9 Best Portable Weld Fume Extractors & Exhaust Buyers Guide 2020

You are in the right place if you are seriously looking for the best portable weld fume extractor. We are a team of experienced and professional welders, so we are quite aware of what a fume extractor means to you as a welder.

It’s a well-known fact that welding produces fume, otherwise known as welding fumes or gases. These fumes contain argon, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen fluoride gases, among others. Besides, these fumes contain a variety of metals arsenic, aluminum, beryllium, arsenic, manganese, and lead.

All these ingredients in welding fumes are nothing close to being your best friends. Each of them can lead to serious health problems such as various cancers, kidney failure, emphysema anemia, and lead poisoning among many other silent killers.

To minimize or even eradicate this possibility, many welders have bought what they thought was an excellent fume extractor, but reality proved otherwise. That’s why we decided to come up with a list of what we believe are some of the best fume extractors in the market today.

But as we compile this list, we are conscious that some of our readers are new to this industry. If you are in this category, don’t mind, we have you on board. So, for starters, let’s explain what a fume extractor is.

What exactly is a Fume Extractor?

For beginners, this extractor is an elaborate system that utilizes a fan to suck the hazardous fumes and particulate right into a filtration system that cleans the air of these harmful particulates and chemicals found in welding and soldering fumes.

Granted, there are dozens, or even hundreds, of brands and models of these fume extractors; it’s therefore important to identify some of the best fume extractors for welders are in 2020.

As we give this review, remember, each of these extractors is rated based on our experience, professional reviews, price, customer reviews, effectiveness, and other uses.

Like any other product, the fume extractors we review here have their pros and cons, which we are not shy of highlighting. Let’s get on with it then later give you some highlights on how to select the best fume extractor 2020. As you go through the list, feel free to click on the product title to see the price of the individual item.

3.3 pounds11 x 10 x 6.5 inches
1.38 pounds4.8 x 2 x 4.8 inches
2.4 pounds11.5 x 5.6 x 4.4 inches
4.6 poundsN/A
440 pounds31 x 23 x 53 inches
50 pounds16 x 14 x 18 inches
445 pounds20 x 39 x 36 inches
440 pounds23 x 31 x 53 inches
440 pounds31 x 23 x 53 inches

9 Best Best Portable Weld Fume Extractors

Weller WSA350-VP Smoke Absorber Extractor, 120 Volt


  • Voltage: 120 VAC
  • Power consumption: 20 W
  • Absorption capacity: 1.25 cubic meters to 1.37 cubic meter per minute

Functionally, activated Carbon is the leading additional element in the elimination of any impurities in the air. The Weller WSA350-VP Smoke Absorber Extractor, 120 Volt, takes cognizance of this fact. This model is designed purposefully to get rid of flux fumes from the air.

This fume extractor comes with a whisper-quite fan that makes prolonged and detailed soldering a much more peaceful experience.

Flux gases are known to cause occupational asthma, which includes; coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath, and chest pain, among other symptoms of asthma.

If you are a beginner, you might find this fume extractor a great option, but know that it’s a little bit pricier than its competitors in the same range of performance. Additionally, you might have to replace the filter continually.

Nevertheless, this is a piece of excellent equipment for beginners who are using flux fumes.


  • It’s portable.
  • It uses activated Carbon to eliminate any impurities in the air.
  • It’s super-silent.
  • It is ESD safe with a power consumption of 20W.
  • The absorption capacity of 1.25 cubic meters up to 1.37 cubic meters/minute.


  • You have to replace the filter constantly.

Kulannder Handy Carry Smoker Absorber Fume Extractor DIY Working Fan


  • Power consumption: 30W
  • Maximum air flow: 2000ml/min
  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours

This benchtop fume extractor model is portable and uses both a carbon filter and an exhaust fan. The Kulannder Handy Carry Smoke is an adjustable fume extractor made primarily for soldering. You’ll quickly note how powerful this extractor is when it comes to removing fumes.

The aluminum material used in its construction makes it lightweight yet sturdy for your welding chores.

If you work for extended periods, this portable fume extractor will serve you pretty well. Think of the amount of welding non-stop with the over 50,000 hours operating time that this device can deliver.

Unlike some extractors I the market today, the Kulannder Handy Carry comes with an easy-to-replace filter.

