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Last Updated on May 2022

Welding is a great skill to have and it can be a very lucrative profession. Of course, welding comes with risks, particularly when it comes to your eyes.

Welding produces extreme amounts of light which will damage your eyes; therefore, eye protection is mandatory. This article will discuss some of the best welding goggles on the market and we’ve gone the extra distance to create a buying guide for when you’re shopping.

Small Product Image of Miller Electric Welding Goggles
  • Main Feature: Coverage for UV/IR rays
  • Item Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12 x 4 x 9 inches
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Small Product Image of Hobart 770095
  • Main Feature: Adjustable Elastic Bands
  • Item Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Dimensions: 12 x 5 x 3.7 inches
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Small Product Image of KwikSafety
  • Main Feature: Ideal use is for Plasma Jet or Infrared Welding
  • Item Weight: 3.98 ounces
  • Dimensions: 6.6 x 5.2 x 3.4 inches
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Small Product Image of YESWELDER
  • Main Feature: Compact design
  • Item Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Dimensions: 7 x 3 x 2 inches
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Small Product Image of QHRM
  • Main Feature: Auto Dimming Design
  • Item Weight: 10.7 ounces
  • Dimensions: 10.43 x 7.36 x 3.39 inches
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Small Product Image of Ram-Pro welding goggles
  • Main Feature: Impact-Resistant Non-Breakable Acrylic Glass
  • Item Weight: 2.57 ounces
  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
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Small Product Image of Spargo welding goggles
  • Main Feature: Adjustable sensitivity
  • Item Weight: 9.3 ounces
  • Dimensions: 8.19 x 3.9 x 3.43 inches
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Small Product Image of AES Industries
  • Main Feature: Fully customizable
  • Item Weight: 2.39 ounces
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches
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8 Best Welding Goggles

Miller Electric Welding Goggles


  • Full face cover
  • Adjustable shade level – 5 to 13
  • Light sensor
  • Adjustable for size
  • 5 lbs.

These goggles come with a facial cover for the nose and mouth. The face shield is designed to protect your whole face from IV and IR rays, plus it can help protect your face from sparks, spatter, and more. The face cover is of course flame retardant.

The Miller Electric Welding Goggles are designed to be an ideal fit when you are also wearing a hardhat, something which is often necessary on construction sites and in building situations.

What is really cool about the Miller Electric Welding Goggles is that they have some electronic features, which in this case are battery powered. These goggles have a small control panel on the side which allows you to choose the shade of darkness and level of protection provided to your eyes.

There are various shade levels to choose from including 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13. You can therefore adjust these goggles to be used for regular welding, plasma cutting work, gas welding and cutting, stick, TIG, and MIG.

The eye cover is also designed to provide a very tight fit to ensure that no light gets in from the sides, and the headband is adjustable for size. What’s also useful about the Miller Electric Welding Goggles is that they are very lightweight, thus making them more comfortable to wear and reducing neck strain in the process.


  • Adjustable shades
  • Tight fitting and secure
  • Adjustable head band
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Ideal for use with hardhats
  • Ideal for virtually all types of welding
  • Great facial and eye protection


  • Very expensive
  • Shading may not always be 100% even

Hobart 770095 Welding Oxy-Acetylene Goggle


  • Shade level #5
  • Replaceable lens/cover
  • Adjustable headband
  • 2 oz.

Here is a much more affordable pair of welding goggles, probably some of the most affordable out there. Keep in mind that the Hobart 770095 Welding Oxy-Acetylene Goggles feature a #5 shade level, which is ideal for basic welding, grinding metal, and other such purposes.

However, it might not provide your eyes with enough protection for high-intensity welding purposes, such as MIG or TIG welding. That said, the shaded lens is replaceable, and you may be able to find a lens with a higher shade rating for added protection.

What’s nice about the Hobart 770095 Welding Oxy-Acetylene Goggles is that they have a pocket large enough so that you could wear your prescription glasses inside them. Whenever you aren’t welding, you can flip the shaded eye cover upwards to see normally, so you can see what you are doing in between welds.

Due to these goggles being able to fit prescription glasses on the inside, they are a bit chunky, which is not great, but all things considered, they are still fairly lightweight, thus ideal for comfort. They also come with an adjustable elastic band so you can achieve a secure fit every time. That said, these are one size fits most welding goggles.

One of the only issues which the Hobart 770095 Welding Oxy-Acetylene Goggles have is their viewing angle. To look forward through these welding goggles, you actually have to look upwards quite strongly. Some say it’s a weird viewing angle, while others like it.


