8 Top Rated Screw Extractors Buyers Guide 2022

Last Updated on May 2022

Do you want the best screw extractor for your DIY welding projects?

In this detailed guide, we’ll list some of the best and top-rated bolt extractors and screws available in the market today. If you use them properly, bolts and screws offer a great, strong connection, that you can easily undo if you wish.

But if you use a screwdriver poorly, you can easily strip the screws making them difficult to loosen again. When it comes to undoing damaged screws and nuts that a screwdriver won’t work on, a screw extractor can be of great help. Therefore, it’s vital to find a good screw extractor that has good torque, grip, universal design, and versatility.

Never stagger in the dark again looking for the best screw extractors to purchase. We’ve got your back by providing a detailed guide on the best screw extractors to buy.

Have a look!

Top Rated Screw Extractors

ProductPieces in KitMechanismMaterial
9Reverse spiral flutesHigh carbon steel
5Specialized Spiral Design for a Secure Universal GripChrome-Molybdenum Steel
13Spiral socketHigh carbon steel
13RAZORGRIP Extraction TechnologyDrawn steel
25Spiral flutesHardened steel
22Reverse principle technologyS2 Alloy Steel
25Left hand spiralPremium chrome molybdenum steel
4Two-step drill bit and extractorM2 HSS Steel

1. IRWIN Tools 54009


  • Designed with high-carbon steel
  • 9-piece frictional bolt set
  • Uses reverse spiral flute to hit bolts

IRWIN is among the best screw extractors you can find in the market. It’s a 9-piece frictional bolt with a set that includes: 9/16, 5/8, 11/16, ¾, ½, 7/16, 3/8, 5/16, and ¼-inch bolt extractors. This amazing set functions with standard wrenches plus a 3/8-inch drive socket. Many people love it due to its lobular design. Also, they can easily pair with metric fasteners.

Designed with high-carbon steel, the Irwin bolt extractor set promises you durability and long-term use. Furthermore, it uses reverse spiral flutes to hit bolts down to arrive at the best gripping ability. The set is nice anytime you wish to break a bolt that has been rounded off or rusted over bolts, or when trying to break free spray painted or rusted bolts.


  • The set can be used with numerous tools
  • The set pairs properly with metric fasteners
  • It features a universal and versatile design


  • The set comes with an included case that’s hard to fit all parts properly

2. OEMTOOLS 22986


  • Uses a reverse spiral flute
  • Works on any kind of fasteners
  • Comes in a 5-piece set

Do you want the best screw extractor set that’s capable of getting rid of rounded off, painted over, and rusted bolts? If yes, then the OEMTOOLS 22986 bolt extractor set should be your pick. The set comes with a reverse spiral flute ability to get rid of bolts promising you that you have an amazing gripping ability.

Not only will it free stubborn and damaged bolts, but OEMTOOLS 22986 bolt extractors come with hexagonal flats that you can easily use with other tools such as wrenches and pliers, and the more torque you use, the better the grip your tool will deliver on a fastener.

Having a universal design, this screw extractor set will easily work on any kind of fasteners. Furthermore, you can use the 3/8-inch square drive that has hand or air ratchets together with the impact wrenches. Featuring a chrome-molded construction you’ll get maximum durability and the professional-grade aluminum rail facilitates easy storage and organization of the screw set.

It’s a five-piece set with a unique spiral design that delivers a universal and secure grip. Through using its tapered spiral design, the set will grip bolts easily from different contact points providing you the best leverage while removing stubborn fasteners.


  • It’s easy to remove stubborn bolts and screws using this set
  • Easy to use set that can be used on numerous projects
  • Features a universal design


  • Some users complained of the selection is too small

3. ABN Bolt and Nut Remover


  • 13-piece set
  • Uses a reverse spiral flute
  • Drive sockets have a sand blasted base to prevent corrosion

This is one of the best damaged bolt extractors. This 13-piece set is great for professional handymen, mechanics, building contractors, carpenters, and other homeowners. Coming with a spiral socket construction, this 3/8-inch square drive will get in numerous air impact wrenches and ratchets giving you an easy time to get rid of the most stubborn screws, nuts, and bolts.

These twist bolt grip sockets come with a reverse spiral flute that can easily bite down on anything left on the bolt thus providing you with the best gripping power and torque. Designed with high-carbon steel material, this screw extractor set is made to last for a long. It’s designed for durability, strength, and longevity.

The 3/8-inch square drive sockets for extraction comes with a sandblasted base that offers additional resistance to rust and corrosion plus durability.

