Top 8 Forney Brand Welders MIG & TIG 2022

Last Updated on May 2022

Do you want to make welding your career or hobby? Well, the choice is yours! But choosing the best welding equipment, whether you are a professional welder or a newbie in the field can boost your welding outcome.

But sometimes getting the right equipment is a stressor! But why?

You know, with the rise in technology, there is numerous production of welding machines. So getting the best can be a bit challenging, especially if you’re blank on how to make an informed purchasing decision.

However, to give you some insights, we took the courage of researching some of the top Forney welders. Our reviews are based on uncountable features that will make your selection work easy. Keep in in touch to find a piece of equipment from Forney that’s right for your welding work.

Let’s roll

ProductDimensions Weight
12 x 18 x 24 inches41.9 pounds
10 x 16 x 20 inches62 pounds
13 x 22.5 x 16.25 inches21.7 pounds
20.25 x 10.25 x 16 inches51.4 pounds
14 x 9 x 11 inches29.2 pounds
20.25 x 10.25 x 16 inches47.2 pounds
20.25 x 10.25 x 16 inches76 pounds
20.25 x 10.25 x 16 inches84 pounds

Top 8 Forney Welders

Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC


  • Gasless flux core welding only
  • Welds 24 gauge up to 1/4 inch
  • 120 volt input and 125 amp output

Some people call this welding equipment for beginners a MIG. It’s an essential machine for welders and uses a .030 “flux core wire that means it has an inbuilt flux in the cable that acts as a shield over the molten weld.

Forney 299 comes with an auto restarting system also known as an over thermal protection mechanism that protects the machine from overheating after a long time use. Therefore, this welding machine features a 20% duty cycle.

This fantastic machine only weighs 41.9 pounds. Meaning it’s a portable work tool. You can carry it quickly at the back of your car with less effort. Additionally, it features a storage option for storing more spool wire up to 10 pounds in weight. The machine’s wire feeding system is excellent.

Meanwhile, this machine features a dual voltage of 120V-230V. And you can control this equipment by plugging in low voltage to high voltage. It’s an excellent tool for tack welding both large and small projects.

If you’re a beginner, then count yourself lucky! Forney 299 is easy to use the machine. You only need to plug in the equipment and do your work. You can also work with thick metals as it can weld metal of up to 24 gauge.


  • Easy to use
  • It comes with a pocket-friendly price
  • Built with quality and durable materials


  • The wire feed is short
  • Not the best tool for substantial welding projects

Forney 309 MIG Welder


  • Welds up to 1/4 inch
  • Flowmeter and gas hose included
  • Processes include MIG (Gas) and Flux Cored

This welding product from Forney is one of the MIG welders that comes with a flux core capability. Therefore, this amazing machine can weld up to ¼ inch thick steel. And the reason why it has captured the hearts of many welders is its pocket-friendly price.

Many users appreciate this fantastic equipment and they claim that it delivers clean and efficient welding outcomes. Additionally, it’s a versatile welder that can be used on both domestic and farm application. It’s a perfect machine for small duty tasks and hobby.

It’s straightforward to operate and use, and beginners can use it smoothly without hassle. It comes with an instruction manual given in the most basic manner. For instance, you can adjust its power by setting the maximum amps. Additionally, you can control its wire feeding through rotating the in-built button in a clockwise manner.

Forney 309 comes with a Euro connect MIG system gun that’s essential in saving your time through permitting you to replace the MIG torch more quickly and without difficulty. It features a four voltage control mechanism that you can set up or control through switching minimum to maximum power input for perfect results.

It’s a portable machine that you can use for numerous outdoor projects. The pressure is 62 pounds, and you can transport it anywhere. It features a 15ft power cord.


  • Its price is reachable
  • Operation is simple
  • Portable welding machine


  • It has a fragile duty cycle

Forney 29801 100ST


  • Able to weld up to 1/4″ of mild steel
  • Weights 9. 65 lbs
  • Portable

This is also another excellent welding machine from Forney that does everything exactly how you expect. It comes with a power inverter that helps to change direct current (DC) to alternative current (AC).

It’s lightweight welding equipment compared to the other types and weighs only 7.5 lbs. in simple words, and you can use it for numerous outdoor activities with minimal hassle.

Additionally, it comes with a 6-foot power cord that makes the equipment easy to manoeuvre around the job site. It’s a metallic welding machine, and so, you don’t have to be worried about durability. It promises to serve you for long. It’s a 90 amperage equipment that consumes less power.

A big thanks to the manufacturer for backing it with a lifetime extended warranty. In case you spot any problem with this machine, you can return it to the manufacturer for replacement or a free repair.


  • It’s easy to use machine
  • Consumes less power to operate
  • Comes with an affordable price


  • Some people complained that the cord is short

Forney 324 190-Amp


  • Voltage of 115 (15 amps) or 220 (50 amps)
  • 3 in 1 Stick Welder, MIG Welder and TIG Welder
  • All metal case

Are you looking for a multi-process welding machine? If yes, then the Forney 324 is your perfect pick.

What has made this fantastic welding tool win the hearts of many is that it has three welding process in a single welder. You’ll save on space and money as there’s no need for buying three different welders. That means it’s a versatile welding machine.

It has a Euro MIG gun that helps to save your welding time as well as adding more comfortability while undertaking the welding projects.

More so, this product is designed to weld up to 3/16 inches metal size with one pass. With numerous pass, it has a welding capacity of approximately 3/8” metal thickness. Furthermore, when using the machine in stick welding, it can weld 5/32 metal inches.

It’s designed to operate at 120 volts, making it an excellent tool for household current and great for welders. Also, it features an inverter technology that helps the machine adjust to different power inputs for the desired output. It can be used for various input powers.

