4 Best Welding Blankets [Non Fiberglass Fire Safety]

Last Updated on May 2022

Welding has many potential hazards that must be prevented at all costs. One of the most apparent dangers is fire and fire and heat-related accidents. Hot slag, torch flames, sparks/sputter, and in some cases, faulty electrical connections or cords are the leading causes of welding-related fires. This fact is not strange since the welding process involves the use of electricity and heat.

Other than a real fire, heat-related accidents can occur as you weld.  Maybe some molten metal has ever landed on you or a piece of furniture in your workshop. If so, you know what it meant to you.

So, you should not take for granted your safety and that of the materials and equipment in your workspace.

Fireproof welding blankets play a critical role in reducing and even eliminating the possibility of a welding fire t causes immense damage to people, and everything else the welding space.

But not all welding blankets are the same. There are so many different sizes, functions, materials, and brands of welding blankets that choosing the best can be tricky and tedious.

If you don’t want to end up with a not-so-good welding blanket, read this entire article. We will give you a review of what we’ve found to be the Top 4 Fireproof welding blankets available in the market in 2021.

We’ll then wind up this review with some vital buying tips to help you as you decide what to consider when buying the best welding blanket for your safety needs. For more information on fire proof welding Jackets [Read Our Full Buyers Guide]

4 Best Welding Blankets

Tillman Heavy Duty Welding Blanket


  • 1000ºf melt temperature fiberglass thread
  • Borders are hemmed for extra durability

This blanket is one that will serve you very well. Yes, it’s not one of the budget-friendly welding blankets available, so be ready to dig a little deeper in your pocket for this product.

This fireproof welding blanket is sewn together using a fireproof fiberglass thread, and so it has a pretty high melt temperature. With its 1000 degrees Fahrenheit melt temperature, you are sure it will offer sufficient protection against fire and heat in your workspace.

For added durability, it comes with hemmed borders and Kevlar leather material. So if you buy this blanket, you are sure that you won’t be spending money any time soon to buy a new welding blanket.

What’s even better is that this welding blanket is versatile and can be used for many other purposes.

If you weld in varied locations, you’ll find this light blanket very convenient and easy to carry. It weighs just 1.6 ounces.


  • Other than using this as a welding blanket, you can also use it as a cover to protect different work areas. For instance, you can use it to cover a smoker even in windy and cold conditions.
  • This blanket folds neatly into a small size for convenient packing, storage, and portability.
  • The blanket is made from solid and sturdy material. This material makes the coverage heavily flame-resistant, which is an excellent quality if you do a lot of heavy-duty welding.
  • This blanket is quite durable.
  • It has significant heft to it.
  • It can tolerate a high level of abuse because it doesn’t come loose or fray easily. Even if you beat it up, it won’t budge or get any noticeable damage.


  • Though the material is durable, it is coarse. Some users have had to leather gloves when handling or folding this blanket since the rough material can be abrasive their skin.

Fiberglass 4’ X 6’ Welding Cover, Retardant I Fireproof for Easy Hanging and Protection


  • Metal grommets on each side, approximately every 12 in
  • Working temperature: 1000° Fahrenheit, 537° Celsius
  • Heavy Duty Fiberglass

This is another excellent welding blanket for your welding assignments. The blanket correctly boasts of a 100% flame retardant capability. It works very well in preventing injuries, accidents, and damage to property that can result from flares, spatter, and sparks.

Constructed using 19.8oz fiberglass with a full 1000 degrees Fahrenheit working temperature, you are sure this blanket is a trustworthy companion to use as you weld.

You can use this welding blanket in other applications such as protecting your flooring, furniture, wood railings, and of course, yourself from the dangers brought by embers, sparks, heat from the welder, and even from molten metal.

The blanket is impressively durable thanks to the high-quality fiberglass used in its construction.

You don’t have to worry about fraying if you use this blanket. With its hem reinforced with 3/8″ I.D hem, there’ll be no loose ends to interfere with your welding.


  • Offers safe thermal protection
  • It can be used for various applications, including protecting flooring, furniture, wood railings, and much more.
  • It is highly durable, so you won’t have to replace it any time soon.
  • The blanket is easy to store. Its flexible fiber makes it easy to fold the rug to a compact size for secure storage and transportation.


  • Some users complain that this welding glass sheds tiny fiberglass pieces

Neiko 10908A Fiberglass Blanket and Cover For Easy Hanging and Protection


  • 19.8 oz./ sq.yd. fiberglass
  • 30 x 30 per square inch for added durability
  • Up to 1000°F (537°C)

Anyone looking for a 100% flame-retardant welding blanket should take note of this fireproof blanket. It is a durable and general purpose welding blanket. This blanket is effective in preventing damage from sparks and spatter, thanks to the heavy-duty fiberglass material

The hems are another feature that makes this welding blanket worthy of your attention. These hems are fray-resistant thanks to the unique 3/8 inch ID Hem. It’s because if these hems that the blanket doesn’t shed off fibers, which can easily catch fire.

The blanket’s brass grommets are well-placed at every 11 inches of its border, thus allowing for easier and faster set-up.

With a max temperature of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, Neiko 10908A Fiberglass Blanket and Cover For Easy Hanging and Protection is a welding blanket you can trust.


