4 Best TIG Torches from Budget to Pro models in 2022

Last Updated on May 2022

TIG (inert tungsten gas) welding has reinvented the welding industry by a considerable scale. The use of low amperage, clean results, and the ability to easily create intricate designs are some of the reasons why TIG welding is among the most popular welding techniques.

For practical and convenient TIG welding, getting the right equipment is non-negotiable. One of the devices you will be looking for is a TIG torch. With various models flooding the market and almost all brands claiming that they are best, picking a product that guarantees excellent results, efficiency, and comfort can be tricky.

You are here because you are on the lookout for the best TIG torch in 2022. Stick around as we guide you through essential features to look for in TIG torch and some of the best products we authoritatively recommend.

4 Best TIG Torches Reviewed

Weldtec Speedway SW-320SA-25DX Deluxe TIG Torch Kit


  • Silver brazed copper construction
  • Resilient, high-temperature silicone rubber insulation
  • No tools or special hose assemblies required

There is no doubt this Weldtec’s TIG torch is among the best on the market. With an ideal combination of excellent materials, craft, and design, this product guarantees unmatched performance that any professional TIG welder would expect from a product that costs more than $320. Although excellent quality comes with a hefty price, don’t let this fact make you shy away from this fantastic tool.

It incorporates a unique water-cooling mechanism that helps maintain a low temperature during welding so that you can be sure to weld for more extended periods at high amperage. The silver brazed copper construction allows for more current capacity, while ensuring quick dissipation of heat.

The large copper conductors have a larger current capacity so that you can work on high-amperage projects seamlessly. The conductors are protected with silicone rubber insulation with excellent dielectric properties. It’s no surprise that the insulation can withstand high temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius and resist cracking and leakage of high-frequency current.

The maneuverability and flexibility of the power cable and rubber hoses allow you to move about with your torch without hassle. The 25 foot-long lead will enable you to move with your TIG torch for longer distances without moving the welder. The product also comes with a premium leather cable that protects the lead from adverse elements.

This TIG torch has an ergonomic handle that stays comfortably in the welder’s hands. You can rotate the handle 360 degrees, so be sure that you can work on multiple-direction projects for longer hours without tiring. The speed nut connection means that you don’t require special tools to assemble the lead.


  • Longer welding hours due to water-cooling
  • High-quality construction that guarantees durability
  • Ergonomic handle that eliminates hand fatigue
  • Flexible torch head


  • Very expensive

CK FL150 Air-Cooled TIG Torch Kit


  • Interchangeable heads
  • Great for applications requiring a unique angle
  • Ergonomically designed

Consumers always expect the best from CK Worldwide products, and unsurprisingly, the FL150 TIG torch does not disappoint. This is a premium air-cooled torch that allows welders to work on outdoor and indoor projects. It comes with a 12.5foot flexible lead that enables you to weld over medium distances.

The product has a rated output of 150A enough for light welding applications. It’s also an excellent tool for applications requiring unique angles, considering it has a flex-lock head that you can lock into any position within the 360-degree rotation. Its ergonomic design helps to eliminate hand fatigue and does not heat up too much to handle.

Despite being extremely flexible, CK Worldwide FL150 guarantees excellent durability. The head features heavy-duty construction and is interchangeable so that you can fit different sizes and configurations as you desire.

You want to avoid bending the torch right after unboxing. The manufacturer recommends buyers to warm up the flexible area first with a couple of arcs. This is the area between where the handle begins and about 0.5 inches from the head. Considering that CK Worldwide is designed for pipe welding (one of the most challenging welding types), you can expect to handle other TIG welding types seamlessly using this product.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Very ergonomic
  • Highly flexible torch head


  • More expensive than most competitors

WeldingCity TIG-17FV-12R Torch


  • Premium quality 150Amp air-cooled WP-17FV flexible gas-valve head
  • Rubber power cable hose 57Y01R 12.5-foot
  • Nylon cable cover with zipper

For beginners and welders looking for quality performance on a tight budget, WeldingCity’s TIG-17FV-12R torch will offer them an excellent value for their money. This product is air-cooled, a quality that goes hand in hand with its maximum amperage rating of 150A. You won’t require water to cool down the torch, and this allows you to use it in virtually any place you want to undertake a particular project.

