6 Best Sound Pressure Meters [Buyers Guide 2022]

Last Updated on October 2023

Excessive noise levels over a significant period will harm your hearing. This may occur so step by step and easily that you may not see the minor disintegration starting with one day then onto the next. Extreme noise in the work environment presents a danger of hearing harm and other medical issues.

The pieces of the ear that procedure high recurrence sounds are generally the first to be influenced. The level of hearing misfortune relies upon the tumult of the noise and to what extent you are presented to it. Abrupt dangerous sounds, for example, shots, can cause quick harm.

A few people presented to unnecessary noise create tinnitus, which is depicted as a consistent ringing sound. For most instances of noise initiated hearing misfortune, there is no fix. Listening devices just intensify sounds and can’t replace typical hearing.

We sent our examination group out to locate the best decibel meters present accessible available and have presumed that these are the ace10 best meters dependent on the value, decibel estimation range, exactness, and portable ness.

For each meter, we will detail all the features that make each an incredible choice.

See our Buyer’s Guide beneath for more info on picking an extraordinary sound meter. Here are our best seven picks of the best dB meters to ensure your hearing each day.

6 Best Sound Pressure Meters Reviewed

Extech 407730 Digital Sound Level Meter 40-130dB


  • Precisely quantifies the 40-130dB sound level
  • Auto power-off; Max Hold work
  • +/ – 2dB exactness with 0.1dB goals
  • Auto power-off; Max Hold work
  • Advanced presentation + simple reference diagram

The Extech 407730 indeed does everything. Molded and estimated like a TV remote, it’s anything but difficult to carry along. Reaction time is brisk, with exact readings, confirmed reviewers state.

The 407730 has a large group of tech-forward features. The considerable LCD show screen is anything but difficult to peruse. It self-refreshes at regular intervals, so you realize your reading is precise. Exactness is inside 2 decibels. The Extech is an extraordinary purchase.


  • Accuracy +/ – 2dB
  • Easy-to-peruse advanced presentation
  • Hand-held, versatile
  • Records most extreme and least qualities after some time


  • It’s anything but difficult to see any reason why customers are raving about this dB meter. Purchasers state they take it to the working environment, open-air shows, and anyplace it’s imperative to screen sound levels. The look is alluring; it’s like a cordless landline telephone. At only 7 oz., it’s super-versatile.
  • The Extech runs helpfully on three AA batteries. A limited one-year guarantee upholds it on parts and work.

RISEPRO Decibel Meter


  • Measures 8″ (hand-held)
  • Four sound reaches
  • Identifies dBA and dBC frequencies
  • Uses simple to-discover AA batteries

The RISEPRO Decibel Meter is an agreeable 8″ long so you can take it with you any place you go. It incorporates four sound ranges and identifies dBA and dBC frequencies. This implies a superior range, so you get your most accurate reading.

Confirmed reviewers state they use it on everything from checking roadwork sound levels to adjusting their home theater setups. The recurrence run runs from 125Hz-8 KHz.


  • A slim model that is easy to grasp
  • Accurate dBA and dBC estimations
  • Low cost
  • Perfect for both home and expert use


  • Confirmed reviewers state that the Galaxy is a helpful device to have with you any place your ego. It’s versatile and is anything but difficult to work. It precisely distinguishes sound levels to help secure your hearing.

BAFX Products Decibel Meter


  • Measures 30-130dB sound levels
  • Exactness to +/ – 1.5dB
  • Measures in both dBA and dBC

This astonishing little meter gets approval from several glad customers. This tiny meter quantifies dB levels precisely, but it also has programming to dissect the information it gathers. (Note: the product is for Windows as it were.)

These incredible features come at a shockingly low price tag. Precision is within a fantastic 1.5dB.

You’ll have to grab your USB hookup for this model.


