10 Best Anti-Spatter Welding Spray [Aerosol cans]

Last Updated on March 2021

Spatter has become a common thing in welding, and if produced in large amounts, it can create a mess. Whether you are an experienced welder or a beginner, getting a clean finish is not only a pain in the head but it can also affect the whole job at hand.

Anti-spatter spray is a product that makes your work easier and helps you reduce the headache of welding spatter hence making a difference in your work. Nowadays, spatter sprays are available in almost any place, but the good ones are too few. Some are counterfeit, accounting for a total waste of money.

In this article, we have provided you with the best anti-spatter solutions to make your work easier. We will also analyze each product’s pros and cons and a detailed buying guide to help make the right choice. Let’s get down to business.

Top 10 Anti Spatter Sprays

Non-flameable, Paintable, No Fluorocarbons, Silicone free1 lb
Non-flammable, Ozone safe, Paint compatible1.2 lb
Solvent based, Quick-drying aerosol, Paintable, Non-flammable, No fluorocarbons, Biodegradable1 lb
Non-corrosive, Prevents adhesion of weld spatter, No harmful fumes, Does not contain silicon, Non-flammable1.3 lb
Prevents welding spatter from sticking, Silicone Free, Non sticky1.2 lb
Ozone friendly, No silicon, Rust inhibiting, Non-hazardous decomposition, Water based, Low odor1 lb
Non-flammable, Printable, No fluorocarbons 1.34
Silicone free. Prevents spatter adhesion to weld surfaces1.02
Solvent Based, Non-flammable, Paint compatible, No ozone depleters, No silicon, No fluorocarbons1
Spray upside down, bag on valve tech, No Silicon, Non-flammable1


Welding anti-spatter sprays vary in terms of quality. There is no anti-spatter spray that is perfect; it can be hard to know if you are buying the right one. The Cantesco anti-spatter welding spray is among the best welding spray to fix your work.

Cantesco sprays on clear and has something that resembles an oily sheen, which wipes off every bead. This spray is not stuck to a specific type of welding and suitable for various types of welding most commonly GMAW also know as gas metal arc welding. In terms of cost, it’s not the cheapest but also not the most expensive welding spray.

Cantesco spray does not leave a dry, oily mess; instead, it leaves a dry coating on the surface, easy to clean. It is solvent-based, safe. Reliable and comes in an aerosol can. On the plus side, the spray will last for a long time if you don’t do a lot of welding.

Overall, it’s among the best welding anti-spatter sprays that will leave all your work done.


  • It leaves no stains because of the dry coating, not oily and wet
  • It is safe because there are no harmful chemicals like silicone and fluorocarbons
  • The spatter does not stick to the coating
  • One-spritz fix


  • Quite expensive
  • Not suitable for applying in the direction of the bead because it can stop the weld from adhering properly


Lincoln Electric is widely known for having good quality welding equipment. Their anti-spatter spray is among the best welding sprays on the market. The spray works mysteriously to give you the best service that you have been longing for.

The spray spatter does not stick on the surfaces being sprayed. For it to work, you need to ensure that you spray the tip from inside and outside. Nevertheless, you will only need a one-spritz fix just like the Cantesco spray.

The spray is easy and safe due to the presence of non-harmful chemicals that will prevent any harm from reaching you or the environment. The price of Lincoln is high, but the quality of service is satisfying.

The presence of a can around it will prevent many downtimes, making it worth the extra dollars.


  • It’s environmentally friendly- it does not destroy the ozone layer.
  • Prevent spatter from sticking on the metal surface
  • Paint compatible and requires less spritz to make your metal surface spatter free
  • Non-flammable
  • Require less effort to clean up


  • One of the most Expensive options

Weld-Aid Anti-Spatter Liquid

If you are looking for an anti-spatter Liquid spray that works well and for the money, the Weld-Aid Anti-spatter Liquid makes an easy fix. It costs less than other competing sprays to get and has odourless anti-spatter sprays. Using the Weld Aid Anti-spatter Liquid will make the life of your MIG’S nozzle longer.

A Popsicle stick will help you clean it off using a gloved finger without any difficulties after spraying the metal. You can brush off the residual layer because spatter doesn’t stick on the metal surfaces. Overall, the spray has some harsh chemicals which can be harmful to your health and the environment.

In case you purchase it, it’s necessary to use it in a well-ventilated area or consider a decent fume extractor. For more information on the best fume extractors for 2021 and beyond [Read our Full Guide]


  • The MIG nozzle life can last for a long time.
  • Spatter doesn’t stick to the coating.
  • It’s easy to use
  • Available in A 20 Oz can
  • It’s affordable


  • Only suitable to be used in well-ventilated areas to prevent fumes.
  • It contains harsh chemicals that can harm the body when inhaled.