It’s an excellent tool for garage applications and outdoor projects with light amperage requirements. Nonetheless, you can operate above the maximum rating, but you need to understand that the torch is not designed to air-cool at the higher power ranges. So, be careful to weld at 150+A for a short period.

This WeldingCity’s torch comes with a flex-head that allows you to weld at various positions without a hassle. Added to this torch is an easy-to-use on/off gas valve that augments the seamless operation of the tool. The handle offers a comfortable grip that keeps hand fatigue at bay.

The medium-range cable measuring 12.5 feet (approximately 4 meters) is excellent for most applications. Nonetheless, the medium length means that you can’t reach longer distances with the lead, and hence, you may be required to drag the TIG welder with you around the workshop.

The package also includes welding supplies such as a 12foot nylon cable cover with a zipper, torch accessory kit, a gas separate twist connector, and a power cable connector for Miller TIG welder. Undoubtedly, this package is more than you expect for a $60 investment.


  • Comes with a 10″ chuck
  • Can manage a tilt angle of 135 degrees allowing you to weld with extra comfort
  • The tilt is managed through the foot pedal
  • The table diameter of 13″ makes it ideal for use on small to medium-sized projects
  • The 10″ chuck has both outside and inside jaws
  • 110V motor for smooth performance
  • 4 rpm allows for increased accuracy

• Cannot manage more than 4 rpm • Doesn’t have a wide adjustment range

Masterweld WP20-25R Tigmaster TIG Torch


  • 250 Amp Water-Cooled
  • Rubber Hoses
  • 3-piece cable w/ cover and adapters

Adding to our list of the best water-cooled TIG torches is Masterweld’s WP20-25R Tigmaster, built for professional welders but featuring a simple construction suitable for beginners.

Hoses are critical elements for the proper operation of a TIG torch, and the presence of any tear on a tube would be detrimental to the torch’s performance besides hampering the progress of your projects. That’s why Masterworld WP20-25R includes a durable zipper cover to protect the hoses from damage while keeping away dust and dirt. Besides, the zipper design makes it easy for you to remove, clean, and install the cover.

Heat can pose a hard impact on torch parts and can make them wear at a faster rate. Nonetheless, the water-cooling mechanism incorporated in this torch guarantees a long lifespan besides allowing you to weld for more extended periods without stopping to let the torch to cool down.

Something else you will love about this product is its 25foot long lead. You will be required to switch to various positions during welding, but the last thing you want is to frequently drag your TIG welder as this can tire you quickly and hamper your productivity. Fortunately, the relatively longer hose gives you extra flexibility and freedom to move around the workshop without hindrances.

Masterweld WP20-25R comes in a ready-to-use package, unlike other products that require consumers to buy accessories before using them. When you buy this torch, you get welding supplies like a 3-piece cable, cable cover and adapter, 1/16 -inch tungsten, aluminum cap, one collet, collet body, and a back cap. You only need to assemble the items to get started.


  • Ready-to-use package
  • Easy-to-use handle
  • Long lead


  • A rigid head that may be hard to use in tight spaces
  • Concerns over the quality of the lead cover

Best Place To Buy TIG Torches

There are numerous places where you could order one of these machines online – eBay, industrial sites, etc. Additionally, there are always people who post their offers on tech sites, which might or might not be related to whatever you are looking for. However, these machines aren’t toys, food, or something you should take too lightly – buying one will always be a costly investment, not to mention the risk of purchasing faulty equipment.

That being said, the safest place where you can order this tool online is Amazon. Apart from being the most popular and reliable online service, this online market has a strict set of rules that apply to users on both ends: vendors and buyers. They also provide free shipping to some areas.

