5 Best Pipe Bevellers for Torch Tool for Welding [2022 Full Guide]

Last Updated on May 2022

Investing in a pipe beveler is not a simple decision that should be taken lightly because, in the long run, you will be adding quality to your welding work.

Portable pipe bevelers seem to be an expensive investment for some people. Still, in the long run, the benefits that they provide enhance the bottom line of your welding business through increased flexibility and versatility at your workplace.

Additionally, they boost productivity. Sounds fantastic, right?

Are you finding it hard to get the best pipe beveler for the torch tool? Are doubts rolling over your mind bringing too much confusion? If yes, we’ve covered your back today. It feels annoying working with counterfeit tools that can diminish your outcomes.

And that’s why we’ve brainstormed a list of the best pipe beveler for torch tool during the welding process, and buyers guide to help you.

Ready for a start?

5 Best Pipe Bevellers



  • Has a bevel cutting angle of 0-45 degrees
  • Made of stainless steel to enhance durability
  • The chain length is 87 inches in length
  • Pipe cutting thickness between 4-24 inches
  • Five cutting tips

TECHTONGDA CG2-11Y is one of the powerful pipe beveler that comes with a system that wraps around the steel pipe and cuts materials using a chain that works as a track to run along.

It has a clutch mechanism that allows you to “freewheel” the unit to receive a perfect starting point to make the set-up easier. Additionally, this pipe beveler is a convenient tool that’s easy to maneuver as it comes with extra-large wheels to use any time you are using the machine to cut smaller pipes.

It has won the hearts of many people as it cuts beveled or straight clean edges that will work exactly according to your expectations. It doesn’t need electricity to work, and so you don’t have to worry about additional expenses.

In terms of construction, this powerful tool features a stainless steel building that promises longevity. The stainless steel material is durable and can serve you for long without thinking of replacing the parts. More good news is that this unit is backed up by a lifetime warranty. So in case, there’s malfunctioning, you are guaranteed free repair.

It features compact dimensions that measure 16.5 inches in length, 14.1 inches height, and 13.4 inches height. Also, this fantastic unit is lightweight and portable and weighs only 24 lbs. Therefore, you can easily transport it from one place to the other.

The cutting speed is manual and can be operated. That means it’s easy to use pipe beveled. It features a one pipe cutting ability and can cut pipes between four to 24 inches and has an included chain that measures 87 inches.

It comes with a bevel angle of between 0-45 degrees and a high cutting capacity that will make all your projects done with less hassle. More so, it has five cutting capabilities with a propane cutting nozzle.


  • Easy to use
  • Backed up with a lifetime warranty
  • Made of durable stainless steel materials to enhance longevity


  • Some customers complained that improper use might cause early breakdown

Techtongda CG2-11C


  • It has a deviation of less than 0.5mm for a single circle cutting of up to 17 inches diameter pipe
  • The absorption affinity of the tool’s magnetic wheel is more than 50KG/110LB
  • The tube diameter is 4-1/4 inches pipe diameter
  • A versatile pipe beveler for torch tool

This is a known pipe beveler that delivers everything as per the expectations. It’s a reliable pipe beveler that features an automatic cutting speed and can cut from ¼ inch to 30-inch pipe size per minute.

Nevertheless, this tool comes with durable and quality construction. The building material features a high-strength aluminum die-casting. You don’t have to worry about its longevity. Just use the tool correctly, and it will serve you for long.

This incredible tool has a tight and enough-scientific control logic that’s reasonable and has clear operation buttons for quick and easy operation. Your safety is guaranteed. Moreover, it has two sets of permanent magnetic wheels and can perform on all positions and directions in different space positions like vertical, flat, and horizontal.

The magnetic wheel absorption affinity is more than 50KG/110LB, and it’s easy to use.

Techtongda CG2-11C is a versatile pipe cutting tool. It’s suitable for groove cutting and cutting of different seamless sturdy and seamless pipes in power generation industries, machinery, shipbuilding, and chemical companies.

It comes with two sets of nozzles (propane and acetylene nozzles), and the tool has a motor of 110 volts at 50-60 HZ. There’s less worry about excess power consumption. This is a portable and a handle product that can easily fit inside your workstation.

The good news: this welding product is backed up by a six months warranty. So there’s no need to worry that you’ll send some extra penny on repairing the tool. You can return it for replacement.