Hobart Welding Anti-Spatter Spray

Just like Lincoln Electric, Hobart is another famous brand for its welding tools. But wait, there’s more; their lower price and the odd, fresh-like scent is something to be concerned about. However, this should not stop you from using the anti-spatter spray. It works well, just like other welding sprays.

The one thing that is admirable about this spray is the affordable price. Overall it’s a welding spray that has no harmful chemicals. In case it leaves a few beads behind, but this can be removed just by one wipe.


  • Works very well to give excellent results
  • It has a good value for money; you get what you pay for.
  • Has no toxic chemicals
  • High-quality spray


  • It has an uncomfortable smell when you weld it.

Hot Max 23000 Anti-Spatter Spray

Welding involves different techniques to come up with an excellent finish. If you prefer painting after welding, the Hot Max 23000 from Hot Max is the right anti-spatter spray for you. It uses a silicone-free formula that makes work easier when painting your metal surface.

The anti-spatter spray can be used on machine ends to prevent rusting and minimize the use of metal bench grinding tools. Furthermore, you can remove any spatter with ease and use nozzles to extend their life. This spray is pricier with high quality to deliver surfaces with no spatter beads.


  • Uses a silicone-free formula
  • It’s safe for your health.
  • Counters hot metals beads easily.
  • It’s fume-free
  • Spatter does not stick when spraying.


  • It costs more than other anti-spatter welding sprays.

CRC Welder’s Anti Spatter Spray Coating

This spray is from a well-known company called CRC. It is water-based and easy to wipe off. The good thing about this anti-spatter spray is that it tends to expand by creating a foam covering a larger area.

Apart from that, it has some chemicals which might not be harmful if handled with care. The spray is thick and easy to clean in case of a mess.


  • It has few chemicals that might be harmful to the body and the ozone layer.
  • It’s easy to clean due to the presence of water-based formula.
  • It keeps nozzles and tips clean by preventing the build-up of spatter
  • It prevents spatter from sticking to the metal surface.


  • Create foam when you spray the metal surface. These can be a disadvantage if you intend to spray on a specific area.
  • The thickness makes it stay on the metal surface.

Weld-Aid Nozzle-Kleen Anti Spatter Liquid

If you want an anti-spatter spray that will spatter from accumulating and blocking the tip of your metal, then you have to go for Weld-Aid Nozzle Anti-Spatter Liquid. It slightly removes spatter that is stuck on metals.

This anti-spatter spray contains hazardous chemical substances. Nevertheless, it requires a well-ventilated room to use in welding work. In case one breathes in, it will harm your health. It’s highly recommended to follow the steps provided at the back of the can to be on the safer side.

Alternatively, you can choose to opt away from using it if following the guidelines is hard.


  • Spatter does not build up on the nozzle.
  • Presence of a nozzle spray formula.


  • It contains hazardous chemicals that can be harmful to both human beings and the environment.
  • It doesn’t stop spatter from sticking on metals.

Forney 37030 Welders Anti Spatter Spray

Products from Forney have been giving the best results. Forney 37030 Welders Anti Spatters pray is no exception from other best welding sprays. It is among the most expensive welding sprays in the world of anti-spatter sprays.

After spraying, only small beats of spatter are left. These beads are easy to clean using a wire brush or a light fingertip brush or other abbrasive welding hand tools. Another advantage is that it can be applied in dry foam; hence, it doesn’t need to be done well in hot metal.

On the contrary, there is no need to spray when beading because you might end up cleaning and starting all over again.


  • It does not leave a wet coating. Instead, it can be applied in a dry form.
  • The spatter brushes of quickly after welding.


  • It’s so expensive compared to other welding sprays.
  • It’s not suitable to use a hot metal.
  • You might start all over again if you spray when beading.

Radnor Anti-Spatter and Nozzle Shield

Radnor Anti-Spatter and Nozzle Shield is a water-based anti-spatter spray suitable for fixtures, nozzles, and welding tips. It does not contain harmful substances like silicone and chlorinated solvents.


  • Environmentally safe.
  • It prevents spatter from sticking to metal surfaces.


  • Quite expensive

MB Industries Spatter Spatter

MB Industries Spatter spatter is from a well-known welding company known as MB Industries. It works with purely compressed air, and the good thing about this spray is that it can be used in any direction, unlike other anti-spatter sprays.

It’s not toxic, does not contain silicon, non-carcinogenic and non-explosive.


  • Safe for the environment
  • Can be used in all positions (upside down)
  • Silicon free
  • Non- Combustible


Buying Guide for Welding Anti-spatter Sprays

There are several anti-spatter sprays in the market, but choosing one can be a hassle. Before settling on a particular anti-spatter spray, there are few essential things that you need to know. The following buying guide has been put in place to help you make a wise decision and have a pleasant experience while welding.

