YesWelder Mig 250 Pro Welder Review Buyers Guide

Last Updated on May 2022

Whether you are an expert or novice welder, there are numerous choices to select from whenever you want to acquire a new welder. It is advisable to do proper research and go for the product that best suits your welding needs.

One of the most affordable welders with a strong market presence yet remains relatively unknown is the Yeswelder. This machine is as good for fixing items in your garage as it is for other works in a commercial setting. It is the kind of machine that can be used for all welding jobs, with the exception of of those that require a high frequency to start.

The Yeswelder Pro 250s power output is 250A with a 60% duty cycle. This is very powerful, thus makes it suitable for handling heavy welding tasks. It is a multi-functional welder that can MIG, TIG, stick, and flux core weld. However, its primary function is with MIG welding and flux core welding. It can further be used for Stick welding and TIG welding if you employ the help of lift arc TIG start.

The MIG-250 Pro’s power, flexibility, and affordability make this welder a perfect fit for commercial, automotive shops, farm areas, maintenance shops, and other do-it-yourself personnel in need of power worth 250A.

Despite being so powerful, this machine is very light with a weight of 34lbs, making it conveniently portable to work with on any site as may be needed.


Processes: MIG (GMAW), Flux Core(FC), TIG (GTAW)
Weld Thickness Range: Suitable for welding a thin and medium metal sheets of above 8mm thickness.
Weldable Materials: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Input Voltage: 220V, 60 Hz.
Input Phase: 1-Phase.
Current Type: DC
Weight: 34lbs
Welder Type: MIG, Flux Core, Stick, TIG
Technology: Inverter
Torch Lead Length: 10 ft. (3 m)
Ground Cable Length: 10 ft. (3 m)
Mild Steel Thickness: (Single-pass) 24 ga. – 1/2 in. (up to 7/8 in. with multiple passes)
Aluminum Thickness: Not available
Wire Thickness: 023”/.030”/.035” solid/SS wire
.023”/.030”/.035” flux core (manual setting)
.035” flux core( synergistic setting)
.035”/.045” aluminum wire.
Wire Feed Speed (“WFS”): 79 – 590 IPM (2 – 15 m/s)
Wire Feed Speed Settings: Infinite between min. and max.
Wire Spool Sizes: 4-in. and 8-in
Welder Dimensions  (H x W x L): 14 in. x 8 in. x 17 in.
Weight: 34.25 lbs.
Warranty: 1 year
Amps/Volts @ Rated Duty Cycle: MIG: 250A 60%
TIG: 220A 60%
Stick: 250A 60%
Amperage Range: MIG: 40-250A
TIG: 10-250A
Stick: 20-220A


Multi-functions – depending on your preference and application of the machine, choose from the dynamic control-set arc ranging from soft to crisp.

Synergic MIG – this is popular among new welders as it is easy to work with. It is the communication facilitator between the power source, gun, and feeder.

Gasless Flux MIG welds – work in perfect sync with the gasless flux wire. It helps to release rigid moving gas cylinder as well as the low efficiency of stick welds.

Various Welding Wire – Suitable for all kinds of welding requirements

  • .023″/.030″/.035″ solid/SS wire,
  • .023″/.030″/.035″ flux core wire for MIG manual setting; only .035″ available in MIG synergistic setting
  • .035″/.045″ aluminum wire.

Included in the Package

  • 10ft MIG Gun(with a Graphene liner)
  • 10ft Electrode holder with cable
  • 10ft ground clamp with cable
  • 1 Additional .030″ & .035″ contact tip
  • W-type .030″/.035″ roller driver
  • V-type .023″/.030″ roller driver (.030″/.035″ built-in )
  • U-type .039/.045″ roll driver
  • Dinse connector (35-50)
  • Brush
  • User manual


  • It comes with a one-year warranty and, within this period, YesWelder will replace and repair any warranted parts of the machine that fail due to various reasons as per the warranty stipulation.