What’s more, the digital readout system you can detect the real output current as well as the arc voltage. It’s portable and weighs only 51.4 pounds and you can place it at the back of your pick up and go for welding projects. For more information on multi function welding machines [Read our Full Guide]


  • It’s perfect for one-way working
  • Best for domestic, hobby and other ordinary projects
  • Very easy to use
  • A portable machine


  • Somehow pricey compared to other models

Forney 301 Welder


  • DC CC welding up to 3/16-Inch (47 mm) thickness
  • 120V 95A Arc Welder
  • Best for windy, outdoor conditions

Forney 301 is also another excellent entry in the market that works amazingly. It has a stick weld that helps in the welding process. The machine comes with a duty cycle that operates at 20% at 60-amp for stainless steel, cast iron, and mild applications. The best thing with this equipment is that it features correct electrodes.

Additionally, this is a versatile welder that works perfectly in windy situations, especially when working under rusty conditions. Furthermore, it’s an excellent tool for beginners as it’s easy to use and comes with a user manual.

Never be worried about unnecessary overheating of this powerful equipment. It features a 120 Volts or 60 Hz and a 1 phase power input and comes with an auto thermal power overload protection to safeguard the machine and the operator.

It can weld up to 47 mm metal thickness and features an infinitely variable heat output settings. Moreover, Forney 301 welder has a compact design, and the product measures 14 inches by 9 inches by 11 inches in size.

It’s portable equipment that’s easy to transport and weighs only 29.2 pounds.


  • It features a standard measurement system
  • It has a compact design and can easily fit in your store
  • It’s easy to use
  • It features a variable speed


  • It’s not a great machine for heavy-duty tasks

Forney 322 140-Amp


  • Flowmeter and gas hose included
  • Acceptable Electrode Diameters are up to 3/32″ and some 1/8″
  • Comes with Stick and MIG set-up

Forney 322 140-amp is a popular versatile and a multi-process welder as it can do a range of activities like stick welding, TIG, and MIG. It comes with a unique design and fantastic features, and it’s one of the best machines to use in farms, automotive garage, small and light industrial projects, and home equipment.

Forney 140 MP is easy to use the equipment, and the building is provided in the manual book and other instructions written on the machine. So you can efficiently operate the device even if you are a newbie.

It comes with an enhanced design and features a torch wrap for setting the cable. The torch is strain-free to boost the cable’s lifespan. This 120 volt Forney welder can work correctly in a standard household eletric current.

The duty cycle ranges at 20% at 100A output. Its works much in light-duty projects and has a Euro connect MIG gun that quickly changes the torch and increased comfort for a perfect welding process

Forney is a multi-process welder that comes with a cast aluminum drive mechanism and a dual geared idler to enhance proper wire feeding when working with big projects. Additionally, it adds more stability.

This welding unit weighs only 47.2 pounds and can be transported from one workstation to the other.


  • It’s a portable welding machine
  • It has an inverter for more welding control
  • It’s a versatile welder
  • An easy to use machine


  • The cord is too short
  • Not the best for substantial projects

Forney 318 190-Amp


  • MIG and Flux-Core capable unit
  • Metal Fabrication, Maintenance & Repair, Farm & Ranch, Automotive
  • Features an upgraded cast aluminum wire drive system

Forney 318 is a multi-purpose welding machine that does a range of projects that includes genera fabrication, boat repair, automotive and many other projects.

It’s Flux corded and MIG in design and comes with a 15 feet power cord, welding torch, a ground lath, a gas hose, and a regulator. All these are essential in delivering flawless welding. It has an input power of 190 amp with 230 volts. The duty cycle is quite high and ranges at 25%.

Forney 318 comes with a cast aluminum drive mechanism for wire feeding that’s essential in welding heavy-weight materials. This feature also promises the long-lastingness of the welded metals. Also, it features a dual geared idler for proper wire feeding. The parts can be easily replaced.

Furthermore, Forney 318 has a torch wrap used in organizing the cable. The unit weighs only 74 pounds. Even though it’s not portable, you can carry it in your cart and go for other welding projects.


  • It’s a versatile machine to use in numerous projects
  • Comes with a long torch
  • Very easy to use
  • Convenient


  • Not portable compared to models in its class

Forney 311 210-Amp


  • Welds up to 3/8 inch
  • Flowmeter and gas hose included
  • Processes include MIG (Gas) and Flux Cored

Forney 311 MIG welder is a 230 volts welding machine that’s best for professional and learning welders. The engine works perfectly delivering quality services that will make your work look appealing.

It’s a 1 phase welding equipment that features a 210 amp maximum output making it a versatile product that can be used in a range of applications such as automotive autobody work, boats, repair welding, and farms.

Forney 311 has a gas hose and comes with a regulator and its MIG ready. It’s made in transformer design and features a multistep mechanism with six taps. The Forney 311 has an aluminum drive that’s vital when dealing with massive projects.

It comes with a drive roll and a geared idler and a cable wrap and a 10 foot MIG gun and a 4.5m power cable. The weld thickness runs up to 3/8 inches. It weighs only 78 lbs. And can be used for numerous outdoor applications.

Many thanks to the manufacturer as this product is backed up with a lifetime warranty.


  • It’s easy to use machine
  • Best for heavy-duty tasks
  • Portable and can be used for numerous projects
  • Easy to clean


  • At high temperatures, the product can begin melting
  • Repeated chemical use can be harmful to your health


The best portable Forney welders are excellent for both professionals and homeowners. As you can see, all the mentioned products realize comes with unique features that can perform your welding projects with ease.

This makes them excellent and indispensable machines for serious owners who may want to save tons of cash while hiring professional welders to do the repairs at home. You know, the reviewed products from Forney are easy to use. Can you try them as see the outcome of your projects?

Happy welding!


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