9 Best Jobsite Radios [Industrial Portable Music Radio 2022]

Last Updated on May 2022

You know the value that the radio can add to your workplace. Yes, you and your team will enjoy some fresh music and radio shows as you work. All these and more are refreshing and even energizing in a work environment. If you are looking for the best Jobsite radios [industrial portable music radio], then you are in the right place.

ProductDimensions Weight

8 x 4 x 6 inches2 pounds

12.3 x 10.4 x 20.8 inches14 pounds

11.8 x 9 x 7.3 inches6.8 pounds

12.4 x 5.4 x 12.7 inches5.15 pounds

12.38 x 6 x 5.63 inches3.25 pounds

10 x 7.4 x 10.75 inches6 pounds

7 x 12 x 13 inches9.5 pounds

9.15 x 12.76 x 7.62 inches6.9 pounds

13.5 x 13.5 x 13.5 inches24 pounds

9 Best Jobsite Radios

Ryobi P742 One+ Compact Cordless Radio


  • Bluetooth
  • AM/FM radio
  • Aux input and USB port
  • Fueled by any 18-volt one+ lithium-particle or Ni-Cd battery
  • Low battery marker
  • 3-year warranty

Bluetooth Blunder

On the lower end of the value scale, this smaller-scale music-producer was met with blended surveys shifting from amazingly fulfilled to very disappointing.

As we would like to think, this radio with its implicit Bluetooth gushing component, secure links, and aux for interfacing gadgets. It also demonstrates powerful for use as a compact speaker for your devices than as radio, with the AM/FM highlight only a special reward to a genuinely standard working speaker.

A positive is that it charges your gadget during playback, which with a battery life that keeps going as long as 6 hours for Bluetooth gushing, and a mere 2 hours for radio (we don’t know how this bodes well, yet there you have it) works for the ‘speaker’ thought.

Turn It Up?

One negative is that the volume just arrives at a specific level before it turns out to be handily muffled, so we don’t know how it would passage on noisier places of work or around the boisterous appliances that require you to wear ear plugs. Likewise, the Ryobi batteries must be bought as a unit as they don’t accompany the gadget, which relying upon the size required might slow you down nearly as much as this speaker itself in any case.

Not cool, Ryobi. It’s hard to contend against an item that retails at such a moderate cost. For the individuals who have a perfect battery charger and Bluetooth useful music gadget, it’s a natural choice.

Know Your Workplace

This item is significantly smaller than a large number of different speakers on the review (extensively so), so it bodes well that the sound quality and volume range would take action accordingly. In a comparable case to the Milwaukee M12, this speaker is ideal for those looking for a straightforward, essential radio at a moderate cost and for use in a (not very loud) work environment. It is vital to recognize what sort of condition you will be working with indeed when buying this place of Jobsite radio.


  • Truly affordable
  • Compact
  • Around 8 hours of remote playback time
  • Solid


  • Battery only – no cord to use with electric power
  • Battery and charger excluded
  • Sound quality not awesome

Dewalt DC012 Jobsite Radio


  • Runs off of 12v to 18v DeWalt batteries
  • Double bass ports
  • Weather-resistant
  • Chord option
  • Auxiliary port
  • 3-year guarantee and 1-year service

Cool Features

Aux port for sound gadgets additionally adds to the intrigue, as does the durable outside and robust organizing, which demonstrates success against regular mileage and the more extraordinary of working environment situations.

Although it’s marginally more substantial than different products in this review, the consideration of a multi-practical charger in this radio compensates for any second thoughts. It is an incredible choice for the individuals who require both communication and charge port for other gear, yet who don’t wish to use up every last cent.

This gadget is a more costly yet increasingly acceptable item, offering both AM/FM radio usefulness and included charger to go with it. It will charge all Dewalt 7.2v – 18v battery packs, all while as yet proceeding as a radio, thus, we feel the sticker price here is reasonable.


Dewalt’s general unwavering quality is embodied here as the rough outside and good reliable quality join to make an inside and out pleasurable sound understanding. Note we said ‘good’ trustworthy quality. The treble and bass settings could be somewhat higher, and the radio gathering isn’t precisely as dependable as possible. Yet, by and large, it’s an overall success as all the settings and capacities are anything but difficult to utilize and unmistakably proposed for use in a bustling working environment condition.

