Everlast Welder Reviews Budget & Pro Models for 2020

Everlast welders are among the most popular and common in the welder market. Due to the quality of welders it produces, Everlast has managed to establish itself as a household welder manufacturing company. Its products are often appropriate for hobbyists and first-time welders looking to perform DIY welding and repairs at home.

On top of producing some of the smallest and most portable products in the welders market, Everlast welders are also affordable, meaning you won`t have to break the bank to acquire one of these handy machines.

In this review, we will focus on some of the leading Everlast welders to help you make the right choice and purchase the welder that serves you best.

Everything You Need To Know About The Everlast Brand Of Welders

Everlast is a reasonably new generator and welder company that began operations in 2004. It started as an online-only retailer and utilized a lean business model that allows it to manufacture its product offshore. This method is the main trick that has allowed Everlast generators and welders to retail for pocket-friendly prices.

Despite its meteoric rise as a household brand when it comes to affordable welders, Everlast has not been without its challenges. Several clients have expressed their dissatisfaction on the company`s website as well as other online reviews.

We sought to understand the reason behind the not-so-impressive customer satisfaction levels associated with Everlast, and we traced it down to its outsourcing model. While the outsourcing business model helps Everlast keep its prices down, it also affects the company`s performance when it comes to customer satisfaction.

But here`s some news you might find refreshing: Everlast offers its buyers a 30-day return/ satisfaction policy. This means that you can return the products if they don’t meet your specifications or expectations.

Additionally, Everlast also has one of the friendliest standard warranties for welders in the market. This policy has enabled the welder-manufacturing company to gain the trust of its online clients and create a solid reputation as a reliable manufacturer that cares about customer satisfaction.

Impressively, after buying your Everlast welder online, you can find an Everlast-authorized dealer to service your new welder by clicking on this link http://www.everlastgenerators.com/dealer-locator

Everlast manufactures welders that provide multidisciplinary support. Everlast’s` PowerArc welders come with both TIG and stick welding capabilities. The welders also come with dual voltage features, AC/DC, and inverters. These dual features make Everlast welders highly versatile and appropriate for completing several tasks.

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What to expect in Terms of Everlasts` Pricing Options

With $250, you can have yourself Everlast stick welders or an entry-level TIG welder that will provide you with an impressive 140 amps of power. It will cost you something in the range of $300-500 to secure a feature-rich, high-performance welder from Everlast. For industrial welders, however, you will need to part with around $1000-$1,500.

Enough about the manufacturer`s details, let`s jump straight to into reviewing some of Everlast’s` leading products.

Everlast PowerMIG Stick Welder (POWERMIG 200)


  • 10 ft. Series 15 MIG gun
  • Ar/CO2 Regulator
  • Spare consumable starter kit
PowerTIG 200

If you want a welder for performing light or medium welding tasks at home or around your garage, these stick welders are your best bet. It boasts of 200 amps and is flux core compatible. This Everlast power MIG comes with a highly-convenient quick coupler that allows you to change your MIG gun when it requires replacement.

Its adjustable burn back features as well as automatic pre and post-flow features make it a user-friendly weld. This beast of a welder gives you extra control over the puddle, and you can also complete tough tasks by using the stick. You can`t go wrong with these MIG welders at home or your metalwork shop.

 PowerTIG 255


  • Operates on 120V or 240V
  • Maximum output during 120V operation is 150 Amps for TIG, and 120 Amps for stick
  • Simplified menu design
  • A duty cycle of 60%
PowerTIG 255

The Everlast PowerTIG 255 comes packed with a convenient AC/DC dual voltage feature and is appropriate for expert welders or hobbyists who want to work on larger, more demanding projects. It boasts of expansive pulse frequency ranges for both the direct and alternating currents. This allows you to work on any both light and heavy tasks with ease. This Everlast welder and manage up to 250 amps at its peak input level with an impressive duty cycle of 60%.

PowerARC 160STH


  • Dual voltage 110v/220v
  • 35% duty cycle
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Works with both TIG and stick welding
PowerARC 160STH

Despite its relatively small size, the PowerARC 160STH does come with a host of impressive features. It boasts of a dual voltage set up, a 35% duty cycle, and is lightweight enough to allow for enhanced mobility. Although these TIG welders cannot manage heavy-duty tasks, it is appropriate for stick work or general TIG work. The 160STH utilizes inverter technology to enhance its effectiveness.

