10 Best Gas Welding Hoses – Buyers Guide in 2022

Last Updated on May 2022

Hoses are crucial tools in gas welding as they play the role of transferring fuel gases used for either cutting or welding. Welding hoses differ in terms of thickness and lengths, which is why you need to be extra careful when selecting a hose for your welder.

To help you get the appropriate hose for your welder, we will review and give a brief product overview of 20 of the best welding hoses in the market. We will also provide a buyers` guide section to help you know what to be on the look-out when buying these convenient welding tools.

Rubber1.3 pounds10.5 x 10.5 x 1.6 inches
Acetylene rubber5.8 pounds10.5 x 10.5 x 3.2 inches
Rubber 12.5 pounds50 feet
Acetylene rubber4.3 x 11.3 x 11.3 inches10.39 pounds
Metal12.5 x 12 x 4 inches3 pounds
Rubber 0 x 4 x 5 inches3.63 pounds
Rubber 10 x 9.5 x 0.8 inches1.85 pounds
Rubber 10 x 13 x 2 inches10.4 ounces
Rubber8.6 x 8.4 x 2.2 inches2 pounds
Rubber12 x 12 x 2 inches11 pounds

10 Best Gas Welding Hoses Reviewed

Weldcote ARG14X10Hose, Argon, 10` With Inert Gas Fitting


  • Made from rubber material
  • Ideal for welding using argon
  • 10-inch length
Weldcote ARG14X10 Hose

The Weldcote ARG14X10Hose, Argon, 10` is made from rubber material and is ideal for welding using argon. Its 10-inch length allows you to work away from your fuel gas tank, maintaining a safe distance within your warehouse or work area. It is black and designed to fit in most standard-sized welders. Its tight fit rubber exterior helps prevent leakages and enhance user safety.


  • Lightweight (1.3 pounds) such that it allows for increased flexibility when welding
  • Fairly long for light tasks requiring argon gas
  • Made from high-quality rubber that prevents leakages
  • Ideal for inert gas fitting
  • Long-lasting


  •  Could be longer

ABN Oxygen Acetylene Hose ¼ Inch B Fittings Twin Welding Hose, 25 foot


  • Constructed from rubber
  • Tough exterior
  • Maximum pressure supply is 300 PSI

The ABN Oxygen Acetylene Hose ¼ Inch B Fittings Twin Welding Hose is without a doubt among the leading hoses in the market. It is constructed from rubber, which gives it maximum flexibility and durability. The tough exterior also makes it resistant to abrasion, bad weather, and kinking.

The ABN Twin Welding Hose is designed primarily for acetylene and oxygen welding. The maximum pressure supply is 300 PSI, while its impressive 25-foot length enables you to keep the tanks far from the tip of the torch.


  • Length of 25 feet to allow for flexible and convenient use
  • Comes with B hose fittings on both its ends to ensure it fits your regulator and welding torch
  • Ideal for acetylene and oxygen welds
  • Red and green coloring allows for a color-coding system for improved safety during connection to threads
  • Rubber ensures that the tube is flexible and durable
  • Remains flexible from temperatures of -20 to 70 degrees, making it ideal for different types of welding
  • Can manage high pressures of up to 300PSI


  • Pricey

Goplus 50 feet Twin Welding Torch Hose Oxy Acetylene Oxygen Cutting ¼ PSI


  • Length of 50ft
  • Crack, weather, and abrasion-resistant
  • Working pressure of 300 PSI
Goplus 50 Feet Twin Welding Torch Hose

The Goplus 50 feet Twin Welding Torch Hose Oxy Acetylene Oxygen Cutting ¼ PSI boasts of an impressive length of 50ft and is designed for acetylene and oxygen welding gases, making it ideal for cutting and welding. It comes with twin rubber heavy-duty hoses that have female fittings made from solid brass.

It is crack, weather, and abrasion resistant, allowing it to serve you for long without getting damaged. The Goplus can manage a working pressure of 300 PSI and a broken pressure of 900 PSI. It is among the most versatile hoses as it can be used in extreme weather conditions.


