11 Best Head Lamps Buyers Guide 2022 [ Hard Hat Lights]

Last Updated on October 2023

Are you searching for the brightest headlamp in the market? Are you looking for the best headlamp for car repair, cycling, camping, outdoor activities, hard-hat night work, camping……short the best multipurpose headlamp? Then look no further. You are at the right place.

Investing in the right headlamp for your projects is an excellent move despite your industry. Whether you are a plumber, electrician, construction worker, or just a DIY welding enthusiast, then the chances are that you have a flashlight in your workstation that assists you in doing your projects quickly with a closer view of things.

If you wish to buy the best headlamp for your projects, then the following choices should be your priority.

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Rechargeable, 160 Lumen, Waterproof, White/Red light2.4 ounces-
Four modes, Waterproof, Long lasting battery, Rechargeable12 ounces10.08 x 7.24 x 3.78 inches
300 Lumens, 3 power settings, Low profile design2.72 ounces 4.8 x 4.29 x 2.05 inches
350 lumens, Dimming/Strobe settings, Waterproof, Dustproof3.8 ounces-
180 Lumens, 9.5 hours run-time, Emergency flash, Rechargeable, Hat clip1.6 ounces2.7 x 0.75 x 1.13 inches
IPX45 rating, Waterproof, 4 light modes, Zoomable focus, Rechargeable, 11.99 ounces6.9 x 5.7 x 2.5 inches
1800 lumens, Wide-angle radiation(120 degrees), Red+Blue strobe mode, Zoomable focus16.6 ounces 9.1 x 7.1 x 5.9 inches
Rechargeable, 475 Lumens, 5 Output modes, Waterproof, Dustproof8 ounces 2 x 6 x 10 inches
Rechargeable, 1800 lumens, Zoomable ,Adjustable, 3 Modes (Low, Mid, Strobe)12.8 ounces6 x 4.75 x 3 inches
12000 Lumens,Rechargeable, 6 Modes work light, Waterproof, Motion sensor10.02 ounces3.54 x 1.57 x 2.36 inches
1000 Lumen, Rechargeable, 2200 mAh Battery, Lightweight, Waterproof, Dustproof4.1 ounces 3.38 x 1.26 x 0.97 inches

1. Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight USB Rechargeable

Foxelli rechargeable USB Headlamp flashlight has won the hearts of many due to its praiseworthy and outstanding features and qualities. Among the outstanding features is its ergonomic construction that adds maximum comfort when worn.

Adjusting the headlamp is easy to make it fit according to your specific requirements. It has an elastic headband to give the lamp a nice fit on your head. Additionally, it’s lightweight and portable, so bringing and making use of the headlamp in your workstation is not a stressor.

The good news is; it can also work great for you if you are a long-distance runner or need a lighting solution to perform your regular activities efficiently. The incredible brightness of the Foxelli headlamp is among its most recognizable and prominent advantages. The headlamp boasts of 180-lumen LED light that also produces white and red lights. It allows you to enjoy its wide variety of lighting modes and settings.

This headlamp is designed in a manner that allows you to raise it to 45 degrees, which makes it both bright and an exclusively multipurpose product. More so, this headlamp is constructed with durable materials. It comes with a structure that can sustain extreme and harsh conditions, including dropping on the ground and heavy rains.

It’s waterproof thus can get rid of possible damages from getting exposed to any form of water. It’s easy and quick to recharge and can be fully charged in a short time.


  • Features an ergonomic design making it easy to use
  • A durable product, making it withstand extreme and harsh conditions.
  • Quick and easy to recharge
  • It is fully equipped with an adjustable and elastic headband.
  • Can distribute bright light for an extended period immediately it’s fully charged.


  • Some users complain of its bulky structure.

2. Alyattes Ultra Bright 12000 Headlamp Work

This is an excellent option if you wish to own a more lightweight and portable headlight. It’s made of aluminum and alloy rubber, and it’s more comfortable and lighter to carry than the other headlamps.

It’s a versatile headlamp, and some users have fallen in love with it as it’s not only for workers but can also be used by people interested in activities like camping, jogging, and cycling.

Additionally, Alyattes is secure to use for indoor activities as its constructed with a waterproofing nature. Its designed with a waterproof switching mostly meant for keeping the light secured while using the headlamp in rainy conditions. The inner parts of the light are equipped with a quality waterproof wiring system to resist leakages.

