Best Sheet Metal Nibbler Buyers Guide 2022

Last Updated on May 2022

If you wish to cut any metal sheet using a high precision for a complex task, then a metal nibbler is a great option for all your welding projects. This equipment is essential as they allow you to cut thick metal sheets quite easier as they are powered tools. However, it would be best if you had the factors below in mind before you buy a nibbler for yourself.

Type of Power: There are many types of nibblers in the market that differ from each other based on their power needs. While most models are electrically enabled, other models can be pneumatic. You can also find other nibbler attachments for your present power tools.

Power rating: immediately you choose the type of power for your machine, ensuring that it’s powerful enough is quite essential. You can get the power rating for electric nibblers as 20 volts or 12 volts and 4 amps or 5 amps. For pneumatic nibblers, it’s given in CFM and PSI, where a higher rating leads to better performance too.

Gauge rating: a different manner to get an idea of nibbler performance is by checking on its gauge rating. If your nibbler features a 14-gauge rating, it can be used to cut thick metal sheets compared to a nibbler having 20 gauge.

There are many nibbler models in the market designed for different applications and users. We’ve included the best pick in the market. To assist you in getting the difference that these nibblers have. Also, we’ve included their major characteristics and options, plus a detailed buyers guide.

Ensure you read the article to the end to find the best nibbler for your welding projects easily.

Best Sheet Metal Nibblers

ProductGauge RatingDimensionsPower Source
1612.4 x 3.35 x 8.27 inchesCorded Electric
188.31 x 4.33 x 1.89 inchesCompressed Air
163.54 x 11.26 x 7.8 inchesLithium-Ion/Cordless
147 x 2 x 3.11 inchesPowered by a drill
14‎7.6 x 4.57 x 2.32 inchesPowered by a drill
17‎8.46 x 4.72 x 2.24 inchesCompressed Air
18‎10 x 6 x 3 inchesCompressed Air

1. Makita JN1601 Nibbler

Amazing Features

  • Nice built quality that gives you peace of mind
  • It comes with an extended warranty
  • Its gauge rating runs up to 16 gauge
  • Electric nibbler that comes with a 5-amp power rating

Accolades should be awarded to Makita company for the production of this amazing sheet metal nibbler. How will you react when you realize that this nibbler can do all your welding desires? I guess you’ll enjoy it.

Makita is a widely known brand that produces a huge range of power tools. The nibbler comes with a full 5-amp electric motor that helps you deliver higher performance levels in your workshop. Most welders have fallen in love with it as it can cut up to 16-gauge metal sheets.

What’s more, Makita being a renowned brand that produces power tools, the nibbler comes backed up with a 1-year long warranty. Because the power cord is a bit shorter shouldn’t be a stressor, some welders love it that way.

The nibbler’s built quality is great, and the model is also great, thus allowing you to use it for an extended time without being worried about durability.


  • it allows cutting 16-gauge metal sheet
  • reliable construction and properly built
  • one of the best performing nibbler


  • it comes with a shorter power cord
  • it’s a bit expensive

2. Neiko 30067A

Amazing Features

  • Airflow rating is 4 CFM.’
  • 90 PSI air pressure rating
  • 1-year long warranty
  • Gauge Rating up to 18 gauge
  • Pneumatic nibble that has an air inlet of up to ¼ inch

Among the things you must consider buying Neiko 30067A nibbler is due to the lifespan of the equipment. The company is widely known for the production of durable and lasting power tools, and Neiko 30067 can’t remain behind.

Are you on a tight budget and still looking for the best tool for your welding applications? Neiko 30067 is the best pick. The nibbler is sold at a pocket-friendly price that suits all levels of welders. In simple words, you receive a high value for money anytime you think of using the nibbler.

This power tool is a pneumatic nibbler manufactured with a 90 PSI power rating and comes with a 4 CFM airflow rating. Being ranked in the same category as the more expensive nibblers, you’ll receive precise performance from the tool for cutting up to 18-gauge metals.

Did you see the front exhaust airflow system that’s designed to help you work with the nibbler for an extended time without being exposed to air blast? The power tool features precision and heat-treated gearing and has a lightweight aluminum casing that helps in withstanding long-term use at maximum rated output.

A big thanks to the manufacturer for backing it up with a 30-day long warranty.


