that the machines generate while working with them.

Dust particles coming from wood can lead to much damage to your health and that’s the reason why we compiled this detailed best collector guide.

A dust collector equipment isn’t the first unit that runs in our minds based on the fact that many power tools currently come with their inner dust collector. And this makes it no joke or won’t even make shopping a dust collector necessary.

Looking for a good dust collector for your workshop or welding table? If yes, then you are at the right place. There are many types that you will get. But with the help of a dust collector guide, you’ll easily get the best brands then finally get a specific brand or model that will serve you best in your workshop.

Best Dust Collectors for Metal and Wood

ProductWaste CapacityAirflow RatingProduct Dimensions
Customizable150CFM‎12 x 12 x 29.25 inches
Customizable660CFM‎12.25 x 12.5 x 14.25 inches
2.1 cubic feet880CFM16.5 x 28.1 x 19.6 inches
5.4 cubic feet1280 CFM‎22.2 x 37 x 22.5 inches
2 cubic feet537 CFM19.5 x 18 x 44 inches
3.1 cubic feet550 CFM‎21.4 x 18.3 x 16.5 inches
CustomizableN/A13.1 x 13 x 6.9 inches
Customizable537 CFM‎19 x 19 x 16 inches
CustomizableN/A12.5 x 7.6 x 2.75 inches

1. Oneida Air Systems Dust Separator


  • Uses neutral vane technology
  • Lightweight design
  • Compact design, ideal for smaller workshops

This dust separator attaches to a regular vacuum and safeguards the vacuum’s filter from getting large chips and dust particles. Not only is Oneida air systems essential for collecting dust particles that you can’t see but save you from purchasing replacement filters for the vacuum cleaner.

The unit comes with an increased suction ability as it’s designed with 20% more CFM and efficiency with a Neutral Vane Technology. Additionally, the unit’s air systems feature a patented Dust Deputy cyclone that uses force to trap and remove debris and dust from the air steam. Also, it fights back dust clogging.

Its ability to get rid of clogging also promises you that the unit will last for an extended period. And that’s not all, here is also another great feature concerning this amazing machine. It features a lightweight design. Therefore, you can easily move and work with the unit easily from one place to the other.

It has a compact design making it another ideal reason why it’s used in smaller workshops and having a compact design measuring 15 by 9.5 by 9.5 inches, the unit doesn’t compromise its flow of air and suction power.


  • Designed to collect everything from pet hair to dust particles, making it a versatile unit.
  • Safeguards vacuum’s filter from dust and debris, that saves you money that you could use for replacement
  • It’s compatible with all kinds of vacuum cleaners


  • You must purchase separately the unit’s waste container bucket

2. WEN 3401 Dust Collector


  • 5.7-amp motor
  • Four swivel caster wheels
  • Easy to mount on a wall

WEN 3401 is the next dust collector that we’d like you to consider when looking for a quality product. What made this dust collector win the hearts of many is its 5.7-amp motor that’s essential in trapping excess dust and debris all over the workplace.

Did you see the four versatile connector ports that make it easy to connect the dust collector to workshop tools and shop vacuum easily? Moving around with this unit is not a stressor and a big thanks to its four swivel caster wheels that come with it.

Featuring a compact design and a carrying handle makes it among the best models everyone wishes to buy. Transportation from one place to the other as well as storing the unit has been made simpler. Furthermore, mounting this unit on your workshop wall while not in use is easy. You can place debris and dust under proper control while using this machine.


  • Comes with versatile connector ports
  • You can easily mount it on the wall for easy storage
  • Not hard to transport
  • Comes with a powerful motor


  • The suction power is low
  • The collection bag lacks a zipper, therefore emptying it can be a stressor at first

3. Shop Fox W1727 Dust Collector


  • Portable, easy to transport
  • Consumes less space
  • 1.5 horsepower

This is an amazing dust collector for everyone who wishes to own a portable and easy-to-transport unit. The machine is designed to stand upright and consumes little space within the workshop.

The dust collector has a modest and portable design. In other words, you can easily move around with the unit freely. Many people think that cheap products have a quality issue, but that’s not the case with this brand from SHOP FOX.

Additionally, it has a first-class filter backed up with 1.5 horsepower that makes it a top-rated and high-quality dust collector even when you are shopping on a low budget. In terms of maintenance, this is an amazing machine that will deliver an amazing performance making it great for use on squeezed stores.


  • Handle and wheels for easy transportability
  • Vertical design consumes less space
  • A powerful unit that can collect debris and dust easily
  • Doesn’t have a separate fitted system needed for quick assembly


  • Its plastic waste bag is not great for metal grinding

4. Shop Fox W1685 Dust Collector


  • Made with sturdy material
  • Powerful motor
  • Has wheels for portability

How many dust collectors out there are constructed to be bulky and heavy, many users will find it hard to move around with them when working or even find it hard to clear the dust on specific areas like under cupboards and large cabinets.

However, this dust collector from SHOP FOX is one constructed bearing in mind portability and a single step, you’ll trust that its use and method of operation will satisfy all users.