  • It does a fantastic job of preventing spatter and sparks from getting to where they should not. However, ensure you don’t use this blanket for more substantial tasks like cutting using plasma.
  • It hardly sheds off any fibers. This quality means it’s easy to maintain this blanket.
  • It’s quite large, which means it can cover a larger work area compared to other similar blankets.
  • It’s a lightweight welding blanket. It weighs only 3.5 pounds, so it’s easy to carry to any place you want to use it.
  • If you do occasional light welding jobs, this blanket is a good and inexpensive option compared to other pricier welding blankets.


  • It might be challenging to fold, especially if you prefer square-shaped welding blankets; this one is not of that shape.

HANSWAY High Temp Carbon Welding Blankets


  • Many size to choose, thickness 6mm, 21oz./sq. yd
  • Welding blanket made of tear resistant Carbon Fiber
  • Temperature resistance of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit

As the name rightly suggests, this is not just one welding blanket. You have the option of selecting from 3 different sizes. The gigantic blanket is 3 X 3 feet while the smallest measures 18 X 25 inches. This is good because you can choose the size that suits your needs.

Unlike the other blankets in this review, this welding blanket I made with carbon fiber material NOT fiberglass.

Carbon material gives this welding blanket a superior working temperature. It can resist temperatures of up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides, this welding item has excellent efficiency in both heating and cooling.


  • At 1800 degrees Fahrenheit this welding blanket has a remarkable temperature resistance.
  • This welding blanket protects you not just from spatter and sparks but from SLAG as well. This capability is rare; it’s not found in many other welding blankets on the market.
  • It is quite versatile. You can use it for a wide range of applications.
  • The blanket is gentle on your hands. It’s made using felt carbon material so it won’t chafe your hands.
  • It folds down to a compact and portable size.


  • Some users complain of sparks burning some holes through this welding blanket.

Welding Blanket Buyer’s Guide

Which Fireproof Welding Blanket Should You Choose?

This depends on the prevailing qualities that you are looking for in the welding blanket. Look at our informed recommendations below:


Things to Consider When Buying a Welding Blanket

If you consider the following factors, buying your fireproof welding blanket need not be difficult. Consider the following:

  1. Temperature resistance

The blanket’s working temperature determines how heavy-duty the welding blanket is. This temperature, in turn, informs you of whether the blanket can withstand more rigorous welding projects.

  1. Flame retardant properties

The primary reason you are buying this fireproof welding blanket is its ability to protect you and your property from heat and flames that might accidentally come your way. It is essential to check the materials used to make the welding blanket. Confirm that they are genuinely flame-retardant and can resist damage.

  1. Size

There’ll be no use buying a welding blanket that is too small for the area you want to cover. On the same note, it’s wasteful to buy a large sheet if you only need to include small spaces when you are welding.

However, we must add that a bigger welding blanket will have greater use compared to a small one.

  1. Check the welding blanket’ composition

Some welding blankets are made using materials that can be harmful or unfriendly to you. You should avoid blankets with materials such as asbestos at all costs.

On the same note, check whether the blanket contains other materials such as polyurethane, silicate, vermiculite, and clay or granite, which might compromise your overall safety and health as you weld.

  1. Comfort

Some materials, such as fiberglass, used to make welding blankets are harsh to the touch because they harden up.  Always go for a softer material if you have sensitive skin.

Remember, too, that there are times you’ll need to roll or fold your blanket. Stiffer materials will be hard to roll or fold.

  1. Grommets

While these are not essential to the purpose of the welding blanket, they play a vital part when t comes to hanging the welding blanket.

Types of Welding Blanket Materials

There are various types of welding blanket materials, and knowing them will go a long way in aiding your selection of the best welding blanket for your use.

Aluminum Fiberglass

This is a reflective material with an ability to withstand temperatures as high as 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. This material is also useful in resisting abrasions.

Welding jobs with aluminum foil on the inner side are suitable for situations where there’s a need to reflect heat.

Black Slag

This material is excellent for stricter welding jobs. It can adequately reflect molten splatters even with temperatures as high as 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. This material is also useful in resisting abrasions.


Vermiculite can withstand temperatures of 1500 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit for short periods. This material is best for vertical applications since they give the most protection from sparks, heat, and medium levels of grinding and sandblasting.

Vermiculite coating doesn’t irritate your skin and increases all the essential requirements of a god welding blanket.


This material is not meant for heavy-duty applications; it’s ideal for lightweight welding projects. When you use this material vertically, it has fire retardant properties that can effectively form a barrier between the high temperatures and the protected surface.


If your primary concern is to protect your workspace from slags and molten splatters, then silica is an excellent material for you. Another good thing about silica is that it has a very high melting point of 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. This quality makes it an excellent choice for heavy-duty welding jobs.

With an excellent welding blanket, you sure your safety that of the people around you, and the equipment and other items in the vicinity is well-taken care.

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Best Places to Purchase Welding Blankets


There are several places to buy welding fire safety gear. For worry-free return policies, transparency in terms of product quality and customer service, and fast shipping, head over to Amazon.

When you browse on Amazon, you can see what previous buyers thought of the product they bought, and find out everything about things like material quality, protective features, and comfort. You don’t need to go out to compare features or find the best product for your needs.

If you have a problem with your fireproof welding cover or blanket, you can also quickly and easily return the product.


This guide has given you a list of our top best fireproof welding blankets available on the market in 2022. If you wish, you can go through the lust again and identify the welding blanket that best suits your requirements. Go through the “Things to Consider” section and see whether your choice meets or approximates the criteria. If it does, then take the next logical step and purchase your best welding blanket 2022.

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