If you work mostly with arts, crafts, electronics, and stained glass, you’ll like the performance of this fume absorber. Yes, this product has a maximum airflow of up to 1000L/min and features a remarkable inlet concentration of 2mg/L.


  • Activated Carbon and foam filter
  • Over 50,000 hours of working time
  • Safe wiring design
  • Very quiet
  • Easy-to-replace and easy-to-clean carbon filter


  • Some users find it inconsistent sometimes

Adjustable Solder Smoke/ Fume, Remove Fume Extractor


  •  Aluminum alloy material
  • Portable and low noise
  • ESD safe

This fume extractor is not only renowned for its efficiency and effectiveness but also its remarkable flexibility. The extractor is placed at the end of a robot-like arm, which gives it its famed flexibility.

If you work in a limited space, you might like this extractor since, unlike the benchtop models, this fume extractor clamps on the edge of the bench or table. This way, it occupies much less space in your workplace.

With its 2000L/min maximum airflow, the product is very quiet, convenient, and useful. Like other effective models, the Adjustable Solder Smoke Fume Extractor uses an activated carbon filter for a great experience.


  • The articulated arm helps keep your workspace clean
  • Solid feel and a balanced construction


  • You have to place it close to the working area

Xytronic 426DLX Fume Extractor


  • Wattage 20-22W
  • Max. air volume 95/115 CFM
  • Filter size 130 mm2

If you are looking for one of the best mid-range fume extractors for have welders, then this might be what you need. The Xytronic 426DLX is an excellent choice for extensive soldering. It comes with replaceable filters, thus saving you some money and time you’d otherwise spend looking for replacement filters.

This 4.5 lb. smoke absorber includes a brushless fan with a carbon filter that is easy to replace. The fume extractor provides strong suction, which makes it a useful tool in absorbing noxious flux and lead fumes.

The Xytronic 426DLX operates on 20-22 wattage using a filter of 130mm squared and has a maximum air volume of 95/115 CFM.


  • Powerful suction
  • Sturdy build
  • It comes with three spare filters.


  • It’s rather noisy
  • You have to position it close to your work area

VentBoss S124/G124 Portable Fume Extractor w/ (2)


  • Applications: Manual Welding (MIG/GMAW/Stick Welding)
  • Includes two (2) 6-inch by 14-foot Fume Arm
  • Input Power: 110V, Single Phase, 20 Amps

This light-duty weld fume extractor offers a portable fume extraction solution for metal arc welding, MIG welding, GMAW, and stick welding applications. Its Place-A-Vent kit provides a 10-inch hood and an exhaust vent for clearing the fumes generated as you welding.

You might also like the fact that this machinery comes with a one year warranty and it’s inexpensive compared to other similar welding units.


  • It’s a light-duty
  • It can be used in a wide range of welding applications
  • It is relatively inexpensive


  • It is the least mobile of the available options in the market

150 cfm VentBoss S130/G130 Portable Fume Extractor w/2″ x16″


  • 150 CFM
  • (1) 2″ x 16′ hose
  • 2.3 HP

Weighing only 50 pounds and having a 16-foot flexible cable, this is a real mobile extractor. What’s even better about this extractor is that it has wheels which make it exceptionally resilient.

The S130 is quite versatile; you can use the 2.3-horsepower high vacuum for any welding project. For instance, you can fit different extraction tips on this extractor and adapt to a range of high-production welding applications.

The fan comes with a 150 CFM airflow capacity and includes a dust collection attachment. You can also buy additional hood types for more specialized use.


  • It is lightweight
  • It has a 16-foot flexible hood
  • Very mobile
  • Versatile use.


  • It doesn’t have the power of a large machine

VentBoss S110/G110 Portable Fume Extractor 6” X 10” Fume Arm


  • Includes one (1) 6-inch by 10-foot Fume Arm
  • Built-in spark arrestance
  • Input Power: 110V, Single Phase, 16 Amps

While the first appearance might not give you the impression of a mobile fume extractor, the built-in wheels and the adjustable arm will make you think otherwise.

This machine is designed with a 10-foot long arm option and is used with two or fewer coils of solid wire each month.