  • Wide variety of applications as it can be used in extreme temperature environments
  • Flame retardant, making it safe for welding in close spaces and the outdoors
  • The 50 feet length is ideal for any type of welding
  • The red and green colors allow for safe and accurate connections
  • Comes with rubber hoses while the female fittings are made from solid brass
  • The cover is abrasion resistant, which makes the hose durable and resistant to bad weather
  • B and B fittings
  • Flexible outer layer allows for proper and easy storage as you can make it a circle


  • Costly compared to other hoses

ABN Oxygen Acetylene Hose ¼ inch B fittings Twin Welding Hose Oxy Acetylene Torch Hose, 50 Foot


  • Constructed from durable and highly flexible rubber
  • Designed for acetylene and oxygen torch welding fuel gases
  • 50-foot length

ABN hoses are highly recommended when it comes to high-quality hoses. The ABN Oxygen Acetylene Hose ¼ inch B fittings Twin Welding Hose Oxy Acetylene Torch Hose is constructed from durable and highly flexible rubber and is designed for acetylene and oxygen torch welding as well as a variety of other cutting projects.

It can manage a maximum pressure of 300PSI while its impressive 50-foot length allows for flexible use around the garage or work area. You can hook up your oxy kit and regulator with the hose safely due to its red and green color-coding system.


  • Fits all B size regulators as it has standard-sized B fittings on all its ends
  • The red and green color allow for color coding to hook up your oxy torch kit and regulator safely and with ease
  • Constructed from quality acetylene rubber that allows for durability and maximum strength
  • Kink and abrasion-resistant
  • Flexible in a wide range of temperatures, enhancing its versatility when it comes to work.
  • Manages a 300PSI maximum pressure that allows for optimal gas flow rate
  • Boasts of a 6mm inner diameter as well as a 13mm outer diameter that improve its overall functionality and leak resistance from the tips.


  • Might be a bit difficult to store due to its tough exterior

 Hot Max 24201 Extension/Appliance Hose for Propane or Natural Gas, 25 feet


  • Pressure of 350 PSI
  • Compatible with several types of torches
  • Ideal for propane appliances

The Hot Max 24201 Extension/ Appliance Hose for Propane or Natural Gas manages a pressure of 350 PSI and is compatible with several types of torches. It is ideal for propane appliances such as turkey fryers, grills, and other home-based equipment.

The Hot Max 24201 Extension/Appliance Hose for Propane or Natural Gas comes with a relatively small diameter which does not allow for industrial use or use in large projects. One end is made from ¼ inch, non-spinning male fitting while the other end is ¼ inch female fitting that spins freely.


  • UL/CSA listed, making it safe for usage
  • Compatible not only to Hot Max torches but also other standard sized torches
  • Manages a pressure of 350PSI
  • Ideal for home usage in devices like turkey fryers and grills as well as camping equipment
  • The length of 25 feet makes it ideal for home usage


  • The diameter is relatively thin, thus limiting the usage of the hose on large appliances

US Forge 08951 3/16-Inch By 25-Feet Oxy-Acetylene Hose


  • The hose can also be used on welding projects using acetylene fuel gas
  • Outstanding weather-resistant capabilities
  • Twin hose allows for the smooth transfer of commonly utilized welding gases

The US Forge 08951 3/16-Inch By 25-Feet Oxy-Acetylene Hoses are twin welding hoses meant that are ideal for acetylene fuel gas. This twin hose boasts of neoprene covers of the highest quality. It is dual-colored (red and green), making it extra easy to get the gas connections correctly. This hose comes with a friendly length of 25, feet making it ideal for use.


  • Kink proof and weather proof, making it increasingly safe for regular use
  • Comes with a flexible but tough neoprene cover that prevents damage and leaks
  • Oxy-acetylene that is red and green colored
  • Comes complete with welding gas regulator fittings
  • Ranked in Amazon`s top 20 list of best hoses
  • It is neither too heavy nor too long, making it ideal for storage in small spaces


  • The neoprene cover can make the hose a bit difficult to handle at first

Welding City 50-ft Grade-T Twin Hose 1/4″ B-B Fittings


  • Ideal for propane, oxygen, acetylene as well as alternative gas fuels
  • Fully compliant with the 2008 RMA/CGA IP-7 standard
  • Flame and oil resistant

The Welding City 50-ft Grade-T Twin Hose 1/4“ B-B Fittings is a premium twin hose that is ideal for propane, oxygen, acetylene as well as alternative gas fuels. The Grate-T twin hose has a diameter of ¼ inches and has B-B fittings. It is type S for standard duty and fully compliant with the 2008 RMA/CGA IP-7 standard. This superior product is flame and oil resistant, making it one of the safest and most durable hoses in the market.