Amazon Logo

One of the best things about Amazon is that you are entitled to use their return/refund policy. People ship their items overseas all the time, and even if your vendor local, an accident can occur at any time. Your package might be delivered to you in a damaged condition – that’s where return policies come into play.

Features to Look for in a TIG Torch

Cooling Method

A TIG torch can be air-cooled or water-cooled. The air-cooled versions are the most popular on the market due to their considerable affordability, comfort, easy set-up process, and low maintenance. Rather than having a coolant pumped to the torch for cooling purposes, heat slowly dissipates into the air.

Air-cooled TIG torches are suitable for outdoor projects where you can’t access a water outlet and projects that don’t require high amperage exceeding 200A. Using this torch on demanding projects causes it to overheat quickly, and hence you have to make regular stops to allow it to air cool.

For indoor and high-temperature weldcraft, we recommend the use of a water-cooled torch. A liquid coolant is pumped through plastic tubing to cool the tool during welding. This cooling method will allow you to use your torch at high amps for an extended period without overheating it.

Water-cooled TIG torches are costlier than the air-cooled counterparts and are unsuitable for outdoor welding due to the need for constant water flow.

Power Rating

The amperage rating you require for a TIG torch will largely depend on the intensity of applications. For hobby and light-duty applications at a shop or home garage, 200A could be the maximum power to consider. Contrarily, for heavy-duty applications in a machine shop, you require a torch rated at least 250A, so that you can comfortably handle a variety of welding projects.

You ought to know the amperage required for your projects as well so that you pick an amperage that won’t force you to operate at the maximum amp rating. For instance, if most of your welding tasks require approximately 100A, you want to go for a 150A torch.

Hose Length

The length of the torch’s lead required for a welding project largely depends on the nature of your project. With a longer hose, you can move around for longer distances without dragging the welder with you. Unquestionably, you will find a longer lead more cumbersome and harder to maneuver than a shorter one.

For benchtop applications, go for a short lead. Short leads are lightweight and easy to use, but you will be required to carry the welder with you when working at different workstations in your machine shop.

Head Style

TIG torch heads come in different styles that determine their adjustability. A flex head allows for the adjustment to various angles with its ability to bend towards your intended direction. Flex heads are especially useful for welding projects with multiple welding positions.

Flex-lock heads allow for 360-degree rotation and can be locked into any desired position. With such capability, flex-lock heads are the best options on the market, so you expect them to be costlier than the alternatives.

Fixed torch heads are much economical for a good reason. They have a preset angle, it’s challenging to maneuver in different positions, and this may compromise comfort.


You surely don’t expect to buy a TIG torch now and then. You are looking for long-term investment and, therefore, need to pay attention to the durability before finalizing your purchase. An excellent torch is made with high-quality metal, such as brass.

It’s also important to your weldcraft to check the strength of the hose and its fittings. They should feature high-strength materials, with the accessories being fail-proof. You also want to ensure that the tubes lack leaks.

When purchasing the product online, it’s impossible to inspect its durability. Still, customer reviews and reliable product review sites will be of much assistance when it comes to judging the strength of a TIG torch available in an online shop.


This far, you already know the features to watch out for when purchasing a TIG torch. Pay attention to the cooling method, the lead length, the head’s flexibility, and the general comfort of using the torch.

The guide also discussed the best TIG torches on the market, from budget to premium and from water-cooled to air-cooled options. Be sure to reread the reviews to grasp key features that distinguish one tool from the other.

If you are willing to go deeper into your pockets, there should be nothing to hinder you from purchasing the Weldtec Speedway SW-320SA-25DX Deluxe TIG Torch. It’s one of the best water-cooled TIG torches on the online market, considering its long hose, high-quality construction, flexible head, and ergonomic handle.

For an air-cooled torch, we highly recommend the WeldingCity TIG-17FV-12R Torch. It’s affordable, offers excellent performance, and comes with a generous supply of accessories.

Disclosure: We make a small commission from Amazon whenever you purchase products following our links (at no additional cost to you). This will never affect our evaluation of products. You can find our full disclosure here.

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