Perfect for Parties

Reach of the volume far outperforms any products yet to be recorded here, making this rock-solid Jobsite radio an excellent choice for the individuals who strain to hear their radio over the racket of boisterous working environments and job sites. Likewise, it has substantiated itself for use during open-air social occasions, and execution isn’t constrained by presentation to the components.

A solid contender on the review of versatile sound gadgets, the main negative here is the pointless consideration of the gadget charger for those looking for a speaker.


  • Synchronous charging/playback highlight
  • Works with all other Dewalt batteries
  • Charges batteries in 60 minutes
  • Solid construction
  • Weatherproof exterior
  • 3 power ports make it adaptable on location
  • Boisterous sound


  • Costly
  • No USB port and no Bluetooth
  • Some users feel the sound quality is not the best
  • No batteries included

Sangean LB-100 Compact Jobsite Radio


  • Solid ABS construction
  • Water, dust, and shock resistance
  • Runs on standard and battery-powered batteries
  • Aux-in
  • 1-year guarantee


A great feature of this Jobsite radio is the network – the aux link considers availability to any iPod, iPhone, or compact gadget, a component the previous model (valued at $60) needs. Along these lines, a few clients have noticed the reasonable sticker price of the ‘tough box’ ($80), as features joined with sturdiness demonstrate this choice to be a well-known choice among those whose Jobsite is open to the elements.

This design is bolstered by the long battery life, which goes on for quite a long time without waiting to be energized, be that as it may, it raises doubt about the constrained volume tallness. As it is proposed to be utilized outside, the tight box might do with a higher volume cutoff to guarantee the most significant reach, be that as it may, whenever used in closeness, this may not cause an issue.

There have been sketchy reports anyway of the battery life step by step diminishing in maintainability after some time, something we didn’t get the opportunity to encounter.


The key is in the name here. The Sangean TB-100 ‘tough box’ proves itself to be as reliable a portable radio as you would ever plan to buy. With downpour, stun, and safe dust features, this Jobsite radio should conceivably rank somewhat higher on the review, substantiating itself a reliable and robust alternative for both indoor and open-air working environments.

The ‘sway safe’ outer shell will suit building job sites and those with a more elevated level of ‘harm chance’ action.

With an accentuation on solid bass to guarantee ideal music experience, the sound quality has been questioned distinctly by the individuals who routinely tune in to television shows and spoken substance.

For those who plan on experiencing beats and the substantial music they may need to get past their workday, the Sangean Toughbox is a reliable and robust option.


  • Nice and easy to read back lit display
  • Simple to use
  • FM and AM reception is excellent


  • Could do with more presets

Milwaukee M12 Jobsite Radio


  • Weatherproof and stun safe
  • Runs on m12 lithium-particle battery pack or ac connector
  • AM/FM/aux-in
  • 1-year guarantee

General Overview

Sizing Up

‘Terrible’ in this sense meaning the least appealing alternative on a substantial review of contenders, the Milwaukee M12 cordless Jobsite radio is a little and smaller than a considerable lot of different receivers we’ve researched. Notwithstanding, this appears to neutralize the Milwaukee m12, as far as possible, the limit concerning more advanced features, such as an implicit charger.

Powerful at giving straightforward AM/FM radio stations and with agreeable sound quality, the brilliantly hued Milwaukee m12 appears on first look and tune in to be an essential and genuinely good item.

Should it be Corded?

While the m12 batteries function admirably, we did note reports of short battery life, and the need for the clumpy, cumbersome divider connector is a bone of dispute for some clients of this (promoted as) “cordless” radio.

The dated plan likewise includes a dock for iPods and telephones. However, since Milwaukee M12 was released quite a while back, it neglects to help the more up to date discharges and huge phones, for example, the iPhone 6, 6s, and Samsung galaxy models – another con that knocks this model down the rundown.