With this outstanding construction, the light operates or constantly runs even in harsh rainy conditions. It has a range of extensive uses as it comes with a couple of settings and modes.

Lastly, this headlamp has an adjustable headband with a piece of elastic fabric and is sweat resistant, promising you a good fit and extreme comfort.


  • Comfortable and lightweight making it easy to carry
  • It’s waterproof allowing you to use it easily outdoors.
  • Comfortable to use with hard hats and helmets
  • Provides a comfortable fit with the help of elastic fabric and adjustable headband
  • Accompanied by a few settings and modes to assist you to adjust the headlamp depending on your needs


  • The battery pack is a bit bulky

3. Optimal Ventures 802100 Broad beam LED Headlamp

Optimal ventures are an incredible companion for a range of workers. It features a low-profile and compact design. This enhances maximum comfort as you wear the headlamp for extended periods. It’s not heavy like other headlamps, and with that, it’s easy to manage.

Furthermore, this LED headlamp comes with a sturdy and stretchable headband. With this feature, you can easily adjust its headband to make it fit on any head size. It also boasts its easy and straightforward operation as it comes with three power modes.

This headlamp is flexible and versatile, making it an excellent product for various purposes and applications, including hiking, mechanics, fishing, camping, and construction. The hardware is portable, facilitating a comfortable experience anytime you want to use it in your workplace.


  • Easy and simple to operate
  • it is Accompanied by three power modes to help you prepare it depending on everything required in a specific area.
  • Used in many environments thus showcasing its versatility
  • Compact and portable
  • Can illuminate a wide area


  • No batteries included

4. Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

This unique headlamp from Black Diamond is an all-around headlamp also that functions not only for outdoor plus night events but also daytime tasks like cooking, hiking, and reading.

Additionally, this headlamp uses PowerTap technology, which functions in making the operations of this headlamp easier. Additionally, the technology helps in keeping memory settings depending on the desired brightness mode. Nevertheless, it has immediately noticeable robustness.

It boasts a robust design as it takes pride in its waterproofing ability. The headlamp is not only waterproof but also prevents dust and other dirt from penetrating inside the lamp, which further showcases its durable and robust nature.

Black Diamond has nearly all fundamental light options, thus ranking it as an actual lamp for almost all outdoor projects. The headlamp comes with up to eight different lighting options, including RGB night vision. A big thanks to its coloured night vision settings and 350-lumen power output.

This excellent headlamp boasts of its advanced peripheral lighting that delivers more than sufficient illumination for close-range activities, including cooking and sorting gears. The headlamp’s sealed housing is essential as it can sustain immersion of up to one meter for about half an hour.


  • Dustproof and waterproof, that further proves its robustness
  • Distributes various brightness and lighting settings
  • It’s sealed with a housing that can resist up to 1-meter immersion.
  • It has peripheral lighting, thus offering illumination when doing close-range activities.
  • Best for various outdoor activities


  • Quite bulky

5. Streamlight 61702 USB Rechargeable Headlamp Bandit Low-Profile

Do you want a headlamp that is easy to operate as you place your hands-free from doing other activities? If yes, then Streamlight 61702 is a perfect product to fulfil your desires. It’s designed to distribute the right amount of brightness and light for up-close activities. Many users are glad that it’s easy to operate and manage this headlamp due to its lightweight and low-profile design.

This headlamp is convenient as you can use a USB to charge it, many appreciations to its lithium-polymer battery that’s rechargeable. The headlamp is designed in a manner that it can deliver up to 180 lumens of light.

The headlamp has diffused, even, and bright light and the best thing with this kind of light is the release of little shadow compared to how spotlights do. It comes with a huge button that guarantees you the ease of operation.

Streamlight 61702 is weather-resistant, giving you an easy time to use it at work or personal activities at different environments, events, and scenarios without fearing that it can get smashed due to harsh conditions.

More so, it has a rubber plug constructed to get rid of dirt and debris from getting inside the micro-USB charging port. Also, it comes with a snap-in clip adapter that’s essential in fixing it on a cap’s brim. The feature is essential also when gathering additional downward adaptability every moment you make use of the product’s headband.


  • Delivers diffused, bright, and even light
  • Weather-resistant, thus boasting its ability to handle severe conditions
  • It can be attached easily to the cap’s brim
  • Functions properly for up-close projects
  • It comes with a rubber plug that prevents dirt and debris entry on the micro-USB charging port


  • The battery life is somewhat short, more so when you set it on high

6. Danforce 1080 Ultra Bright Lumen Headlamp

Danforce 1080 is a LED headlamp that can be recharged and promises you maximum contentment in case you are constantly searching for a fantastic headlamp.