Factors That Lead to Excess Welding Spatter

What to look for in Anti-spatter spray

Any welding work needs to be smooth and effective. But how can you ensure that this happens? While all kinds of anti-spatter spray have flooded the market, getting the right one can be a pain in the head.

The following factors will help you make the right choice of an anti-spatter spray for your welding work without a hassle.

The Type of Finish

Almost all anti spatter sprays are made in an equal manner because they perform the same function. Before getting an anti-spatter spray, look at the properties to determine if it will produce a clean finish.

Ask yourself if it’s paintable or non-paintable. Consider the spray’s work, is it made to be used after finishing welding, in the process of welding, or when there are no finishing plans?

All these questions are essential because you can paint the metal surface when you are done with welding. The anti-spatter sprays are also available for grinding finishes. In this situation, use an oil-based spray to prevent oxidation.

Using an oil-based spray, add more solvents on the metal surface to clean before painting. Alternatively, you can also choose not to apply the spray when grinding, but you can dodge from using the spray when grinding surfaces to help in areas which the grinder cannot access.


Before purchasing an anti-spatter spray for your welding works, make sure you know what it’s made of. Some anti-spatter sprays are made with harmful chemicals that can be toxic to both human beings and the environment.

Since it’s rare to find an ingredient label, check whether the spray is non-flammable or not. You can check the labelling for harmful chemical substances like fluorocarbons because they can be detrimental to your body and to the environment.

Why Should You Be On the Lookout for Spatter?

Spatter is not something to joke around with; it can create a lot of mess. If you ignore spatter in your workspace, you will find yourself cleaning most of the time instead of doing something constructive.

Some of the things that make spatter unpleasant include:

  • Spatter consumes most of the time as you will spend a lot of your time cleaning the mess instead of working.
  • Spatters can waste materials that could have been used for welding purposes.
  • They can damage your clothes or your workplace because they can be Spatter can destroy your tools to become removable on some surfaces.
  • Spatter can destroy your tools as they can build up or clog on different parts. These can make them ineffective if they are not cleaned.
  • Spatter residue can be bulky, low quality, and it can get stuck in the working area.

As seen, spatter is not something to be proud of as it can be disastrous and messy. To solve all this, an anti-spatter spray is the best solution for your welding work. Apart from that, its simplicity and affordability will push you to get one for your welding.

With all these, let’s look at the ways to reduce spatter during welding works.

How Can You Reduce Spatter From Welding?

Spatter can create many hindrances, but it can also be reduced aside from looking for the best anti-spatter spray. The following practices will assist you in lowering spatter while welding.

  • Avoid working in areas with a lot of moisture in the air as it can increase the amount of spatter while working.
  • Work on angles that will prevent spatter
  • Use high-quality welding equipment like wires.
  • Use a welding machine of high quality.
  • Make sure your welding arc length is not too long or too short to minimize unnecessarily spatter
  • Use a suitable wire speed feed while working.
  • Check the settings to see if they fit the job. A lot of spatter might occur if the amperage is too high.
  • Don’t use globular transfer mode and always make an effort to replace CO2 with argon gas to prevent excessive spatter.
  • Clean all surfaces to reduce spatter

For more information on well lit welding garage surface lighting  [Read our Full Review]

Anti-Spatter spray alternatives

Welding is associated with a lot of work. In case you misplace a can of anti-spatter spray, don’t panic. There are other alternatives that will make all the job done.

Use Cooking oil

Since the sprays spatter is oily, why not use cooking oil to fix all the work? Cooking oil is non-toxic and comes in different types. You can use cooking oil like canola oil and palm oil. Canola oil is a non-toxic alternative for welding spray.

The oil prevents droplets of metals from spattering by making them slide off. To use it, apply it on the metal surface where the spatter will land. Apart from canola oil, use palm oil because its thickness will make your work clean.

Car Wax

Car wax is another best anti-spatter spray alternative proven to be safe for human beings and the environment. Different car wax has a different composition of ingredients. Some have a lot of natural oils, while some don’t.

For better results, choose a car wax with enough natural oils and wipe on the metal surface using a piece of cloth.

The Bottom Line

Welding comes with a lot of hardships. If you are a welder, you can’t miss the sparks and spatter from your welding tools. The spatter can create a lot of damage to your tools, welding clothes, and work area.

To reduce the spatter, you need to employ several effective methods in your welding work by improving your welding process or using spatters sprays. Using Anti-spatter sprays will help reduce spatter when welding and make your job easier.

There are many anti-spatter sprays to choose from, but you have to be on the lookout for counterfeit ones. Some are expensive, while others are affordable, but what matters is the quality of the anti-spatter spray.

While there are many anti-spatter sprays in the market, there are also some safe alternatives like cooking oil and car wax. In case you run out or misplace your spray while at work, don’t worry; use the Anti-spatter spray alternatives mentioned above, and in case you are wondering how to reduce spatter in your welding work, use one of the spatter sprays discussed above to get a clean job.

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