The storage is also handy as it has a plastic molded packing case added in the Bolt Remover socket set and ABN Nut.  Each case comes with 13 compartments including hard stamped markings to make a fast and easy organization. And it has a sliding lock latch that promises you safe and easy transportation.


  • It comes with a case that’s perfect for making the set well-organized
  • The set is corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Extremely durable and comes with an amazing gripping power


  • None

4. Rocketsocket Extraction Socket Set


  • Uses RazerGrip technology
  • Anti-slip mechanism
  • Hex adapter for power tools

Having a 3/8-inch drive, this extraction set functions properly in a standard power tool, ratchets, and impact wrench. Coming with RazorGrip technology that helps you remove damaged screws bolts, and nuts easily even though they are rusted, stripped, and frozen.

Manufactured, designed, and engineered to exceed and meet all the needed professional standards, RocketSocket set can’t slip even when working under pressure. Many thanks to the set’s amazing removal technology, where the higher you turn it, the more your sockets become tighter. Therefore, you don’t have to be worried about slipping or busted knuckles.

It’s a perfect set for all homeowners and also essential for a professional handyman, carpenters, woodworkers, mechanics, and contractors. Coming with an excellent carrying case, this 13-piece set has a reliable and safe place where you can easily store it. You don’t have to be worried about losing sockets or finding a hard time as they roll over the toolbox.

The case has a hex adapter for power tools and impact wrenches and a knockout pin that unlodges bolts, screws, and nuts easily. The RocketSocket features 100 percent steel to promise you maximum durability and each set is accompanied by a lifetime warranty.


  • A great tool for both homeowners and professionals
  • Made of pure stainless steel
  • A high-quality set with a lifetime warranty


  • The selection is too tiny for some users
  • Quite expensive
  • The selection is too small for some users

5. IRWIN Tools 53227


  • Hex head and multi spline design
  • 25-piece set
  • Aggressive left hand design

Coming with a hex head and a multi-spline design, the IRWIN tools set comes in a 25-piece set designed to assist you to get rid of broken socket screws, bolts, studs, and broken fittings in high-torque applications. It’s a versatile set coming with amazing gripping power and comes with an easy-out style.

Backed up with an aggressive left-hand design, you’ll find an extra gripping power and the spiral flutes can easily embed themselves inside the metal to increase the grip resistance. Every size is etched inside the tool to facilitate a fast and easy identification. It comes with up to 25 hex heads running from 1/8 to 7/8-inches. The set also comes with a heavy-duty and handy carrying case.


  • Comes with numerous size options
  • Easy to use and a great gripping ability
  • A versatile set


  • Smaller bits don’t work properly same way as larger ones
  • They don’t remain secure inside the cases

6. ORIA Set


  • 22-piece set
  • Made with S2 alloy steel
  • Uses reverse principle technology

ORIA set is capable of working with any screw or bolt size on any kind of drill. It’s a 22-piece set greatly designed to remove stripped, broken, stuck, and damaged screws. It’s made with S2 alloy steel that’s a highly durable material that’s easy to use. The set allows you to easily extract free-spinning screws, rusted screws, and other deck screws.

The set uses reverse principle technology to remove all the broken bits and bolts easily. You find 10 extractor pieces, and 10 drill pieces, one extension bit holder, and one socket holder. You can easily use the set using drill sizes and general screw, plus general screwdriver, handle tools.

Also, it works properly on bolts and screws that are embedded and It comes with a tool kit box and making it super easy to use the set as it’s portable.


  • It’s very fast and easy to use
  • The set functions well on embedded screws and bolts
  • Portable and extremely easy to use


  • The whole kit itself isn’t perfect for huge jobs
  • The kit itself is heavy thus lowering the machine’s convenience

7. NEIKO 04204A


  • 25-piece set
  • Set comes with visible size markings
  • Comes with durable storage case

Coming with premium chrome-molybdenum steel, this amazing set is great for getting rid of screws and other hard-to-remove materials. Making use of a precisely machined multiplane tooth, the set comes with a left-hand spiral design that offers you faster threading and grip. This 25-piece set comes with extractors ranging from 1/8 to 7/8 inches.

The set comes with properly visible size markings and every piece is marked for a fast choice of the best drill bit. Coming with a uniquely designed hexagon head, this set allows you to use a high amount of torque with the sockets and wrenches. Backed up with s durable storage case to assist you to keep your tools organized and safe.