  • Great price
  • Ideal for basic welding and metal grinding
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable headband
  • Replaceable lens and cover
  • Can fit prescription glasses inside
  • Flip-up eye cover


  • Odd viewing angle
  • Limited durability

KwikSafety Pit Viper Welding Goggles


  • #5 shade rating
  • Scratch resistant lens
  • Adjustable headband
  • Side ventilation – anti-fog
  • 98 oz.

While these welding goggles may look more like skiing goggles, rest assured that they are designed specifically for welding purposes. This option comes complete with a #5 shade rating for some pretty good eye protection.

They work fine for basic welding purposes, such as torch welding, for cutting with a torch, and for grinding metals too. They’re also ideal for soldering, flame cutting, plasma welding, and infrared welding. That said, the shade level here is not enough for MIG or TIG welding.

Many people like how the KwikSafety Pit Viper Welding Goggles are specially curved with a wide-angle lens to provide you with a 180 degree viewing field, so you can still see with your peripheral vision.

Not only are the KwikSafety Pit Viper Welding Goggles stylish, but highly functional too. They have an adjustable headband for comfort, so you can get a secure fit, plus they also have enough room on the inside for you to wear your glasses if needed. They’re also extremely lightweight, yet another bonus.

The lens itself is designed to be scratch and impact resistant, so it should last for quite some time. One of the best aspects of these welding goggles is that they come with side ventilation. This serves two purposes. First off, it helps keep you cool, and second, it helps to prevent these goggles from fogging up during use.


  • Durable glass
  • Adjustable fit
  • Fine for low intensity welding
  • Ventilation for cooling and anti-fogging
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Room for glasses


  • Shade level is fairly low
  • Headband is not overly durable

YESWELDER Auto Darkening Welding Goggles


  • Auto darkening
  • #3 – #11 shade
  • Hardhat compatible
  • 2 oz.

Here we have a very sophisticated, modern, and affordable pair of welding goggles, and although they might look like something out of a science fiction movie, they’re actually quite useful and effective at providing protection for the eyes during welding.

First off, the YESWELDER Goggles are auto darkening. They come with dual sensors which can sense the level of light being given off by your welding. The goggles will then automatically darken themselves in mere milliseconds, to provide you with the best eye protection possible.

Keep in mind that these welding goggles can auto darken up to shade level #11. They are ideal for TIG, MIG, and MMA welding, as well as other low light intensity welding needs. These goggles feature great viewing quality so you can see clearly and so you can see colors as they truly are.

Having sensors and auto darkening features means that these goggles need power. They use a combination of a lithium ion battery and solar power to achieve this. It is usually quite reliable, although if it has not been sunny for a while, you might run into some issues.

What’s also convenient about the YESWELDER Auto Darkening Welding Goggles is how compact and lightweight they are. They are like normal glasses in the sense that instead of a full headband, they only have ear hooks, just like sunglasses.

On one hand, this is good for comfort reasons, and for putting them on quickly, but it definitely does not do much in terms of providing a tight or secure fit. That said, their special design makes them ideal for use when you are wearing a hardhat.


  • Auto darkening to shade level #11
  • Simple to use
  • Ideal for high light intensity welding
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ideal for use with hardhats
  • Crisp viewing – true color view


  • Solar power may have some issues
  • Do not provide a secure fit
  • May let some light in from the sides

QHRM Welding Safety Glasses


  • Auto darkening to shade level #13
    • to 0.3 second delay time
  • Solar powered
  • Anti-glare lens
  • 7 ounces

Now we’re going back to a more simplistic and affordable pair of welding goggles, or we should say welding glasses. They look like a high tech pair of sunglasses. While they do come with an elastic band that can be used for a tight fit, they come with ear hooks, just like normal glasses.

The ear hooks can be adjusted for length. That said, you might not get the tightest or most secure fit out of them, but they do work well for welding applications where you need to put the goggles on and take them off quickly.

What you may like about the QHRM Welding Safety Glasses is that they are extremely lightweight and well-ventilated. They may let some light in from the sides, but the tradeoff is that they allow air to get in, thus preventing them from fogging up, plus this helps keep you cool as well.

These are solar-powered auto-darkening welding glasses that can provide you with shade levels 4 through 6 and 9 through 13, which means that they are actually ideal for multiple types of welding, even those with high light intensities.

The only issue here is that they are solely solar powered, so if there is no sunlight for a prolonged period of time, they may lose their functionality. However, the auto-darkening feature is very quick and responsive for optimal protection at all times.

The lens is quite durable, as it is impact, scratch and shock resistant, plus it also allows for clear viewing, as it prevents glare from occurring.


