The 5 Best Welding Carts in 2022 [Mobile Storage Wagon]

Last Updated on May 2022

Although not as important as welding machines, welding carts do come in handy in regards to convenience and efficiency at the workshop. With a cart by your side, you will be able to move not only your machine around but also other potentially heavy tools and appliances across your workspace.

You need a cart that will last long enough since cart replacements are the last thing you should be focusing on while at your metalwork shop. To help you get the absolute best welding cart, we have compiled an exhaustive list of 8 of the leading carts in the pocket-friendly price range of the market. Read on for an in-depth review.

5 Best Welding Carts

Yaheetech 3-Tier Welding Cart


  • Constructed from premium metal
  • Load capacity of 175 lbs or 80 kg
  • Open space for storage of quick-access material
  • Comes with two enlarged rear wheels
  • The rotating front wheels allow for smooth movement
  • Three-tier storage that increases convenience and usability of the machine
  • PVC wheels for increased durability

This three-tier welding cart is among the most appropriate when it comes to storage space. With this cart in your workshop, you no longer have to worry about space management as it comes with enough space and partitioning to allow you to set out your various tools and equipment. It boasts of safe storage options in the rear and for the welder, which help make this cart convenient even for small workspaces.

You can expect the Yaheetech to serve you long as it is made from premium metal as well as durable PVC wheels. This convenient cart can manage up to 176lb/ 80kg, making it ideal for heavy welders. It also comes with two large rear wheels for enhanced stability while the front wheels can manage an impressive 360 degrees movement, ensuring you move the machine with ease.


  • Not a heavy cart
  • Rear wheels are rubber coated
  • The handle is easy to access, pull and handle
  • Easy to use due to its portability
  • Comes with safety chains to hold each gas cylinder
  • The tilted top allows you easy access to the various welder controls


  • Comes with a painted finish that is easy to fade off after use
  • Doesn’t come with drawers

Klutch Compact Welding Cabinet with Locks


  • Comes with a firm metal frame that can manage up to 135 lbs
  • Well-spaced stowaway compartment
  • Cable wrap hangers that are built-in
  • Boasts of a powder-coat finish that is super durable
  • Compact size: Length 32″, 26″ Height and width of 19″

The Klutch Compact Locking Welding Cabinet is convenient if you want a cart that can fit easily under shelves or workshop tables. Boasting a holding capacity of 135 lbs, this cart is among the strongest for its size. It also comes with cable wrap hangers that are built-in to keep your cables organized and safe from damage.

The stowaway compartment is very spacious that you can store your gloves, helmets, and other welding tools. This helps keep your working space neat and orderly. You can also expect a well-balanced machine as the Klutch Compact welding cabinet has two solid rubber back tires (6″) and two front tires (2″). This cart is ideal for welders using portable machines. It also is appropriate for storing gas as it has a rack specifically designed for storing gas.


  • Comes with thick sheets to complement its unique stainless steel make up
  • Protected hinges and functional lock mechanisms make this a safe cart for external use
  • Spacious shelves that allow for multipurpose usage
  • Compact design is appropriate for crowded or cramped workspaces


  • Not a lightweight cart
  • The handlebars aren’t correctly positioned for smooth movements
  • Suitable for portable welders as its overall weight capacity is limited

Hot Max WC100 Welding Cart


  • Made from steel material and boasts of a durable finish
  • Gas tanks have a well-positioned compartment and are protected by two safety chains
  • Designed to fit standard welders and plasma machines
  • Can fit in most working spaces as it measures 33″ in length and a height of 29″

The Hot Max WC100 is a well-priced weld cart that comes with a simplistic, user-friendly design. This easy-to-use cart boasts of an extended handle that is designed to not interfere with lead guns. Your gas tanks will also be fully shielded as the Hot Max comes with robust and sturdy safety chains.

The measurement of this welding cart is ideal for standard plasma machines and MIG welders. You also get additional storage for your tools, a feature that allows you to keep your tools and equipment in order.


  • The two-storage design gives you more than enough space to store your working equipment
  • The handle design allows for ease of mobility as it doesn’t get in the way of gun leads
  • Constructed from highly durable stainless steel
  • Comes with an extra storage tray that helps improve usability when carrying tools
  • Perfectly fits stand sized and small welders


  • The rear wheels are not built from the most durable material, meaning you might be forced to change up wheels in the event of damage.