Pros & Cons


  • Among the most affordable options
  • Synergic settings, manual available if needed
  • Ability to tweak the synergic settings
  • Multi-functions- MIG synergistic advantages
  • 1-year warranty
  • Good quality MIG torch, rated for 250A
  • Lift TIG
  • It comes with settings for arc control to crisp or soft.
  • Metal wire drive system
  • Ability to MIG, Flux-core, stick, and lift TIG weld.
  • 250A of power, weld up to ½ in. steel in a single pass
  • 60% duty cycle at 220V
  • Has setting for C100 gas
  • Additional Teflon liner for MIG welding with aluminum wire
  • Inductance adjustment to help control spatter
  • “Cold” wire feed button for easy, safe wire changes
  • Capabilities for 2T and 4T methods


  • It is not manufactured locally (within the United States of America), and the manufacturer is not a well-known
  • It does not include a regulator which must be acquired separately
  • Limited as it only runs on 220V input power
  • Location of power switch at the rear can be inconvenient to some users.
  • Need to convert measurements into metric units
  • Changing wire rollers is partially obstructed by housing.
  • The fan is in a continuous fan
  • Applicable to DC TIG only excludes aluminum.
  • It does not include TIG torch, which is acquired separately if need be
  • Does not accept spool gun
  • The recommended settings tend to run hot.
  • Its provision is for single gas input only.

Buyers Guide when Purchasing MIG Welding Gun

Before making a purchase decision about a MIG welding gun, you must do some background research on the options available, their applications, cost, and spare parts. This is because each product has its own unique application, so to get the best out of one, ensure that you go for the one that is a perfect fit for your needs.

This guide will help you understand essential features that you must consider before buying a MIG welding gun:

1. Power capacity

For all appliances that are powered electrically, power capacity remains an essential factor. MIG welding guns have a standard rating that is highlighted in the ampere unit, and this typically explains the amount of power output you can obtain if the gun is connected to an equally powerful welder. However, the rule of thumb is if you have a lower capacity welder, it is useless to go with a high capacity gun as this will not give the maximum output desired. To achieve this maximum output, pair a high-power machine with a high-capacity welding gun.

Welding machines with a power output of 250A get through thicker stock in a single pass. This makes them best suited for auto repair and maintenance shops that handle thicker stocks from time to time. The Yeswelder MIG-250 Pro is a winner in this niche because it offers options such as the 30A for thin stock at an affordable cost making it the value for money choice.

2. Duty Cycle

The duty cycle may be Greek for non-specialists but for professional welders; it is a highly familiar and acknowledged term. In simple terms, the duty cycle refers to the working cycle and resting period relation of the welding gun. It informs the welder how long it can run before it needs to cool off and is rated as a percentage over ten minutes.

For example, if your welding gun has a 40% at 250A duty cycle, it means that you can use the gun for 4 minutes (or 40% of the total time) and needs to be off or cooled down for 6 minutes at 250A (or 60% of the total time). The duty cycle increases with the decrease inAmps.

Lower duty cycle welding guns require more extended periods to cool down hence suitable for slower applications.

With the Yeswelder MIG-250 Pro, you get the upper hand because its duty cycle operates at 250A charts at an impressive 60%. This saves time and enhances the flow of work because you get to weld more as opposed to waiting for the machine to cool down as per its requirements.

3. Length of the Cable

Shorter cable lengths are good enough when you are dealing with small operations. However, suppose the operation is relatively big. In that case, short cables will be a hindrance as you will have to relocate the whole welding towards the setup. The cable length can also be a deciding factor for many applications because if the cable length is too short, you will have to move the entire welding setup to a steadier location for you to complete the job well.

4. Supported Wire Diameter

Every MIG welding gun has a specification of the acceptable wire diameter that can be used with the gun. This means that you must confirm your wire specifications before buying a MIG welder. Larger wires generally produce better results, but you should be careful. If the diameter is too big, you will not be able to feed it into the gun properly, leading to poor performance and a slower work process.

5. No Regulator

Yeswelder Mig 250 Pro Welder does not come with its own regulator. So if you need one, you will have to buy it separately. Even so, the Yeswelder remains an affordable option compared to others that may have regulators yet remain exorbitant.