Portability Matters

The sticker price mirrors a marginally progressively agreeable radio, nonetheless, on the off chance that you know you’re not looking for anything excessively ostentatious as far as quality. If portability is a significant factor for you, this model may very well carry out the responsibility.

Its brilliantly colored exterior ensures it won’t disappear in a muddled work environment. Where it tumbles down on gadget similarity, it compensates for in radio quality and capacity to tune into troublesome frequencies.

A possibility for the less well-informed contraption fans in your working environment, the Milwaukee M12, will, at last, give the ideal outcome to anybody not very specific about sound quality or ornate features.


  • Compact
  • Incredible sound
  • Built-in bass/treble change is useful


  • No Bluetooth
  • Battery excluded
  • Flawed battery life

Porter-Cable PCC771B Bluetooth Jobsite Radio


  • AM/FM/aux
  • Bluetooth
  • Runs on 20v max lithium-particle batteries and string

Double connectivity

Users laud this radio for including both Bluetooth and aux alternative for device connectivity network, and the portability of this item.

The sound of this gadget is what makes it so incredible – at such a small size, the Porter-Cable PCC771B Jobsite radio risks sounding just as average. The same number of different results of this size has come to baffle hopeful purchasers. Be that as it may, the autonomous bass and treble choices demonstrate that this item is a little, however durable power to be dealt with as far as sound quality.

Bluetooth network works well, yet similarly, as with the last item, this gadget gives a more elevated level of fulfillment whenever considered regarding being a radio speaker first with included Bluetooth work, rather than a Bluetooth device.


Sticker Price Promise

The sticker price of the Porter-Cable PCC771B is one more appealing component, guaranteeing you won’t have to burn up all available resources to fuel your job site sound necessities. Once more, in light of its tiny size, this item is most appropriate to little medium estimated places of work, as the compass of the volume control can’t be ensured to reach out over widely loud spaces.

Yet, how boisterous can a Jobsite radio truly get?

A few clients noticed the advantage of using the porter cable 20v batteries when using this gadget, as it just accompanies an AC connector.


  • Double connectivity
  • Great sound for the size of the gadget
  • Easy to utilize


  • Batteries excluded
  • Loud enough for noisy  for work environments

Dewalt DCR018 Compact Jobsite Radio


  • Air conditioning/DC corded power choice
  • It uses 12v max/18v/20v max battery packs
  • Gadget stockpiling box
  • USB power port
  • Helper input
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • 3-year guarantee and 1-year guarantee

General Overview

Solid and Sturdy

The heavy-duty configuration makes it ideal for withstanding occupied, filthy, and dynamic places of work, with the main drawback is the absence of a  charger. This demonstrates a minor bother, be that as it may, as the wholly energized battery runs for 8+ hours when disengaged, and the nature of every other element indeed exceed this one minor issue.

Battery Blunder

Exceptionally smaller and effectively compact, this radio will accept you starting with one position then onto the next all with the backup of your preferred tunes. What keeps it from the top spot on our rundown is the way that it doesn’t accompany a battery except if you buy the 20v form, which numerous clients neglect to see on beginning buy.

Value for Money

In case you’re looking for esteem, you can securely end the inquiry here. The Dewalt dcr01 Jobsite radio gives quality playback and gathering, aux link gadget and Bluetooth availability, while additionally being waterproof and reliable to the point of being indestructible. An extraordinary element on this radio is the extra room for any associated gadgets, guaranteeing they are shielded from any brutal outer situations.


  • High sound quality and radio reception
  • Aux cable is included
  • Tough and compact
  • Capacity for gadgets guards them
  • Long battery life


  • Battery and charger sold independently
  • Doesn’t charge the batteries when it’s plugged in
  • No Bluetooth

Makita XRM04b Cordless Bluetooth Radio


  • Runs on 18V LXT lithium-ion 5.0AH or 18V compact lithium-ion 2.0AH batteries
  • Approximates 20 hours on 18V LXT
  • Aux input, USB port, and Bluetooth availability
  • Water-resistant
  • 3-year guarantee

General Overview

No cord, no problem!