  • Very exact sound level estimation
  • Data stockpiling so you can audit readings
  • Runs on simple to-discover AA batteries
  • 1-year guarantee


  • Readings not consistent

VLike LCD Digital Audio Decibel Meter


  • Illuminated LCD screen
  • High-exactness noise sensor
  • Measures 30-130dB
  • Anti-slip design so you can hold it without any problem

Exceptionally exact and straightforward to carry along, the VLike has a great deal to like. It incorporates small additional items that include, for example, an enemy of slip design and an illuminated LCD show.

The VLike offers features including Data Hold and A/C mode; customers like that the dB meter offers a total experience compared to other meters. I.


  • Great anti-slip design so you can hold it without any problem
  • Tech features including Data Hold and A/C mode
  • Sponge spread
  • Low-value point + high caliber


  • Works well for casual use but not professional use

Pyle PSPL25 Digital Handheld Sound Level Meter


  • Low (30-100dB) or High (60-130dB) decision
  • Hand-hold size (9″)
  • Accurate to +/ – 1.5dB
  • Works on one 9V battery

Here’s another financially savvy, superior choice. The Pyle PSPL25 is a most loved among confirmed purchasers since it offers heaps of options without going over your budget.

This alluring hand-held model measures sound at an amazing reach. Pick High to quantify 60-130dB or Low for 30-100dB. You’ll get a reading of up 1.5 decibels. The PSPL25 works on one 9V battery.


  • 9″ long; portable
  • Powers off when necessary to spare battery life
  • Lightweight; weighs only 7 oz.
  • Accurate advanced readout


  •  No calibration feature

Meterk Digital Sound Level Meter


  • Measures 30-130dB with +/ – 1.5dB precision
  • Illuminated LCD advanced showcase
  • Min, Max, and Data Hold capacities
  • Self-adjusted decibel observing analyzer

The Mertek estimates sound precise, so you realize when to secure hearing, as per the maker. Customer reviews bolster that Mertek is an incredible decision for individual or workplace use.

This decibel meter comes complete with a mounting tripod. Confirmed reviewers confirm it’s lightweight and straightforward to carry along. Also, the considerable size LCD show is easy to peruse even in low lighting.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Exact readings in diverse environments
  • Self-adjusting analyzer
  • It has an auto/manual australia steroids shutdown to spare battery life.


  • If you don’t have a sound generator, you can’t calibrate this device.

Some Facts about Noise Hazard

Aside from harm to hearing, presentation to consistent and excessive noise can cause other medical issues, including:

·         Headache

·         Raised circulatory strain

·         Exhaustion

·         Stomach discomforts

·         Decreased immunity to colds and other minor diseases

Risky Decibels

The tumult of noise is estimated in decibels. Affectability to sound differs from one person to the next. Specialists accept that harm to hearing happens when noise levels are higher than 85 decibels, which is about the uproar of overwhelming traffic.

The danger of hearing misfortune increments as the noise gets stronger. The length of exposure is significant as well. For instance, it isn’t prescribed to tune in to sounds of 109 decibels for any more drawn out than two minutes one after another.

If you need to speak more loudly or yell to be heard, or in case your ears ring or sounds appear to be muted a short time later, at that point, the noise level is excessively high and unsafe.

Lowering noise pollution in the work environment

Noise levels can be estimated utilizing a sound level meter, which recognizes the weight of sound waves as they travel through the air.

Diminishing presentation to extreme noise in the working environment can be cultivated from multiple points of view:

·         Soundproof the room

·         Change or alter gear.

·         Ensure that individuals work in quieter areas zones.

·         Attempt to run loud instruments early or late in the day when fewer people will be.

·         Utilize personal hearing protection, for example, ear attachments or earplugs.

​Decibel Meter Buyer’s Guide

A few features of sound meters are vital for practically everybody.  Here are the elements to remember while picking the best decibel meter.

The Decibel Range

Wellbeing experts state a decibel level of 85 can be risky. Presenting yourself to noise at that level for delayed periods can start hearing misfortune, which might be irreversible.