Most dust collectors in the market come with weak plastic collectors bags that won’t work well for metal grinding and other activities that might be flammable. But with this amazing unit, comes with a durable and heavy collection bag and filter that’s best for gathering every kind of material.

It features a tall and slim design that makes it look handy while using it in your workshop. What’s more, it comes with a 110V motor and is designed to collect debris and dust of up to 1280 CFM. The unit is designed with a steel impeller and powder-coated paint making it a high-quality dust collector for a variety of materials.


  • Made of sturdy materials that can handle metal materials and wood alike
  • Powerful motor that can collect debris and dust at 1280 CFM for fast collection
  • Vertical and slim design with wheels for portability and space-saving


  • Its powerful intake may be a safety concern when the safety key isn’t in use

5. Shop Fox W1826 Wall Dust Collector


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Comes with a locking screw system and a wall-mount bracket
  • Includes a wireless remote

This dust collector comes fully assembled and designed in a lightweight manner making it the best to use in several kinds of workshops. It’s a portable unit that every folk would find easy to operate and work with.

Many people prefer using a wall-mounted dust-collector to help in saving space on the surface or the floor.  This product is constructed in a way that it can fit on a workshop wall just above the working space to gather debris and dust directly from the source.

Shop Fox W1826 comes with a locking screw system and a wall-mount bracket that necessitates quick installation.

Most wall-mounted dust collectors are hard to empty the waste container, but with this unit, the bag filter has a window with a zip. The wind shows you once the bag becomes full while the zip facilitates a straight-forward emptying. Many thanks to its wireless remote that’s used to control the 110V motor. The dust collector is all about convenience.

Having a powerful 537 CFM capacity, the dust collector will easily handle any hungry woodworking machine without a complicated duct system. Furthermore, it comes with a locking screw system and a simple wall-mounted bracket that promises you safety.


  • It comes with a wireless remote for quick and convenient adjustments
  • The collection bag has a window and zip for quick emptying
  • Wall-mounted dust collector that saves space


  • 537 CFM sucking ability which quite lower compared to other dust collectors

6. Bucktool Wall-Mount Dust Collector


  • Doesn’t produce much noise
  • Designed to save on space. Wall mounting is possible
  • Zipped dust bag, easy to empty

Being among the best and high-quality dust collectors in the market today, this machine comes with a flexible design. Other positive reports are its suction and power are a bit higher compared to what you can find in other dust collectors in the market currently.

The unit is designed to sit close to a workplace to gather debris and dust just directly from the source. It comes with a 13-gallon capacity dust bag that’s used to carry a large amount of dust and debris at a time.

Many users have fallen in love with Bucktool due to its 120 V motor meant for powerful sucking. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about hidden dust in hard-to-reach areas. The machine will clear everything.

Its dust bag also comes with a zipper that’s used to remove the bag to empty the interiors easily. the unit is made of cloth to help you use it over and over making it a handy dust collector for saving your money when it comes to bag replacements.

Want to know why many folks prefer using the unit? The reason is it’s designed to operate in a quiet mode that you won’t hear any noise. You don’t have to put on ear protection. For more information on the best ear plugs for work shop safety [Read our full guide]


  • A quiet dust collector to use in a peaceful workplace
  • It can be wall-mounted making it a great space saver and collects dust and debris from the workplace
  • Comes with a zipped dust bag for quick emptying


  • A large-sized unit that requires large wall space

7. Duststopper Dust Separator


  • Low profile design, makes it easy to use in any environment
  • Quick assembly
  • Lightweight at only 3.24 pounds

This dust collector is a nice option for everyone who wishes to use their vacuum cleaner to collect debris and dust. It tackles the messiest tasks in a breeze as it keeps your dry/wet vacuum free from debris and dust. The unit comes with a specially designed chamber that snaps on any 5-gallon bucket thus collecting up to 99% of debris and dust before getting to your vacuum.

Additionally, it comes with a low-profile design making it easy to use in any workshop, Jobsite, or anywhere you may need to use it.  Setting up the machine is quite easy and can be ready to use in less than one minute when taken out of the box. You don’t have to use screws, sealants, or holes to drill.

Weighing only 3.24 pounds, this unit is lightweight. Therefore, you can easily carry it from one place to the other without getting fatigued.


  • Deposits debris and dust inside a bucket for quick emptying
  • Prevents 99% of the dust from getting inside the filter
  • Quick assembly to add productivity


  • It’s a light dust collector that may require weights while moving the vacuum around

8. POWERTEC DC5370 Wall-Mounted


  • Comes with 2.5-micron filter bags
  • High quality motor
  • Easy to empty without creating a mess

POWERTEC DC5370 is another wall-mounted dust collector that’s uniquely designed making it an ideal unit for many small workshops. It’s easy to store the unit after use and doesn’t consume too much space that makes it a nice product to be used in small workshops.

When dealing with wood chips, sawdust, finer particles, and other kinds of dust, then this handy unit is your go-to dust collector. The unit works well in trapping dust and pollutants away from the air before creating a further mess.