Despite excess features, the Makita XRM04B demonstrates a reliable choice again at a higher range cost, for the individuals who wish to put marginally more in their work radio, but do not to go over the edge on showy gadgets.

With a battery life that outlives the time it takes to charge it, this radio is ideal for a situation that isn’t probably going to give a force source. Cordless as well, the size and portability of this gadget are appealing features.

Work/Play Balance

The Makita XRM04B gives a fantastic harmony between top-notch sound and top-end features. For example, aux link and info, AM/FM settings with LED screen showing current playback, and a robust hard plastic shell guarantee assurance from any work environment.

This radio features ‘defensive guards’ to guarantee strength and relatively arbitrary incorporation of a morning timer. For the individuals who like to rest at work, perhaps?

Charge and go

The radio charges your gadgets when connected to them, so you can go home safely in the information that your telephone won’t be in its last minutes in the wake of playing music throughout the day. A con to this is the charger comes independently, and if you don’t have one, you’ll need to spend another $20 on it. In any case, for this situation, we feel it’s justified, despite all the trouble.


  • High stable quality
  • Top of the line features
  • Solid construction
  • Simple to carry
  • Incredible Bluetooth connectivity


  • Batteries excluded
  • Doesn’t charge batteries either
  • Not sufficiently loud

Sangean LB-100 Compact Jobsite Radio


  • Waterproof
  • Reliable AM/FM radio
  • Info power: ac, four (4) c batteries
  • Six equalizers preset with bass boost
  • 1-year guarantee

General Overview

Effortlessness is Key

The absence of aux link info or Bluetooth setting is the main genuine flaw we could discover here. Yet, in fear of detracting from the high caliber of the radio capacity and strength of the gadget overall, it’s most likely worth not having the aux link there.

Effortlessness is a definitive objective here. The Asangean lunchbox is a Strong and Xsolid budget-friendly gadget that will withstand unpleasant treatment and keep on giving quality-sounding radio – even the reception apparatus is adaptable!

Bolted up till lunch

Many users have noticed the quality of the radio’s construction and expressed their fulfillment with this ‘lunchbox’ radio. It’s a need to keep you filled as the day progressed, and we thought that it was hard to track down anything negative about it.

Best budget

As far as your budget is concerned, this is one Jobsite radio that will not disappoint you. Albeit basic in features, with an AM/FM radio and 10 preset-capable channels, the tough outside is a downpour, residue, and warmth safe, making it a power to be dealt with and a reliable choice of gadget to use.


  • It’s a well-known model
  • Little and reduced
  • Budget-friendly
  • Truly tough and waterproof
  • Long power cord
  • Solid sound quality


  • No aux input, USB port or Bluetooth
  • Needs tone controls
  • It’s just a radio
  • No clock

Bosch PB360s Construction Site Radio


  • Four speakers in addition to a subwoofer
  • Premium 360-degree sound system sound
  • 26 watts
  • SD/USB/helper/line-out capacity
  • Advanced tuner
  • Weather-resistant
  • Charges Bosch 14.4V to 18V li-ion batteries


This job site radio incorporates a variety of connectivity choices, and an amazingly tough exterior, with the negative aspect being that it is quite heavy. It is not the most portable alternative yet positive as far as sound quality, and it is the most aurally engaging workplace radio. In any case, it features a ‘move confine’ to shield from falls, which hardens its toughness considerably more.

Marvelous Audio

Concerning both product and sound quality, the Bosch PB360s radio is a top choice. Regardless of what sort of noise the work environment may attack your eardrums, the Bosch PB360s is ensured to alleviate the faculties with four speakers and subwoofer worked in. In case you value sound quality, this radio is your best choice.

However, the sticker price may demonstrate a bone of conflict for those hesitant to leave behind assets for top-class sound quality. It truly is an issue of weighing up your options.


A high selling point of this gadget is its built-in charger and stable battery life, which outlives a few of the different radios we’ve taken a look at. In general, however, as far as positives and negative characteristics, the Bosch PB360s ends up as the clear winner in our review of Jobsite radios.