It boasts a 1080 lumen output plus 3 LED bulbs which delivers bright and maximum Illumination that users can take advantage of when you want to light up the dark. A big thanks to the headlamp’s ergonomic construction plus its entire construction as its constructed using strong and high-end materials.

With its rigid and strong structure, be sure that the headlamp can handle also the most grueling situations. This amazing lighting product also has a head that you can easily swivel to an angle of 90 degrees. Additionally, the feature helps you to adjust your concentration from offering a wide light to distributing a little and an extended long-range light. Thus, the headlamp can supply bright light depending on your requirements.

Many users claim that It’s among the durable headlamps that can be used for outdoor and other work activities. It’s designed in a manner that’s readily prepared to encounter any kind of work and weather conditions including extreme heat and cold.

The headlamp is also sturdy and strong since it is designed to safeguard itself from dust, water, and ice as a result of its tight rubber sealing. Many people like its fitting ability on the head making it comfortable and convenient to use while at work.


  • Comfortable to wear as it has an adjustable fit
  • Offers a bright and broad illumination
  • Protects against dust, water, and ice
  • Strong structure, making it easy to handle most work and weather conditions


  • The battery case is not built with a tight rubber seal

7. LETOUR Headlamp Rechargeable 8000 Lumen

This headlamp with rechargeable batteries goes handy with the standards of every worker willing to have a reliable and high-quality lighting effect to upgrade their work productivity plus efficiency at work.

It delivers superior brightness that’s connected to its COB-integrated LED unit in which the headlamp utilizes as a durable and stable light source. LETOUR has a lumen output that’s designed to go further to 8000 lumens. This product is designed to handle numerous tasks and boasts of its 120-degree extended angle of radiation making it great for events such as camping and hiking.

LETOUR also comes with numerous lighting modes – among which are the high and low and the blue + red strobe setting. The headlamp is constructed in a manner that can assist you to zoom it in, thus being a great tool for activities such as fishing, camping, and other events at night that need bright light.

The headlamp boasts of its amazing leakage-resistant and waterproofing features that assures you that it’s a safe thing to use for outdoor activities. Additionally, it comes with an inbuilt and adjustable headband that promises you that it’s a comfortable headlamp to use even for extended periods.


  • Best for most outdoor activities
  • Extended operation time
  • Accompanied by an adjustable headband that promises you a comfortable fit
  • Sturdy waterproofing feature for proper outdoor use
  • Maximum brightness due to its 8000-lumen output


  • Not that essential blue + red flashing option

8. Milwaukee 2111-21 Rechargeable Headlamp

This rechargeable headlamp is an incredible option for most workers out there. The headlamp is built to be used on hard hats that many people use for safety purposes.

Thanks to its secure attachment as it remains fixed properly once you position the lamp on a hard hat. Its strength is concerned with its REDLITHIUM USB that delivers both amazing light and an extended 24-hour run time. When compared to other USB types, charging this headlamp is up to three times faster.

Furthermore, it’s designed to support up to 2000 recharges. Thanks to its five settings or modes on the headlamp as the options allow you to adjust it to your desired settings. This will give you full coverage over its output, runtime, and beam coverage. Also, users have fallen in love with this incredible headlamp due to its strap and non-slip clips since these amazing features assist in an easy and secure connection.

For the entire construction, this headlamp boasts of durability and strength. The reason being, it’s built to have a drop-resistant, sturdy, and strong body that can withstand water and dust. The lens is strong and can withstand harsh and extreme conditions.


  • Water-resistant body, dust resistant, drop-resistant, and strong generally
  • Offers superior brightness
  • It’s a rechargeable headlamp
  • Offers secure attachment due to its strap and non-slip clips
  • Provides full control over runtime, output, and beam coverage due to its numerous settings


  • Slightly hard to mount at first

9. GRDE 18650 Headlamp

GRDE is also another durable contender in the work industry. It’s a nice choice, especially if you want a budget-friendly headlamp that won’t annoy you in terms of qualities and features. Its 1800 lumen output allows it to deliver enough brightness for your work requirements.