PowerTIG 250EX


  • 60% duty cycle
  • 6 ft Power input cable
  • 60 pounds weight
PowerTIG 250EX

The PowerTIG 250EX boasts of a low amp start in both the DC and AC modes. Its pre and post flow control allow for maximum gas shielding while its air force control helps in improving overall arc performance and also reduces spatter. These TIG welders will enable you to do ⅟2 a weld on its single pass, meaning you can capitalize on its 60% efficiency at its peak 250 amp cycle. Despite its high level of short term performance, it is highly portable and comes with a hard external case.

PowerARC 200STI


  • 200A DC and stick
  • Dual voltage 110V/220V
  • Inverter technology
PowerARC 200STI

This welder is ideal for first-timers as it has a simplistic design without too many features. Similar to other top Everlast designs, it comes with a dual voltage mechanism and Infineon modules-enhanced inverter technology.

You can get up to 200 amps overall power for your stick and TIG welding with this welding best. However, these TIG and stick welders are DC-only and are compatible with a gas valve torch. With the PowerARC 200STI, you can easily create welds with high precision due to its dedicated E66101 port. The TIG functions, however, use a lift start as opposed to the conventional foot pedal.

PowerTIG 315LX


  • 240 volts
  • 250 A
  • Digital readout for accurate setting of amperage controls
  • Usable as MIG or TIG Welders
PowerTig 315LX

The Everlast PowerTIG 315LX comes with a digital readout that allows you to set accurate amperage controls. The controls are color-coded to make it easy to detect and comprehend. It also comes with a water-cooled weld torch as well as other state-of-the-art accessories. You can convert this welder into a multi-process one by purchasing a separate TIG package. One of its great features is its range of 10-160 to complement its amperage of 160.

The digital readout makes the PowerTIG convenient for high-precision tasks. You can use it as a MIG and a TIG welder, which makes it an excellent value for money.

PowerTIG 200DV


  • 120V/240V Dual Voltage input
  • Low as 5 Amp start for TIG in DC/ 20 Amp in AC
  • Stainless Steel
  • 60% duty cycle
PowerTIG 200DV

The Everlast PT200DV PowerTIG is conveniently lightweight, allowing you to move it around with ease. Though, you will have to purchase a power cord separately when buying this welder.

It comes set with AC/DC TIG stick and uses tig-welding. It is made from stainless steel, meaning it will retain its original colors for years to come. This welder has a 60% duty cycle at its peak amperage of 200amps.

It boasts of a type 26 torch and generates an impressive arc. These TIG Welders are an appropriate option for beginners and experts alike. However, be prepared to incur additional costs as you will need to purchase a power cord.

There are numerous places where you could go shopping for one of these machines online – eBay, industrial sites, etc. Additionally, there are always people who post their offers on tech sites, which might or might not be related to whatever you are looking for. However, these machines aren’t toys, food, or something you should take too lightly – buying one will always be a costly investment, not to mention the risk of purchasing faulty equipment.

However, the safest place you can order this tool and any accessories online is Amazon. Apart from being the most popular and reliable online service, this online market has a strict set of rules that apply to users on both ends: vendors and buyers. They also provide free shipping or delivery to some areas.

Amazon Logo

One of the best things about Amazon is that you are entitled to use their return/refund policy. People ship their items overseas all the time, and even if your vendor is a local gas supplier, an accident can occur at any time. Your package might be delivered to you in a damaged condition – that’s where return policies come into play.

Now that we have discussed some of Everlast’s` best welders, you should be well placed to select the product that suits you best.

All Everlast products come with lengthy warranties and customer-friendly return policies.

As you choose from the products mentioned above, we recommend keeping factors such as your experience and the nature of work in mind. For large-scale projects, it is advisable to settle for industrial welds like the PowerTIG 315LX as they have high amperages that can allow you to perform your welding tasks better.

If you are a hobbyist or a DIY enthusiast looking to do some basic home repairs, then settling for cheaper, low amperage Everlast welders is convenient. Portability is also another factor that you should keep in mind as you look to select the best Everlast welder that matches your needs. Go for high-performing welders with lightweight specifications if you intend to use your welder outside the workshop.

Always check on the features and accessories that come with Everlast products to avoid making additional purchases as not all products come fully fitted.


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