  • Exceptionally well-rated by users.
  • Top-class sound quality
  • Boisterous and amazing
  • Great subwoofer
  • The substantial and sturdy exterior
  • Built-in charger
  • Bluetooth


  • It’s one of the heaviest (true to form)
  • No batteries included

 Buyer’s Guide

The below segment features the significant highlights you have to consider as you purchase a Jobsite radio.

Sound Quality

From the outset, it is hard to measure the sound nature of your picked Jobsite radio. Be that as it may, with a cautious eye on the features, you can gauge the sound quality yield quickly. You can search for the strategies and features actualized for conveying quality sound yield.

A few models come with speakers or subwoofers to convey high-quality sound yield. Besides, a few models bolster 360-degree sound yield to ensure the sound is tuned in from all headings. When purchasing on the web, it is hard to get a thought of the sound quality precisely. During such cases, you can search for customer reviews to check the sound quality.

Kind of utilizations

Where you expect to utilize a place of Jobsite radio is the primary inquiry you have to pose before making a buy. You need it for use in the working environment. Consequently, a few natural variables might be unnoticed for sound quality or brand inclinations.

Independent of the kind of work environment, purchasing a reliable Jobsite radio is usually a smart thought. It guarantees dependable use with better than average execution.

Power Source

Most Jobsite radios are either controlled by AC power source or batteries. For use in the harsh work environment where there is no electric outlet in close reach, go for cordless Jobsite radios. Batteries fuel the cordless gadgets. Being battery controlled, they are versatile, lightweight, and advantageous to utilize.

In the market, a few radios feature both corded and cordless choices. While picking cordless place of Jobsite radio, investigate the battery type and battery execution also.

Battery Life

The battery life is one progressively significant viewpoint to remember. In a perfect world, your Jobsite radio is proposed to be utilized for full work hours in the work environment. It is, in this way, imperative to think about battery life. Ensure you pick the one that flaunts impressive battery life, guaranteeing a few hours of consistent use.

It is conceivable that their battery life diminishes as age increases. You can investigate the online reviews to get an idea of how the battery behaves.


Most of the Jobsite radios are water-safe, be that as it may, they may not be completely waterproof. If your picked communication isn’t waterproof, it might get harmed when coming into contact with a downpour, water, rainstorm, and so forth.

If you carry Jobsite radio outside during a tremendous rainstorm, it might get damaged; well, it might endure a light shower. It is accordingly essential to comprehend the contrast between waterproof and water-safe characteristics. The waterproof Jobsite radios give excellent safety against most outdoor elements. One might even consider using a welding blanket as a tarp if need be.


In the market, there are a lot of models and brands accessible for purchasing a Jobsite radio. A few models convey top-notch sound, yet they are lavishly measured. Some others are less evaluated, yet they carry unremarkable music. Most Jobsite radios are made sturdy and compact.

All the costly place of Jobsite radios will ensure superior sound. The typical purchasers, who don’t wish to break a bank can use reasonably priced communication with restricted features. For music fans, the element costly Jobsite radio is recommended, ignoring the cost.

Device Connectivity

For gadget availability, it is fundamental to ensure your gadget will effectively interface with another Jobsite radio. A few clients neglect to guarantee their gadget/s is good with their new Jobsite radio before taking it home.

With the accessibility of Bluetooth networks or aux port, it is anything but difficult to interface outside gadgets. You can interface a variety of android gadgets, iPhones, iPods, tablets, and other portable devices. While picking a Bluetooth empowered Jobsite radio, ensure it presents a ground-breaking network over a considerable territory. A few models bolster innovative remote up to 150 meters.

Best Places to Purchase Jobsite Radios


There are several places to buy shop radios online. However, for worry-free return policies, transparency in terms of product quality and customer service, and fast shipping, head over to Amazon.

When you browse on Amazon, you can see what previous buyer reviews on the product they bought, and find out everything spec wise on the items quality, portability features, and dimensions. You don’t need to go out to compare prices or features.

If you have problems with purchasing from Amazon, their customer service is excellent. You can also quickly and easily return to them.


Disclosure: We make a small commission from Amazon whenever you purchase products following our links (at no additional cost to you). This will never affect our evaluation of products. You can find our full disclosure here.

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