Klutch 2-Tier Welding Cart


  • Wheels and casters are made from hard rubber
  • Casters are 2″ to allow for smooth navigation
  • The top shelf measures 13.75″ to allow for easy access to the weld
  • Durable, rugged steel design
  • Cable wraps help keep cords safely locked
  • Can manage 100lbs weight

Klutch carts are known for their tough-looking, compact exterior. They are usually designed to occupy the least amount of space but still manage great weight counts. The Klutch 2-Tier Welding Cart can hold shielding gas bottles with diameters of up to 7 inches. You can also expect to find four sets of wraps on the inside to help you organize your cables off the floor or ground.

Both the casters and rear wheels are made of hard rubber for ease of movements, reduced noise, and increased durability. You won`t have to make any replacements when using this cart for a long while. The back wheels measure 6″ while the front casters rotate 360 degrees and measure 2″.

This 2-tier cart is fairly heavy owing to its toughened centerpiece, which comes with a semi-tough lock. Although we wouldn’t call it the toughest lock, it still gets the job done by keeping your valuables out of reach for unauthorized personnel.


  • Durable
  • Adequate safety enhancements
  • Compact size
  • Convenient height and width measurements


  • Might be a bit too heavy for easy movement around rough surfaces

Lincoln Electric K2275-3 Welding Cart


  • Unique, simplistic design
  • Lightweight for easy maneuvering
  • The wheels are made from quality rubber
  • Comes with a sturdy handle

Lincoln is a very familiar brand when it comes to the manufacture of top-class products. And it doesn’t disappoint with the Lincoln Electric K2275-3 Welding Cart. This tool boasts of a simplistic design that comes with two shelves; the upper shelve for your welder, and the lower one for placing your tools.

Instead of using chains to hold gas canisters, the K2275-3 uses a recessed hole. The hole fits most gas containers, so you don’t have to worry about whether your cylinder will fit. While this hand cart does not maintain the standard sizes, it is appropriate for cramped or small workspaces where everything needs to be in order.


  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for small workshops
  • Lightweight enough for ease of movement
  • Wheel arrangement allows for proper weight distribution when in use
  • Ideal when used with Lincoln welders


  • Isn’t as durable as other products

Things to Consider when Buying Welding Carts

Before getting yourself a storage cart for convenience when welding, it is crucial to understand the main things to be on the look-out for. Below is a brief explanation of everything you need to know as you look to get the best pushcart at your metalwork shop.


Always check on the size of a welding cart before settling for a particular brand. Ensure that it accommodates the dimensions of your welder (do you need a MIG welding cart or a plasma cutter cart) to avoid making unnecessary returns to the store. The larger the storage tray, the better your chances of storing accessories and tools with ease.

Consider using a small pushcart if you operate a portable or small welder as it will help conserve some space in your garage or warehouse.


We recommend checking on the materials used to manufacture your welding cart. Purchasing carts made from durable metals will save you the cost of making unnecessary repairs. Also, remember the chances of denting your cart in the warehouse are usually high, so you need one made from strong, sturdy material.


We recommend settling for carts that have rubber wheels. Rubber wheels tend to last longer, and they make little to no noise when in use. It is also advisable to check on the alignment of the wheels; this will help to ensure that the cart distributes weight evenly to allow for easy movement.


Luckily, you won`t have to spend as much cash on your cart as when buying a welder. Most welding carts retail between $50 and $100. Of course, you can also find more expensive carts if you desire additional features. It all depends on how much you want to spend.

Storage and Locking Options

It is essential to get a cart that can accommodate your various storage needs. A lockable cart is always ideal, especially if several people access your warehouse. You should also go for carts that provide you with adequate storage for your gas canister and welders.

Portability and Weight Capacity

While it is recommended to select a cart with lightweight measurements, a heavier cart can help carry medium to large-sized welders with ease. It all depends on the size of your welder. Some carts manage welder weights of 100lbs while others can manage heavier welders.

Best Welding Carts

Best Places to Purchase Welding Carts


There are several places to buy safety gear. For worry-free return policies, transparency in terms of product quality and customer service, and fast shipping, head over to Amazon.

When you browse on Amazon, you can see what previous buyers thought of the product they bought, and find out everything about things like material quality, protective features, and comfort. You don’t need to go out to compare features or find the best product for your needs.

If you have a problem with your sleeves, you can also quickly and easily return the product.


Having discussed some of the leading welding carts in the market, the ball is now on your court to select the one that best satisfies your interests. Remember, while carts with additional lockable storages are always ideal, you won’t want to deal with one that is too bulky to fit in your garage or warehouse.

Again, always check on size and weight capacity to know whether this cart is the right one for your welding device.

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