Many people love its versatility as the headlamp promises to deliver multiple activities, including work headlamp, waist lamp, and desk lamp. Many thanks to its high and low lighting options. It comes with an IP50 waterproof rating making it an added advantage as the headlamp allows you to enjoy the relaxing outdoor experience despite the condition.

It has an adjustable angle that allows it to rotate to 90 degrees. Additionally, it comes with a zooming feature that makes it easy for the user to zoom anything when they desire to concentrate the light’s ray on a small area. And that’s not all, GRDE 18650 comes with two rechargeable batteries essential in offering maximum convenience to the users.


  • Multifunctional and versatile
  • It’s waterproof making it essential for outdoor activities despite the weather
  • It boasts of its zooming ability
  • Upgrades your output dianabol tablet with the assistance of its hands-free design
  • Super bright


  • The headband is somehow uncomfortable

10. Soft Digits 12,000 Lumen Headlamp

Soft Digits is the best choice if you want a high-quality headlamp as it comes with a 12000-lumen LED. One thing that astonishes people with this product is its versatile and multifunctional nature. It can perform numerous tasks besides being essential for work.

The headlamp suits nighttime walking, fishing, hiking, camping, and climbing too, and its 90-degree adjustable head are vital as you can quickly move it up and down.

It comes with an automatic shut-off function immediately after you charge it fully. Nevertheless, it’s safe to use the headlamp as it doesn’t overheat even after being operated for longer hours. Thanks to the manufacturer for accompanying it with a compact and powerful USB rechargeable battery.

It has only one switch that facilitates an easy settings adjustment. Its zoom function allows you to modify the light concentration from wide to narrow. Doing this makes it easy for the lamp to throw bright and powerful illumination based on the activity required in a specific situation.


  • Bright enough as it’s built with 12,000-lumen light
  • Safe to use as it comes with an automatic shut-off feature
  • Backed up with a zoom feature
  • It has four lighting settings to help you set it depending on your environment
  • Comes with a USB rechargeable battery


  • It’s a bit heavy than other models

11. SLONIK CREE LED Headlamp 1000 Lumen Rechargeable

This is an excellent hardware to use during the night hours, in the dark environment and other tight areas. Weighing only around 4 ounces, this product is portable that using it during work hours won’t be a stressor to you.

It’s built with a rechargeable battery making it more cost-effective and convenient to use. The rechargeable battery can stay up to 8 hours when set in low, and it’s quick to recharge as it takes only 2 hours to full.

Furthermore, it comes with a 1,000 lumen LED light that can reflect up to a 220-yard beam. Coming with five settings options, adjusting this headlamp is as easy as possible. It’s detachable helping you fit the light properly in your pocket. Many users love it as it offers a secure and snug fit.

It comes with a headband that you can adjust. And is dustproof and waterproof as it features aero-grade aluminum construction that helps it to deal with harsh conditions.

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  • Compact and lightweight for convenience and ease of use
  • Can sustain severe conditions due to its aluminum alloy construction
  • Its adjustable nylon headband provides users with a comfortable fit
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • It has five different settings or modes


  • The O-ring seal for constructing the headlamp’s water-resistant structure is a bit thin

What Are Headlamps for Work?

They come in several forms. Most of the headlamps are designed for construction works, miners, oil rigs, HVAC work, construction, welding and mechanics. Headlamps are flashlights that are head-mounted to provide you hands-free illumination to assist you to do your work comfortably. They are essential as you can adjust them to any brightness and any form that you desire.

How They Work

Headlamps are deconstructed flashlights fixed on a headband. They are later positioned in front. After that, a battery pack is fixed behind the headband then a wire connecting the two elements is passed across the band.

They function in a similar manner under which regular flashlights operate. They have a switch located at the front side fixed on the lamp assembly. When it comes to the lamp, light is delivered using a range of LED lights.

LEDs are preferred since they run cooler and are brighter. Also, you can either brighten them or dim them. Additionally, they consume a small section of energy that other bulbs consume. You can tilt your headlamp down or up based on the position in which you wish to have the light on.

More so, headlamps come with multiple modes such as a high and low beam. Others have a strobe feature to help you use the hardware as a type of beacon to alert people.

Types of Work Headlamps

There are several types of headlamps. They include:

1. Headlamps for Firefighters

They are designed for firefighters, and they are shockproof and waterproof. The reason being, the kind of their work makes them get exposed to large quantities of water. Their headlamps should also have a strap that fits appropriately on their safety helmet.