  • Auto darkening
  • Very responsive
  • Durable lens
  • Adjustable ear hooks
  • Fairly lightweight and comfortable
  • Shade level up to #13 – ideal for most welding applications
  • Great value for the money


  • Need lots of sunlight to function properly
  • Ear hooks are not overly durable
  • Getting a secure fit can be a challenge

Ram-Pro Black Welding Goggles


  • #5 shading
  • Individual eye cups
  • Anti-fog ventilation slits
  • Scratch resistant lenses
  • 57 oz.

This cup-style welding goggles will provide your eyes with optimal protection from the sparks, debris, UV light, and light created when welding. These particular goggles feature #5 shading, which is fine for gas welding, torching, metal cutting, and for plasma welding. However, their shade level is not high enough to provide optimal protection for high light intensity welding.

The lenses are of a very high quality. For one, they really do provide great protection for the eyes, and this is true for side protection as well. Their cup design does not allow light to get in from the sides. Yet, thanks to the ventilation slits, what can get in from the side is air. They feature fairly good ventilation, which helps prevent the goggles from fogging up, plus it helps keep you cool.

The lenses are very resistant to impact and scratching. You may also like how these goggles come with interchangeable lenses, so you can switch from the shaded lenses for welding to the clear lenses for simple eye protection from debris and sparks.

The Ram-Pro Black Welding Goggles come with an adjustable elastic headband so you should be able to secure quite a tight fit with them. That said, although they are extremely lightweight, they may not be the most comfortable to wear, particularly around the eye sockets. On a side note, these are also advertised as being perfect for cosplaying steampunk!


  • Ideal for many types of welding
  • Optimal protection – from the sides as well
  • Very lightweight
  • Amazing price
  • Anti-fog


  • Very limited durability – particularly the headband

Spargo Auto Darkening Welding Goggles


  • Auto darkening to shade level #13
  • Solar powered sensors
  • Adjustable headband
  • Full side protection
  • 3 oz.

This is a high-quality pair of welding goggles that come at an astoundingly low price. These are auto-darkening welding goggles, which means that they automatically darken to the appropriate level when they sense extreme light. They come with sensors which can sense welding going on, and they have an extremely fast response time. They darken literally the second you start welding.

In terms of shading, these goggles feature #3 shading, but when they darken, they can darken to between level #8 and #13. This means that the Spargo Auto Darkening Welding Goggles are ideal for all sorts of welding applications including gas welding, plasma, MIG, TIG, and more. They provide a high degree of protection. The sensitivity of these goggles is adjustable.

Keep in mind that the Spargo Auto Darkening Welding Goggles are powered by solar energy. This is convenient because you never have to replace batteries. However, that said, they do require good light to function properly, which may be in issue in some cases.

Due to the goggle/mask design, the Spargo Auto Darkening Welding Goggles also help protect your eyes from the sides. The sides are y blocked off to prevent any light from getting in. That said, they do not have any sort of peripheral vision, which some people may not like.

In terms of weight, they are mid-range, as they weigh just over 9 oz., which is not overly heavy, but not super lightweight. In terms of comfort, they are quite high on the scale as they feature an ergonomic design combined with an adjustable headband. The only real downside with these welding goggles is that the screen is not overly durable, although it can be replaced in the event that anything happens to it.


  • Auto darkening
  • Responsive sensors
  • Good side protection
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable headband
  • Solar powered
  • Decent weight
  • Great value for the money


  • No ventilation
  • May fog up
  • Headband is not overly durable

AES Industries Welding Cup Goggles


  • #5 shading
  • Eyecup design
  • Replaceable lenses
  • 39 oz.

We will finish off the list with a very simple pair of welding goggles which are extremely affordable,  yet will provide optimal protection for basic welding needs. First off, these welding goggles feature lenses with a #5 shade rating, which is fine for basic grinding, gas welding, and other low-intensity welding applications.

However, they won’t provide adequate protection for high-intensity welding such as MIG or TIG. However, the upside here is that these welding goggles feature basic 50 mm lenses, and you can remove the existing ones and replace them with higher quality lenses that have higher shade ratings.

The AES Industries Welding Cup Goggles feature separate eye cups, just like swimming goggles, which is beneficial because the sides are fully blocked off, not allowing any light in from the sides. Moreover, this particular design allows for a high degree of flexibility and a great fit.

On that same note, although this style of goggles may not be the most comfortable for the eye sockets, thanks to their design, as well as the adjustable elastic headband, they do provide for a very snug and secure fit. In terms of comfort, the AES Industries Welding Cup Goggles are extremely lightweight and you will barely notice that you are wearing them.