This light-duty fume extractor for welders provides flexibility and portability for a wide range of welding applications, including manual MIG welding, GMAW, gas metal arc welding and stick welding.


  • Built-in wheels and an adjustable arm make it very mobile and flexible.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • It offers powerful fuel extraction.
  • An excellent choice for a wide range of welding applications


  • With its 224 pounds, it doesn’t look quite portable.

VentBoss S122 Portable Weld Fume Extractor W. FlexDraft Attachment


  • Includes FlexDraft Attachment and Curtain
  • Input Power: 110V, Single Phase, 20 Amps
  • Built-in spark arrestance

This fume extractor offers a tabletop workstation. The machines fan pulls the fumes and odors in a downdraft. With a 1,280 CFM, this fume extractor is super sturdy and efficient.

If you have just one welder and you don’t require a mobile operation, this machine might be a convenient choice for you. On the same note, you might find this machine less versatile if you have numerous welders using one extractor.


  • Has a steel grate that can hold up to 300 pounds
  • It’s incredibly powerful and efficient.


  • Somewhat challenging to move around.
  • Less versatile for use by several welders using the same extractor.

VentBoss S123/G123 Portable Fume Extractor, 1200 CFM


  • Includes one (1) 8-inch by 14-foot Fume Arm
  • Input Power: 110V, Single Phase, 20 Amps
  • Built-in spark arrestance

We wind up this review with this top-of-the-line fume extractor. This machine is a conveniently portable fume extractor that provides a remarkable 1,200 CFM and features an adjustable arm.

While this weld fume extractor weighs a whole 440 pounds, it still offers the flexibility you need. What’s more is that the fume extractor is ideal for heavy-duty applications, especially for experienced welders.

You can count on the machine’s 8″ X 14″ fume arm to support a manual weld station. The built-in wheels allow you to move the unit around your shop quickly.


  • Massive 1,200 CFM
  • 14-foot adjustable arm
  • A great choice for heavy-duty welding applications
  • Built-in wheels for easier movement


  • It is quite pricey

As earlier said, not all weld fume extractors are good enough for your welding assignments. There are several critical considerations that you should make as an informed buyer. Take note of the following:

Stationary or Mobile (Portable)

Whether you buy a stationary or portable fume extractor depends mostly on the nature of your workplace. If you have multiple welding workbenches and welders, you’ll most certainly need a mobile or portable weld fume extractor. In this case, it’s advisable to look for extractors that are mobile, adjustable, or have a flexible arm.

On the other hand, if you weld in a fixed location where you don’t have to move your welding machine and fume extractor, a stationary fume extractor will serve you well. These stationary gadgets are far less costly compared to their portable cousins.

Mobility brings to the next consideration as you select the best weld fume extractor.


Our focus here has been on portability. If you run a welding training facility or a small-scale welder project or you are mobile service people, then you are well equipped when you have a flexible and portable weld fume extractor.

Flexibility allows you to transition quickly from a worktable with in-built backdraft capture to a fume arm capture system.

Welding or Soldering

Welding emits a much higher deal of toxic fumes and debris that soldering. If you do more welding than soldering, you need a weld fume extractor. However, you’ll notice that these extractors are generally more expensive than soldering fume extractors.

On the same breath, soldering kits emits far fewer fumes and debris when compared to weld fume extractors. Although both types of fume extractors will do the job in eliminating soldering fumes, the weld fumes extractors will be too expensive for you if what you do is limited to soldering.


The fact that you are buying a portable unit does not mean you have to compromise on the unit’s performance.

Look at the machine’s CFM rating and select a fume extractor that has a high measure of airflow.


Your safety is a top priority. If you are not careful enough, you might end up with a fume extractor that can quickly turn the welding sparks into a full-blown fire during the ventilation process. Select a portable fume extractor that incorporates spark resistance technology. This technology prevents the sparks created from turning into actual balls of fire.


There are endless options when it comes to purchasing fume extractors. For worry-free return policies, transparency in terms of product quality and customer service, and fast shipping, head over to Amazon.

When you browse on Amazon, you can see what previous buyers thought of the product they bought, and find the machine specs like material quality, design, weight and portability to name a few. You don’t need to go out to compare prices or features.

If you have any sort of problems with your new fume extraction safety equipment, you can also quickly and easily return them hassle free.

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