  • Comes with different color schemes (red and green) that allow for accurate and proper fitting when cutting and welding.
  • Compliant to safety and quality standards, which ensures you get products that will serve you for long
  • The company provides impressive technical support that adds to the overall value of the product
  • Oil and gas resistant, which helps increase safety and durability
  • The 50ft length enhances flexibility and usability within and outside the workshop


  • Not flexible enough for ease of use

US Forge 08950 3/16-Inch by 12-1/2-Feet Oxy-Acetylene Hose


  • Appropriate for acetylene welding
  • Commendable length that is neither too short nor too long
  • Tough rubber exterior

US Forge is a Wisconsin based distributor and manufacturer of weld accessories that has created a reputation for supplying some of the best welding products in the market. The US Forge 08950 3/16-Inch by 12-1/2-Feet Oxy-Acetylene Hose includes quality B fittings and is known to last long enough to serve large scale welders.

It is appropriate for acetylene welding and has a commendable length that is neither too short nor too long. The neoprene covers are of the highest quality, while its tough rubber exterior ensures that these oxygen-acetylene hoses will not crack or kink.


  • Easy to store due to moderate length, making it ideal for storage in small surfaces
  • Flexible enough for use in small spaces
  • Boasts of neoprene covers that are high-quality and durable
  • Includes standard sized B fittings
  • Does not kink or leak, making it safe for use for both hobbyists and expert welders
  • Ideal for acetylene gas welding
  • Comes in two color schemes which improve safety and accuracy during connections


  • Could be a little longer

Turbo Torch 0386-1090 AH-12 Hose Acetylene, 12`


  • Measures 12 feet in length
  • Ideal for acetylene use
  • Products made from tough exterior

The Turbo Torch 0386-1090 AH-12 Hose Acetylene is produced by Victor brand, a company that has a rich history spanning over 100 years when it comes to the production of quality welding products.

The company is known for its innovation, authenticity, and manufacture of durable products. The Turbo Torch measures 12 feet in length and utilizes A fittings. The hose is ideal for acetylene use and is made from a tough exterior that is kink and weather resistant.


  • Measures 12 feet which is ideal for use in a small warehouse
  • A-size fittings
  • Comes with a tough exterior that makes it kink and weather resistant
  • Meant for acetylene gas
  • Easy to store due to its convenient size
  • Ranked top 50 in Amazon’s list of gas welding hoses


  • Single gas use

Weldcote ARG14X25 Hose, Argon, 25` With Inert Gas Fitting


  • Can fit into different types of welders
  • Boasts of a 25-inch length
  • Ideal for various welding applications

Weldcote Metals is a well-known brand when it comes to welding products. The company has a reputation for producing standard-sized accessories that can fit into different types of welders with relative ease. The Weldcote ARG14X25 Hose boasts of a 25-inch length and is ideal for various welding applications.

It is made from sturdy rubber material, making it both flexible and resistant to kink and bad weather conditions. You can expect this hose to last long as it is made from high quality, tough rubber.


  • Made from quality rubber, thus increasing its durability
  • Convenient for use as it is 25 inches long
  • Inert gas fitting
  • Flexible and resistant to kink and adverse weather conditions
  • Pocket-friendly pricing


  • Not ideal for a variety of gases

Things to Consider when buying Gas Welding Hoses

While the welding machine remains essential equipment when it comes to welding, the importance of selecting the right accessories cannot be assumed. As a result, you must be extra careful to ensure you make select the ideal welding gas hose that is a perfect fit for your welding devices. Below are some of the things you should consider when buying welding gas hoses.


Gas welding hoses come in three different sizes: A, B, and C. Every hose connection comes with matching hose stem, ferrule, and connecting nut. Size A hoses are generally used for light work for tasks such as arts and crafts, HVAC, among other light gas tasks. The B size fittings are the most popular in the market and are commonly used in oxy-fuel projects, which need medium or standard gas volumes. B size fittings are also common for inert gas tasks such as TIG and MIG welding. Size C hoses are meant for heavy-duty tasks and applications. The large size of these hoses is designed to pass high gas volumes that allow industrial welding jobs to be completed.