POWERTEC also comes with 2.5-micron filter bags promising you that there’s adequate space for trapping finer particles and dust. The machine takes some pride in having a nice cleaning and emptying cycle. It has a zipper that provides a quick way of clearing debris without creating any kind of a mess. Your hands won’t even get dirty.


  • The micron filter bag has a zipper for easy emptying
  • Comes with a high-quality motor that sucks up dust quickly
  • Wall-mounted, and a compact design making it a good space-saver


  • It’s a little model that produces high noise levels

9. Milescraft 1500 Dust Collector


  • Heavy durable build
  • Fits table saws up to 17-inch diameter
  • Best for fine sawdust

We are summing up our best dust collectors review with this amazing and innovative dust collector from the Milescraft brand and this powerful Milescraft 1500 functions properly with sawdust and can fit in numerous table saws with up to 17-inch diameter.

The product features a strong design and comes with four legs. Even though it’s not portable with no wheels, you can still have the pace of understanding the unit isn’t delicate. This four-legged construction means nothing should be removed to empty. Just place the waste collector below the filter bag, then open the zip, and everything shall be emptied right in the bucket!


  • No removal is needed for emptying the dust
  • The durable four-legged construction offers a durable and strong structure
  • Designed for fine sawdust


  • The Velcro connection to table saws isn’t that durable

Things to Consider Before Buying a Dust Collector

Dust collectors are essential for any woodworker who works frequently in a workshop. Therefore, it’s vital to know the factors to consider when looking for dust collectors. Each unit functions differently, for example, portable or stationary, materials, shop size, you use plus the number of equipment you want the unit for.


Before doing anything, make sure you consider the quantity of space you’ll lose in the workplace. Some spaces are a bit bigger compared to others, therefore, it doesn’t matter if you purchase a large collector or a portable unit. Although, if you don’t have any spare space, make sure you go for a wall-mounted dust collector. They are the least invasive, expensive, and consume much time to install.

In case your workshop has a large space, then consider buying a collector with a large airflow rate as there shall be more air for the collector to operate with. A larger dust collector will get rid of hidden dust in a large section.

Dust Collector Vs Separator

Both collector and separator are terms that should be thrown around. But here is the clarification.

A dust separator attaches to the hose of the vacuum and works as a container or pre-filler to safeguard the main vacuum impeller from huge debris like nails. This feature only allows smooth particles that will save your time for quicker disposal  

Motor Power

The motor size will show how a unit is powerful in terms of dust collection. Any unit having a 1 HP motor is recommended for a standard workshop. This is the best size for a small area but won’t work great for larger areas.

Large workshops need more power since there is a larger space for particles to move around. Therefore, try looking for a unit with more than 1.5 HP, as it’s the best for experts and welding hobbyists too.

Stationary vs Portable

In case you own a smaller workshop, you don’t have to think of a stationary machine as this will be time-consuming and hard to install. The vacuum can just be pulled on one of the unused corners of your workshop then pull the hose in the best position where you want it to be.

It narrows down to your equipment, the size of the shop, and your budget. If you don’t take too much time in your shop, a small and portable unit will work properly.

Size of Filter

This is a vital aspect since the size of the filter that a unit has can tell you the number of particles plus dust that it will collect. Most cheap models have a high number of microns and this indicates that they are willing to claim reliability, but the truth is, they won’t collect even small-sized debris and dust.

Furthermore, before you give your money to that dealer, make sure you check the kind of debris you wish to deal with. Are they on the floor or in the air?

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s level of CFM do I require

Cubic Feet per Minute shows how much air that a specific model can undergo to collect debris and dust. The bigger the number, the more powerful a unit is a nice dust collector with 300 CFM is the best. This isn’t the best collector but the best for a small workshop.

Most dust collectors feature an overflow capacity of more than 1000 CFM, which’s generally the best to use in a large workshop. The reason being, bigger spaces provide more air for particles to move freely all over the workshop.  Therefore, greater CFM rate is required for a unit to function properly.

How do I select a dust collector?

It’s essential to consider your workplace size. Smaller areas are more likely to provide reduced floor space for a dust collector to fit in. That’s why many people prefer using wall-mounted dust collectors.

Larger rooms are the best for portable and large dust collectors. But these need a higher CFM and motor airflow rate for the collector to run with. Also, it’s essential to know how you wish to connect the unit. If you won’t make use of a vacuum cleaner, then buying a dust separator will work.

Can one vacuum sawdust?

No! sawdust will easily clog the filter and the particles can hurt your lungs. Sawdust particles are a bit larger compared to regular dust particles and are accompanied by excessive dust clusters that are too huge to be handled by a vacuum cleaner. Regardless of what you do it is important to wear a face mask or respirator. For more information on the best respirators [Read our full Review]


Do you have a workshop? If yes, then working with that produces dust has its disadvantages but the truth is, it can damage your health when exposed to harmful particles and dust when working.

Breathing in the dust is harmful to your health and that’s why we compiled this review on the best dust collectors at your disposal to assist you to get the best unit that will get rid of dust from the floors and air making your workshop clean and safe.

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