  • It has a deviation of less than 0.5mm for a single circle cutting of up to 17 inches diameter pipe
  • The absorption affinity of the tool’s magnetic wheel is more than 50KG/110LB
  • The tube diameter is 4-1/4 inches pipe diameter
  • A versatile pipe beveler for torch tool


  • Quite pricey



  • It has a pipe cutting thickness of between 4 to 24 inches
  • It has a chain
  • The bevel cutting angle ranges between 0-45 degrees
  • The unit weighs 24 lbs.
  • Cutting speed is manual/operated

Bluerock is among the premium brands in the market that you can choose to invest in for cutting pipes in your Jobsite. As expected, it does multiple pipe cutting options that will leave your work correctly done.

Firstly, it’s a manual work tool with no electricity required to power it on. Very impressive, right? Additionally, the machine uses a structure that wraps around a steel pipe, cutting the tube using a chain as a track to run through. You will turn the knob that spins the worm wheel drive.

More so, this machine comes with a clutch system that allows you to “freewheel” to set it to the perfect starting point and create easy set-up. It’s a portable pipe cutter that weighs only 24 lbs. And many welders have fallen in love with it as they can use it for numerous outdoor functionalities.

It features extra-large wheels used when cutting small pipes and can cut beveled or straight and clean edges. But the choice is yours! It uses a standard B design hose fittings, and the better part of this tool is that you can also use your hose pipes. Other pipe cutting tools in the market doesn’t have this.

Bluerock has a torch holder assembly and features three cutting tips, and the unit can make use of propane tips as well.


  • A portable work tool for numerous outdoor activities
  • It’s backed up with a long-term warranty
  • An easy to use pipe beveler


  • It doesn’t have the welding hose that connects the machine to the gas source

Mophorn CG2-11G


  • Manual and handheld control cutting speed
  • Uses oxygen-acetylene for bevel or straight cuts
  • Comes with a chain to enwind the pipe and connect the machine
  • Has a directional-control handle
  • Has a screw to tighten the pipe and the machine

Mophorn has an excellent reputation from many users of pipe bevelers as the tool can perform a range of activities at the welding shop. In other words, this is a versatile tool that’s ideal for chemical, petroleum, electricity, mechanical, and processing, mining, and construction industries.

Morphon features a broad cutting range, and one great thing that people like about it is that it uses oxygen-acetylene gas for bevel or straight cuts (0-45 degrees angle). Also, this is an efficient gas cutter that comes with three types of hoses: pre-heating oxygen, cutting oxygen pipe, and fuel gas hose.

The cutting pipe diameter includes 5-50 mm, and the machine is manual and handheld control. No electricity required to power it and you don’t have to worry about electricity expenses.

It has directional control, and the machine can move forward any time you revolve the control handle in a clockwise manner and can move backwards if you spin it in an anti-clockwise design. Also, the torch can move horizontally.

The chain design is excellent, and the chain is essential in enwinding the pipe to get connected to the pipe. Therefore, you can control the machine motion using the chain. The machine features a durable and robust aluminum alloy and steel construction for longevity.

Additionally, weighing only 10.5 kilograms, this amazing pipe beveler can be used for all outdoor pipe cutting projects—Compact in size and best to use in wild environments. Storage space should be a stressor!

The screw is essential in adjusting the tightness between the pipe and the machine.


  • Designed with durable and sturdy materials
  • An easy to use machine
  • It delivers quality cuts
  • Features a pocket-friendly price
  • It’s a manual machine and doesn’t require the use of electricity


  • It lacks correct fittings to link the oxygen-acetylene

Mophorn HK-12 0.23″-4″


  • It has a cutting speed of 150-800 mm per minute
  • The supply voltage is 220 volts at 50/60HZ
  • The motor: 1500 revolutions per minute
  • The main body weighs only 16.5 lbs.

Mophorn HK-12 IS yet another excellent entry of a pipe that is greatly known for its value for money. Are you a budget-savvy welder? If yes, then this is your perfect pick. It’s a cheap pipe beveler that will save you from breaking deep into your bank.

It’s a compact machine with perfect dimensions and measures 13 inches by 8 inches by 70 inches that can easily fit inside your store. Never be worried again about storage space. In terms of weight, this eye-catching beveler weighs only 16.5 lbs. The cutting thickness it superb! It features a cutting diameter of 6-100mm.

Many people claim that its wide range of cutting thickness makes it an excellent machine for daily cutting applications. The construction features an alloy aluminum body that features a die-casting.

The aluminum construction does not only add durability but adds more beauty compact structure, and makes the machine move more freely and faster.

Extremely easy to use and uses an oxygen gas cutting with a quick switch. In other words, it’s a great machine to use, even by the newbies in the welding field. You can control it using one hand to make different shapes when cutting the pipes. Also, it’s suitable for swerving.

The speed system can be regulated and controlled by a silicon unit. The cutting speed ranges from 150-800 mm per minute.