You should consider size to ensure that you make the right purchase that suits your needs. Most purchases usually fall under the A or B category. But for industrial purposes, you should consider getting C sized hoses.

Exterior and Material Used

You should always select rubber hoses over plastic hoses. With rubber hoses, you get quality and tough external material that helps maintain the properties of the hose when under high pressure. Rubber hoses are known to last longer and are less likely to kink or break after repeated use. It is vital to check on the feel of the exterior. Some hoses come with smooth exteriors while others have ribbed or rough surfaces, which are ideal in resisting tear and wear.


The size of the project and the nature of the warehouse should determine the length of your hose. If you intend to light up the grill or burn weeds, then a small-sized hose should serve you well. For heavy tasks that require you to move to enclosed or far away from work areas, then a lengthy welding hose can come in handy and help you get the job done with relative ease.

Color Scheme

You should take your time to understand the color schemes before purchasing a particular welding hose as the colors usually have meaning. Oxygen is often green or blue, while acetylene is red. Point to note, though, the gases should never be interchanged as doing so leads to the creation of combustible gas. Always be keen on the color-coding to ensure you know exactly how to put the connections during use.


You should select a hose that is within your budget. While some might cost you more, they do come with several safety enhancement features like ribbed exteriors, which make them ideal for long term use. As much as you might want to save on some coins, be sure to get quality products that won`t compromise on your safety after repeated use. This is why it is advisable to settle for the top products listed in our review above.


The last thing you want is a hose that is hard to handle. Check on flexibility before making a purchase. Flexible hoses are easy to store on reels, which also helps increase their durability and resistance to kink. You should also get welding hoses that handle pressure well, depending on the type of activity.

Safety Tips when Using Gas Welding Hoses

Let`s take a quick look at some of the safety tips you should keep in mind when using gas welding hoses.

Always store the Welding Hose Properly

Proper storage is the surest way to ensure that your welding hose is safe for repeated use. The most common mistake made by novice welders is leaving hoses lying around the workshop being stepped on. Welding hoses should be appropriately stored using reels and stored at a hard to access area when not in use. This is the surest way to guarantee that your hose will be ready for use when it is needed.

Avoid Placing anything on the Hose

Remember, a hose is used to transport combustible gases like acetylene, which combust when mixed with oxygen to light up flames. You don’t want to expose the hose’s external surface to unnecessary stress by placing heavy objects as this may lead to leakages and eventual risk of fire. If you are using a long hose, ensure that no one walks on it, and nothing is set on it. Avoid exposing the hose to hot metals or flames.

Never Interchange the Oxy-acetylene Hoses

You shouldn’t use a hose to carry one gas then interchange it to transport another gas later on. Combustible mixtures form when oxygen and acetylene gases mix, which can expose you to significant risks of sustaining burns. Be extra observant on the color schemes to ensure you make the right connections. While some hoses might come with user instructions, you might have to rely on skill on common welding knowledge to figure out the correct color schemes. Remember, oxygen is often blue or green, while acetylene is usually red.


There are several places to buy welding gear. For worry-free return policies, transparency in terms of product quality and customer service, and fast and sometimes free shipping, head over to Amazon.

When you browse on Amazon, you can see what previous customers thought of the product they bought, and find out everything about things like material quality, protective features, and comfort. You don’t need to go out to compare features or find the best product for your needs.

If you have a problem with your sleeves, you can also quickly and easily return the product.


Having discussed the leading gas welding hoses in the market, you should be well placed to make a choice that perfectly suits your needs. Some hoses are long, while others are relatively short. We recommend factoring in your type of work as short hoses are ideal for small DIY tasks within your home, such as lighting grills and burning weed. Longer hoses are ideal for industrial welding projects that need large volumes of gas to pass across the hoses to balance out the pressure.

Price, flexibility, and durability are also other factors that you need to consider ensuring that you get the hose that best suits your welding needs. Regardless of the hose you select, be sure to prioritize safety by storing the hose safely when not in use. Avoid placing sharp objects on your hose to avoid kinks, and remember, you should never use a damaged hose when gas welding!

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