6. Aluminum Welding Options

Aluminum can only be welded using the MIG process. So basically, you have no option other than turn to YesWelder Mig if you intend to work on aluminum material.

7. Units of Measurement

The YesWelder Mig250 Pro is not manufactured locally. Due to this, some units of measurement are not similar to what operators use; hence require more time to get the proper values. This simple problem can be solved by generating a ready cheat sheet that will instantly give you appropriate values.

8. Unfriendly User Manual

Another problem that arises because of the manufacturer being abroad is that the language used in the user manual can be pretty challenging to understand. Improper sentence structures and some words being lost in translation pose an inconvenience to many operators. However, they say practice makes perfect, so with time, most can comprehend the message contextually.

9. Settings Chart

This setting is useful as it informs operators which are their most-used settings. Yeswelder has an added advantage because it incorporates a settings chart together with the manual. However, from most experiences, chart settings tend to run hot, so you should be careful with that as you continue with your operations.

10. Additional Consumables /Add-Ons

You may need to add, TIG gun, torch, regulator, and any other item that you may require depending on the type of welding work you intend to undertake.

What We Like Best About YesWelder Mig 250 Pro Welder

The Power Capacity and Duty Cycle

For most welders, it makes economic sense to invest in a welding machine with more power. This is because you can always decrease unwanted amps whenever necessary. The opposite is true for less powerful machines – it is impossible to increase or exceed the strength of the machine in the event that you may need more power for better penetration.

The YesWelder Mig250 Pro is the machine of choice as it comes with 250 amps worth of power and a duty cycle of 60%. Again, at its price with these features, the YesWelder is

the undisputed option.

Good Quality Product with a Price Advantage

This investment ensures value for money because it comes with impressive power capacity and a duty cycle at a relatively low cost. It is also an excellent welding machine for novice welders who are just beginning their professional journeys. Most beginners do not have heavy capital, so they can take advantage of its lower price yet impressive features, as discussed above.

Simple Dynamic Controls & Synergic Settings

The Yeswelder MIG – 250 Pro contains all the adjustment settings on the front panel, making it easy and straightforward to set up and operate. MIG Welder backs up the Synergic MIG settings, which gives the users freedom to automatically set the amps and the voltage simply by keying in the thickness of the material you intend to weld. In case there are others to add on, simply update the values and proceed; it will automatically adjust. All this saves time and is manageable even for beginners.

All you need to do is update the values and keep welding. It saves time and is also perfect for inexperienced welders. But for those who prefer it, the Manual MIG mode is still there. More so, there are dynamic controls for arc settings. That way, you can choose between a crisp arc and a soft arc.

Another impressive feature of the synergetic settings is the Voltage And WFS Trim which are easy to adjust. You can increase or decrease the in-built auto settings in order to generate a perfect arc. Since they do run hot, adjust the settings accordingly to counter the heating up problem.

Durable Wire Feeder

Even to the naked eye, through visual inspection, you will notice that the YesWelder MIG 250 machine appears robust and compact. This is the kind of machine that can be moved around securely with no fear of damages, even on rough terrains. It has been built to withstand the most demanding conditions.

Inductance Adjustments

The Yeswelder MIG-250 Pro also comes with an adjustable inductance setting. This is the feature that allows you to optimally adjust the magnetic fields of your weld, thus reducing spatter and generating cleaner, more professional welds.

Avails Both the 2T and 4T Option

2T is the primary operating mode for most machines where you simply pull the trigger when welding, and upon completion, you release the trigger. You get an additional option of 4T with the MIG-250 Pro.

The 4T option is friendlier on your fingers while pulling and releasing and is also the best choice for longer welds.


The Yeswelder MIG Pro 250A is an all-around machine when you consider its key highlights of price advantage, high power capacity, sturdy construct, and overall high performance. We highly recommend it, especially for novice welders, as it is one of the easiest to use and get to learn more about your craft.

However, the critical thing is always to take the time to research more so that you buy a machine that is a perfect fit for your welding needs.

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