In case you have different concerns or in case you, as of now, have hearing misfortune, you might need to pick conditions with a sound level even lower than that. Be that as it may, it tends to be hard to figure out what’s excessively noisy. So ensure you pick a decibel meter with a comprehensive noise level location extend (in any event up to 100dB).

Decibel Meter Batteries

A large portion of the dB meters we looked into run on simple to-discover batteries (AA, AAA or 9V). Ensure the model you’re purchasing capacities on cells that are simple and modest to use. Or, on the other hand, pick battery-powered alternatives.

Portable vs Non-Portable Decibel Meters

Many people need a convenient model to take it along to the air terminal, to workplaces, or to music shows. In any case, you work or live in (or close to) a noisy situation, you may need a mounted decibel meter.

About the entirety of the dB meters, we surveyed are versatile. A few mount onto tripods, and one can be divider mounted. All in all, hand-held gadgets will look like landline cordless telephones or TV remote controls. Divider mount assortments are circular, flat and rectangular, or square.

Extra Options

All you indeed requirement for your security is a precise decibel level readout; however, a couple of additional items are consistently decent. These could drive up the cost of the decibel meter.

We discovered some incredible choices that have auto-shutoff, information assortment, various levels, and the sky is the limit. Get your work done and ensure you’re getting an incredible purchase.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are one of the most significant elements to consider when purchasing a decibel meter. Some stable meters may seem, by all accounts, to be almost indistinguishable yet have features that set them apart.

Genuine customer reviews usually are not so much salesy but rather more fair than spec sheets. So ensure you discover what others have to say about the product.

Taking Care of Your Sound Pressure Meter

Quality tools can be a significant investment, but if you take good care of them, they will last longer and return the favor. Making sure your devices are properly stored, cleaned, and well maintained. Doing so will save you time and money and make your projects and jobs much more comfortable.

When it comes to storing your sound pressure meter, you have to work with the space that you have. Maybe you hang them on a pegboard or store them in toolboxes, bags, or chest, or perhaps you keep them in drawers. Pegboards are a great storage system for tools. They let you see all your devices at one glance, and they efficiently use wall space.

If you don’t have enough wall space for a pegboard, you can take advantage of the pegboard system by building a hinged system, a rolling pegboard, or even a portable pegboard system.

Toolboxes are also a great way to store your tools. They have the great advantage of portability. While some people use toolkits to store all their devices, they can also be a convenient way to transport your most commonly used tools while leaving the bulky tools stored at home.

It is always important to be aware of the environment you are storing your tools in. Rust is public enemy number one when it comes to gadgets. Places such as garages, basements, and other enclosed areas can have humidity issues, especially if they aren’t air-conditioned or heated.

If you keep your sound pressure meter in a location such as these, it is good to invest in a dehumidifier. Placing silica gel packs in your toolboxes or drawers is also an easy and inexpensive way to help absorb moisture and keep your tools rust-free.

Cleaning your tools is probably the last thing you want to do after a hard day’s work, but it is essential for keeping your appliances in good shape. It is a process that only takes a few seconds and is time well spent that will prevent you from having to repair or replace tools.

You can clean most hand sound pressure meter with a simple wipe down using a rag. If they are dirty, don’t be afraid to use some soap and water to wash them off.

Best Places to Purchase Sound Pressure Meters


There are several places to buy Sound Pressure Meters online. However for a worry-free return policies, transparency in terms of product quality and customer service, and fast shipping, head over to Amazon.

When you browse on Amazon, you can see what previous buyer reviews on the product they bought, and find out everything spec wise on the items quality, protective features, and comfort. You don’t need to go out to compare prices or features.

If you have problems with purchasing from Amazon, their customer service is excellent, you can also quickly and easily return them.


There are many compelling reasons why you need to monitor the noise levels of your shop or workplace. An excellent sound pressure meter is a perfect companion in helping you achieve this objective.

Read through this review of the 6 best sound pressure meters (decibel safety meters) once more and ascertain the best sound pressure meter that suits your requirements. This device will help you safeguard your hearing and work comfortably in a serene and calm environment.


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