It’s equipped with two perfect drive wheels and another guide wheel that promises high working efficiency and safety when working with each mode. It’s a multipurpose pipe cutter used to make accurate cuts in a wide range of applications like oil production, shipbuilding, metal structure, and metallurgy.


  • It comes with drive and guide wheels
  • Easy to use the machine that’s best for newbies
  • It’s a versatile tool used in a variety of applications
  • Features a pocket-friendly price
  • A reliable and convenient welding product


  • It may injure your hands if you aren’t careful

Buyer’s Guide

What to Look For In a Pipe Beveller

Did you know that a pipe beveling machine is a vital instrument in your tooling set? Proper handling of the beveling tasks within the workstation will save your time and result in a stable pipe supplies and perfect welds at your workplace.

Portable pipe bevelers are designed for pipe fabricators but can also add value in the field applications. But the best pipe beveler model for your welding works depends on the nature and type of your job. To save you from the hassle, we’ve provided some traits and hoe they’ll fit in your welding projects.

Let’s roll!


There’s no better feeling than buying a flexible pipe beveler that’s compatible with a wide range of job requirements.

Will the machine you are aiming to buy handle every type of pipe diameter, the composition that you want to encounter, and wall thickness? Can it give you an easy time when cutting rough pipes made of durable materials like steel? What about cutting different shapes?

Well, your answer should be based on the features of the machine you intend to buy. For any welding work, flexibility is an essential factor to take into consideration. It may add to the success or failure of your welding tasks.


Speed is either expressed in mm/s or inches/seconds. Speed is fundamental at the workstation because you will be able to handle many projects in a short time. You know, sometimes you may be bored working with a pipe beveller designed to operate at a low speed. You can end up losing more contracts.

Therefore, speed is a crucial factor to consider before buying a pipe beveler.it should be able to produce consistent cuts at proper operating speed with low passes. If you are dealing with a portable machine, a minimum set up time is equally vital.

Operators Concerns

Safety is essential in the workplace. You can’t just buy a unit that will end up placing your life at risk. By the way, the best pipe beveler in the world can’t be relevant if its operation is complicated.

Consequently, you must be safe from toxic fumes and excessive noise caused by too much heating of different types of alloys and pipes during the beveling process. So ensure you invest your cash on a pipe beveler that promises safety measures. A unit that operates under low noise but deliver quality outcomes.

Consistent Performance

Look, when you are thinking of buying a pipe beveler, remember that this is something that’s going to serve you for a long time before you can think of doing some replacement. In other words, any time you buy a work tool, you’ll be making a long-term investment.

So, ensure that you buy a reliable pipe beveler: a constant tool that will deliver bur-free and a smooth job without worry.

But how will you know that a beveling machine is reliable?

You can buy from trusted brands. Seek for inquiries from experienced people. From there, you can go ahead and buy the machine that features a consistent performance.


Yes, the pipe beveler will wear out one day. But that doesn’t mean you buy any product without checking on the build quality.

What materials should you look for in a beveling machine?

First, consider checking if the machine is made of aluminum alloy or steel material. If not, you can cancel the thought and look for a device that has. Or else you will end up buying a counterfeit tool that will serve you for a while, then place you in unnecessary repair costs.


It’s always enjoyable buying a pipe beveler that you are sure will serve you extensively without unnecessary misbehaviors.

Just imagine how it feels when you invest some money for a long time, say two years, then after a month or two after the purchase, it fails to function. It sucks, right? That’s why you must consider the warranty before placing an actual purchase. Buy a tool that’s accompanied by a long-term warranty

We hope these factors will help you pick the best pipe beveler for your next welding projects. Ensure you read the manual book and the safety instructions then use your machine safely.

Best Places to Purchase A Pipe Beveller


There are several options when considering a pipe beveller. For worry-free return policies, transparency in terms of product quality and customer service, and fast shipping, head over to Amazon.

When you browse on Amazon, you can see what previous buyers thought of the new pipe beveler they purchased , and find out everything about things like material quality, protective features, weight dimensions and design. You don’t need to go out to compare prices or features.

If you have any sort of problems with your new eipe beveler equipment, you can also quickly and easily return them hassle free.


Don’t forget:

Purchasing the best pipe beveling machine is a vital resolution…. an excellent resolution that you desire to get right.

However, without a piece of prior knowledge and comprehensive information on a unit to buy, you can end up falling a victim of the counterfeit tool. And you know the feeling that comes later. Boring!

If you are continually searching for a pipe beveler that serve you as per the expectations, ensure you check on the models and the brand. Ensure that the unit comes with the features listed in the review.

Make a perfect decision!

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