  • It offers a lot of torque
  • Amazing grip with proper threading ability
  • A strong carrying case


  • Wears out easily
  • The pieces don’t remain properly in place inside the case

8. Alden 8440P Grabit Pro


  • 4-piece kit
  • Time saving two-step drill bit and extractor
  • Self centering drill bits

Alden is a 4-piece kit that allows you to get rid of broken and damaged screws and bolts easily in two steps. the set comes with a burnishing tip on each of the bits to prepare the screws and bolts for extraction and a threaded tip that extracts and grips them once you use a 3/8-inch drill.

Having each of the four bits, you can easily find several widths that can be used to handle a wide range of screw and bolt sizes. Alden 8440P features a high-quality and industrial strength that’s designed for application using a variable reversible drill.

It’s a two-step drill bit and extractor that saves your time from seeking multiple tools for the same task. The set is designed with a self-centering drill tip that you can use in quick-change chucks.


  • Very durable and easy to use
  • Works properly with many kinds of screws and bolts
  • The drill tip self-centers itself


  • Not that durable
  • The bit ends easily

Types Of Tools

Bolt And Stud Extractor Tool

A uniquely designed fitting that’s used on numerous drills and drives, a stud extractor is designed in either cylindrical or cone shape. Simply fix one of the ends to the drive then push the remaining end to the stud.

Bolt Extractor

Same in appearance to a normal socket, this tool comes with rounded internal edges rather than straight edges and spiral teeth inside. It’s an amazing tool if you wish to remove bolts with rounded heads. Easy to use, this tool needs to be fixed on a ratchet then positioned on a damaged head.

Extraction Pliers

With a range of extraction pliers, there is a sub-group of pliers that comes in a variety of shapes including typical-looking pliers. These kinds of pliers work great when used with a screw or bolt that sticks out slightly since the tool will require something to grip on. Here, you can use the pliers to unscrew or pull all broken fasteners.

Multi-Spline Screw Extractor

With points or multiple splines in the head, multi-spline extractors look like recessed stars. Even though they are compact compared to spiral screw extractors, a multi-spline is socket-compatible with short heads and functions the same way extractors work.

Spiral Screw Extractor

Looking the same way, a drill bit looks like, a spiral screw extractor is essential for broken or stripped screws.

Their threads should move oppositely to the screw’s threads. Simply place the extractor on a tap wrench before you insert it on a drilled hole. After that, move it counterclockwise until it stops. After that, use a wrench to make it tight until you lessen the screw then use pliers to remove it. For more information on the top rated welding tools for staters [Read our Full Guide]

How To Get Ready For Screw Extraction

When using a screw extractor, it’s vital to keep the screw, bolt, and stud-ready first.  You’ll first place a center punch on the head or the shaft’s center before you carefully tap on the divot so that the extractor will be the next thing to use.

Having done that, position some thread-cutting oil on the screw or bolt for lubrication. Select a drill bit size that’s smaller than the screw or bolt before you drill between 1/8 and 1/4 –inch downwards on the screw’s shaft. Don’t use excess pressure. The resulting hole must be large to allow the extractor tip to get inside.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Screw Extractor

I. Compatibility

There isn’t a universal screw extractor size and you need to ensure that the screw size you use is easily compatible with its use. There is a variety of screw sizes that you can use in different applications. Most of them are meant to work with any size of the screw and others are meant to work with a specific size of a screw.

Therefore, you must understand the kind of screw you require to use before purchasing.

II. Material

Quality and durability are determined by the material used in manufacturing an extraction tool. Hardened steel or carbon are the typical materials strong enough to be used in extraction. Also, be sure to look for different features such as corrosion and rust resistance that are perfect for boosting the longevity of the extractor.

III. Gripping Power

Checking on how long the tool will take to remove the screw or bolt and the gripping power is essential having the best extractor, you wish to have a design that will boost its gripping power as the resistance increases. Furthermore, look for features such as a left-hand spiral design to add the gripping power.

IV. Ease of Use

A good extractor must be accompanied with matched drill bit sizes etched on the case and the piece. This will make the extractor easier to use, more so when the drill bits are missing in the pack. Ensure you look for these features that will make it easy to identify and match the different parts of the extractor.

V. Quality

It’s vital to find an extractor made of steel since not all extractors are made of carbon HSS steel. As you will be dealing with damaged heads, you must find an extractor designed with an amazing build quality that will easily drill a hole inside a damaged screw.

Final Words

Congratulations on reading over the guide on the best and top-rated screw extractors in the market. However, when selecting a screw extractor, be sure that it has all the needed parts that you require for your tool chest to allow you to handle all the stripped screws as you carry out your construction.

Sometimes it’s hard to get the best screw extractors more so for beginners. but you should make sure you get a great grasp on the features of a good extractor to assist you to get an amazing tool for your needs.

Good luck!

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