  • Features an easy to use design
  • Amazing performance due to the ¼ inch air inlet
  • The pocket-friendly price tag for high value for money


  • Average build quality
  • The warranty is too short

3. Makita XNJ01Z 18V LXT

Amazing Features

  • Perfect battery life for portable use
  • Backed up with a 1-year warranty
  • 16-gauge metal sheet rating
  • It comes with a power rating of 18-volts

Based on the nature of welding, each welder should have a nibbler that will perform their work quickly. If this is featured in your consideration list for your next metal nibbler, then Makita XNJO1Z is the best pick.

Being a cordless metal nibbler, it features a compact and small construction and a lightweight design. Its cordless construction makes it a nice and portable option for many welders out there.

The unit comes with an 18-volts battery system that’s perfect for a cordless nibbler. The battery is essential as it allows you to cut 16-gauge metal sheers when needed easily. More so, the manufacturer has backed up the nibbler with an extended 1-year warranty.

Makita XNJO1Z comes with a die holder rotates at an angle of 360 degrees to arrive at your cutting demands. Many thanks to its convenient chip disposal located beneath the cutting material to reduce errors to the cutting surface.


  • Compact and small design featuring a lightweight construction
  • Extended battery life for portable usage
  • Nice performing 18-vo; t battery system that can be used on a 16-gauge metal


  • Not the cheapest model in the market
  • The construction quality could have been made better

4. Dicfeos Double Head Nibbler

Amazing Features

  • Nice build quality for reliability and longevity
  • It comes with a 2-year long warranty
  • Up to 14-gauge rating
  • Nibbler attachment developed for existing drills

For everyone who does welding as a way of earning a living, Dicfeos has got you covered. This nibbler attachment from Dicfeos works well with your existing drills. It’s designed to cut a 14-gauge metal sheet easily, creating a high precision with burr-free edges. In other words, the nibbler can pass through thick metal measuring up to 2 mm.

With its 360-degree cutting head, you can easily move the nibbler and cut the metal sheets in any direction as you follow the metal profile. You can cut roof sections, complex shapes, stencils, and gutters with precision.

One thing that made many welders fall in love with Dicfeos is that it’s accompanied by a 2-year long warranty. With its perfect build quality, this nibbler promises you durability even when dealing with strong and hard metal sheets.

Also, Dicfeos has a circle and straight cutting feature that helps you to cut the metal sheets.


  • Perfect gauge rating up to 14 gauge
  • 360-degree head meant for complex projects
  • Functions great with many drill models


  • An expensive sheet metal nibbler

5. REXBETI Drill Attachment

Amazing Features

  • the nice build quality to enhance peace of mind
  • 1-year long warranty
  • Its gauge rating runs up to 14 gauge
  • Nibbler attachment designed for existing drills

Being a welder doesn’t mean that you should stop looking for a powerful unit that will make your welding projects easy. Therefore, if you wish to upgrade your workshop sheet metal cutting ability, then look no further than the Rexbeti drill attachment.

As the name suggests it is not a standalone nibbler but a power tool designed for your existing tools such as a drill. Additionally, you can use the nibbler with any drill you feel like that runs between 1500 RPM to 3000 RPM with no issues. It works powerfully compared to normal snips and shears.

Did you see the 360-degree cutting head? Well, this feature gives room for quick control and has no challenges while cutting curved and straight circles. It’s a great time saver when cutting sheet metals.

The 4-12 MM step drill bit is essential as it’s designed to assist you to drill a starting hole for the unit before you begin making a perfect circle with it.


  • 360-degree double cutting head
  • The unit uses HSS cutting blades to deliver high precision outcomes
  • Runs with 1500 RPM to 3000 RPM drills


  • The nibbler is Not a standalone power tool

6. Astro Pneumatic Tool 727 ONYX

Amazing Features

  • 4 CFM airflow rating
  • 90 PSI air pressure rating
  • Backed up with a 1-year warranty
  • Gauge rating runs up to 17 gauge
  • The pneumatic nibbler comes with easy to use settings

As the name suggests, this eye-catching sheet metal nibbler from Astro is another great pneumatic power tool making it an amazing nibbler model.

The manufacturer has placed the interests of many users at heart during the production of this amazing nibbler which is why it has been designed with durable materials that promise you longevity. The unit delivers the same performance just like the other nibblers out in the market.

This 2.09 pounds’ power tool comes with an equal air pressure that rates up to 90 PSI, together with a 4 CFM airflow rating. Just similar to other nibblers in the review, this one is not left behind. Its fully backed up with a 1-year warranty. Due to its gauge rating, this pneumatic nibbler has won the hearts of many as it cuts up to 17-gauge metal sheets making it a great power tool to work with.