2. Headlamps for contractors

These kinds of headlamps should fit on the perimeter of a hard hat since contractors are not needed in the worksite without one. These types of lights should not be too bright as there are many lights within the work area. They should have about 30 lumens.

These headlamps are there to boost visibility and check on little details. Other contractors’ headlamps come with a signal light that blinks on their backs.

3. Headlamps for Mechanics

Workers in a garage must use a headlamp since their workplaces are not adequately lit. Also, there are other circumstances under which a hanging light is hard to use, such as when repairing a car’s under chassis. If you are a mechanic, the best headlamps to use are ones with increased luminous intensity.

The high luminous intensity allows the light beam to illuminate just an area rather than flooding the whole area. The headlamp must have a battery mounted together with the lamp.

4. Headlamps for Mineworkers

They are products designed for use by mineworkers, and rescue responders. They must be bright since mineworkers work in pitch-black tunnels. These headlamps should not cause sparks as this can ignite the highly combustible gases on the deeper tunnels.

Buyers Guide

Once you think of buying a new headlamp, make sure you check on a range of considerations. This assists you in getting the right type of headlamp that fits your requirements. They include:

Battery Running

this is the duration under which the battery charge shifts from full to 0% while the headlamp is operating on high power mode. The right operating time of a headlamp should range somewhere between four to five hours. But this value mostly depends on the beam length and lamp brightness.

Replaceable or rechargeable batteries

Nowadays, most headlamps in the market come with rechargeable non-removable batteries. You can charge the headlamps using a wall charger or a USB port the same way you charge your phone.

One benefit of using a product that comes with internal batteries is, they are lighter. But once their battery power goes down, you must connect them to a power source again to charge.

If you buy ones coming with batteries that can be replaced, make sure you remove the low-powered batteries then replace them with fully charged batteries. After that go on with your work.

Beam Length and Brightness

This is always expressed in lumens. This is the quantity of brightness that a lamp delivers when the meter is placed close to the bulb. The quantity of lumens that the headlamp delivers depends on the kind of work you will be doing, pipe line welding for example may take place in a very dark area.

For example, when working as a mechanic, you don’t require too many lumens like someone exploring pitch dark caves. However, the beam length refers to the distance that light travels before its brightness reduces.

If you don’t necessarily need to view far items, you can use a headlamp having a beam length of about 10 meters. But if the condition of your work requests you to move to dark areas, then look for a specific type of headlamp with an extended beam distance.

Size and Weight

Please make sure you perform headlamp test fit to check whether they are of the right weight and secure size. In case you use the headlamp on a helmet or a hard hat, then ensure the strap is a bit longer to wrap the product entirely.

Care and Maintenance

When storing the headlamp, make sure you remove the batteries. Batteries such as alkaline may end up leaking acid anytime you leave the headlamp idle in a battery shed. This will end up ruining the contacts inside the battery.

Clean It Frequently

The hardware also gets dirty as you proceed with your work. Therefore, you must do a thorough cleaning once per week. Apart from cleaning it regularly, washing it frequently helps it to work properly.

To clean it, find a soft and neat rag, place it inside the rubbing alcohol, then wipe all the areas within reach. Use a cotton swab to clean hard-to-reach surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I fix the work headlamps on my hard hat?

It’s possible since there are several headlamps that you can fix on hard hats. However, the issue is, you must ensure that they can fit properly on the perimeter of the hats.

How long will the batteries last?

Headlamps and flashlights battery runtime is the total number of hours that the headlamp can run at high setting mode or full power. Therefore, when buying a headlamp, its runtime must be at least three to four hours.

What are the most common headlamps for work?

When looking for a good headlamp brand, then be sure to consider either Streamlight, GRDE, Milwaukee, Soft Digits, SLONIK, and Cobiz. These models fulfill what they promise.

How can one use the headlamp?

You don’t have to be worried about how to use a headlamp. Begin by cleaning your hard hat or helmet to make it easy for the straps of the headlamp to cling on the helmet.

Next, place the lamp in the middle of the hat using an emblem. Immediately you are satisfied, hold it in position with one hand then the other hand should make the strap tight.

Immediately after the headlamp is properly strapped, put on the hard hat to make it easy for you to change the beam’s direction.

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Final Words

Many people think that they don’t need to own a headlamp once they have a flashlight that they can use for work. Headlamps are taken as basic requirements within the workplace as they come with numerous benefits. So make sure you invest on one.

Good luck!

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