  • Ideal for basic welding
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Very lightweight
  • Snug and secure fit
  • Good side protection for the eyes
  • Great price


  • No ventilation
  • May fog up
  • Limited durability

Welding Goggles Buyer’s Guide

Before you go out and buy any old pair of welding goggles, there are a few things which you need to be familiar with. Let’s take a look at the main features to keep in mind when purchasing the best pair of welding goggles for your needs.

The Style and Design

The first thing to determine is what type of welding goggles you want. There are 4 different styles to look for: classic welding goggles with separate eyecups; mask-style welding goggles with one large section for both eyes; safety glasses-style goggles; and full size welding helmets or masks. For more information on the top rated full face welding masks [Read Ou Full Guide]

Welding masks might not be goggles per se, but they fall into the same category. Which one you go with comes down to the level of protection you require and what features you are looking for.

Simple eyecup welding goggles are the most basic. They are small, lightweight, often have decent shading levels, and provide great protection from the sides. Generally speaking, these will be the most affordable, plus the lenses can often be changed for different ones.

The mask style is ideal if you need to wear glasses under the goggles, if you need something comfortable, plus these often come with auto darkening features. These often feature flip-up lenses for versatility, and most also have interchangeable or replaceable lenses.

If you are looking for something simple that you can easily put on and take off, safety glasses-style welding goggles tend to be best, although they usually provide limited protection. These are lightweight and comfortable, and provide good protection from the front, although not from the sides. They also tend not to be the most securely fitting.

If you are looking for the most protection and the most features possible, a full welding helmet is called for. Yes, they are big, heavy, and cumbersome, but they also provide an unmatchable level of protection.

Shade Rating

One of the most important things to look for is the level of shade which the welding goggles provide you — the shade rating. Shade ratings for welding usually start at #3 and go up to #13. The higher the number, the more protection it will provide for your eyes.

For basic welding, such as gas welding, #5 should do fine. However, for high light intensity welding applications, such as MIG or TIG welding, you will want to go for a higher number.

Of course, the more protection they provide, the more they will cost, but of course, your eyesight is priceless. It’s wise to do some research on the type of welding you are doing in relation to the adequate shade level. For information on how to shield non welders from harmfull welding arcs [Read our Buyers Guide Review] on the best welding curtians.

Auto Darkening, Sensors, and Power Supply

Another feature to look for with welding goggles is an auto-darkening feature; this allows for a great degree of versatility. Welding goggles without auto darkening are only good for specific applications, whereas auto darkening goggles are ideal for many types of welding.

Most of these will be able to automatically sense the level of light being released by your welding, and they will then automatically darken to the most appropriate degree of shading. Keep in mind that some of these use batteries, some are solar powered, and some feature a combination of both.

If you plan on using the goggles a lot, a combination of solar power and battery power is recommended. The other thing to look for is response time. The faster the goggles can darken and lighten, the more protection they will provide.

An Adjustable Fit

Something you always want to look for, no matter the style or type of welding goggles, is an adjustable fit. If you are looking for a custom welding helmet, it should have adjustable internal headgear. For single-eyecup welding goggles and for the masks, you will want an adjustable headband.

If you are going for safety glasses-style welding goggles, it is wise to look for those with adjustable ear pieces. You need a snug and secure fit to make sure that no light gets in and to be as comfortable as possible. You always want adjustability.

The Weight

Although the weight of the welding goggles is not the primary concern, it is still worth considering. Simply put, lighter goggles are more comfortable to wear and will cause less strain on the neck.

However, generally speaking, heavier goggles will be more durable and usually feature better protection too. Also keep in mind that the heavier the welding goggles are, the better the headband or strap needs to be to prevent them from slipping or falling off.


The other important feature is ventilation. With good ventilation, welding googles will not fog up and will be cooler. Welding goggles without ventilation run the risk of fogging up due to body heat and moisture.

Best Places to Purchase Welding Goggles


There are several places to buy safety gear. For worry-free return policies, transparency in product quality and customer service, and fast shipping, head over to Amazon.

When you browse on Amazon, you can see what previous buyers thought of the product they bought and everything about material quality, protective features, weight dimensions, and design before adding anything to your shopping cart. You don’t need to go out to compare prices or features.

If you have any sort of problems with your sheet metal brakes, you can also quickly and easily return them hassle-free.


The bottom line is that the best welding goggles for you will depend on the type of welding you are doing and what makes you feel the most comfortable. Look for features such as comfort, the level of shading, ventilation, and yes, price too. If you take your time and make an informed decision, you should have no problems getting the best welding goggles for your needs.

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