It’s an easy-to-carry power tool that measures 2.24 inches by 4.72 inches by 8.46 inches.


  • Features an easy to use design
  • Great performance pneumatic nibbler
  • Comes with a high gauge rating of up to 17 gauge


  • Doesn’t come with any accessories
  • Some users complained if Its building quality

7. Ingersoll Rand EC300

Amazing Features

  • Its airflow rating is at 4 CFM
  • 90 PSI air pressure rating
  • 1-year long warranty
  • Gauge rating runs up to 18 gauge
  • A pneumatic nibbler with a 6 feet per minute cutting rate

If you have a huge project that entails cutting thick gauge metal sheets, then this amazing pneumatic nibbler is the best pick. This 2.1 pounds’ product from Ingersoll is portable and light weighted and you can easily move with it from place to place.

The tool is designed with a true cutting ability! It can deliver amazing welding jobs. The EC 300 can cut up to 18-gauge metal, plastic, or aluminum sheets. With its 6ft. per minute cutting rate, you can easily bring the power tool anywhere and it will do all the rough jobs available.

EC 300 comes with precision cutting and a compact design. The power tool will ensure that your jobs are done perfectly and on time. Expect a true cut despite the nature of the job at hand when combined with its airflow rating at 4 CFM.

One more thing about this amazing power tool from Ingersoll Rand is that the manufacturer has backed it up with a 1-year long warranty. Some users are happy with its pocket-friendly price.


  • The quick cutting rate at 6 feet per minute
  • Delivers clean performance when cutting 18-gauge sheet metal
  • Nice build quality plus an extended warranty


  • Some pneumatic nibblers complained of the price

Buying Guide for The Best Nibbler

Most nibblers in the market are designed for different scenarios and users. The reason being, different types of nibblers come with different options and features as you have seen from the guide on the best sheet metal nibblers.

However, while you can easily choose the best nibbler for your welding purposes now, some folks might still get confused. And that’s why we have a detailed buying guide on the best power tool to purchase. Here, you’ll get all the essential information needed together with all aspects and factors related to nibblers.

After going through the guide, you’ll easily buy the perfect nibbler for your work

I. Power Type

You’ll find numerous nibblers in the market since they are a bit essential for precisely cutting all kinds of the sheet. However, all of these different types of nibblers come with different features, including the power type. The reason being, while most of the models are electrically enabled, some are pneumatic enabled.

And that’s not all about nibblers, you can even come across attachment nibblers. As the name suggests these nibblers generally fix to your existing power tools for changing them in a nibbler. Consequently, pneumatic and electric nibblers are more reliable and powerful.

II. Power Rating

A nibbler’s power rating is among the best things to place into considerations before giving your money to that dealer. It speaks concerning the nibbler’s output performance and promises you that you can cut your metal sheets easily without any challenge. Most electric models come with a power rating of up to 4 amps to 5 amps for the corded tools.

On the other hand, the cordless models have either 12 volts or 20 volts. For the pneumatic nibblers, this power rating features a combination of airflow and air pressure as 4 CFM and 90 PSI, respectively. Higher power ratings lead to proper performance for the user in both these cases.

III. Gauge Rating

A different way to understand how your nibbler performs is by checking on its gauge rating. This will tell you more about the supported metal sheet thickness that the power tool can support.

Most units come with a 16-gauge rating while others are designed with an 18-gauge rating. In other words, you can easily cut metal sheets having 18 gauge or 16-gauge thickness. When doing a comparison, a lower gauge rating leads to a thicker metal sheet compared to an 18-gauge sheet.

IV. Warranty and Reliability

When purchasing a new power tool, then there are higher chances that you’ll keep it for an extended period. Therefore, looking at its warranty and ensuring that its reliability is essential. Most models come with a 1-year warranty while others come with a 2-year warranty.

Apart from the warranty, be sure to check for models with strong and sturdy construction. The reason being, most models with an extended warranty and durable quality tend to last for an extended period.

Final verdict

There are many ways to cut a metal sheet, but using nibblers is the best option if you wish to come up with metal sheets having higher precision. We have listed some of the best nibblers in the market plus a detailed buyers guide.

If you are still at the crossroads on which model to buy, we still have the best recommendations for you. Makita JN1601 Nibbler is the best option you can buy as it comes with a 5-amp powerful motor, 16-gauge rating, and backed up by a 1-year warranty.

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