Our AHP Alphatig vs. Everlast Power ITig 200 Comparison for 2022

Last Updated on May 2022

Are you looking for a high-quality TIG welder, a model that won’t disappoint, even after the teeth of time dig in? If so, you’re lucky to be here – our AlphaTIG versus Everlast rundown pits two giants against each other in a contest of performance. Here, you’ll be able to see more details about each of them and how well they’ve fared in our performance checks.

What are TIG welders and why should you even consider buying one? TIG welders are tungsten-inert gas-powered machines used for welding metal, and there are plenty of those you could order online, but should you?

The reason why we’re pitting AHP’s Alphatig versus Everlast’s Power ITig 200 is because they’re the best the industrial market has to offer. Though this is true, we aim to see which model is better and in which field (or fields) of performance, so if you’re interested in premium-quality TIG welders, you’re in the right place.


The first thing that comes to mind when comparing Alphatig and ITig 200 is that the former is a tall machine while the latter is pretty wide. Although neither of them appears bulky, these welders are built with practicality and convenience in mind.

The Alphatig features the HF-start feature as well as a foot pedal, allowing for easier, more practical welding control which gives it quite an advantage when compared to ITig which doesn’t have it. That being said, it’s safe to conclude that the Alphatig is a bit more user-friendly, although ITig 200 doesn’t lag too far behind.


When it comes to weight, Everlast’s ITig 200 has somewhat of an advantage – the AHP model weighs approximately 50 pounds, and even though it does feature a carry handle, it’s still pretty heavy and hard to move around.

The Everlast, on the other hand, weighs 30 pounds. Even though this isn’t enough to label it as “heavy” per se, it’s lighter than the former.



Both machines are moderately portable. They are indeed quite heavy, even for industrial grade welders, but they both feature a handle which allows for easier transport. The Alphatig has a big carry handle while the ITig200 comes outfitted with a large strap handle on top.

Voltage Requirements

AHP AlphaTIG Product Image


  • DC/AC output power
  • Rated input 110v/240v at 50/60 Hz
  • GTAW amps at duty cycle – 200 A, 20V at 60%
  • SMAW amps at duty cycle – 200 A, 28 V at 35%
  • Start amps – 10-200
  • End amps – 10-200 amps
Everlast PowerTIG Product Image


  • Digital inverter type
  • DC stick & DC TIG output type
  • Dual voltage 12/240 1 phase
  • Max rated amps (TIG) – 200
  • Max rated amps (Stick) – 160
  • Tig amps at duty cycle – 120V, 126/16V at 35%
  • Stick amps at duty cycle – 120V, 100A/24V at 35%

Types Of Metals It Can Weld

Welders as good as these are capable of welding nearly all types of metal materials. Everlast recommends using their ITig 200 for fabrication, production, gunsmith chores, mold repair, portable repair, maintenance, pipeline, and similar areas.

They also state that you can weld steel, chrome, titanium, copper, and stainless steel, however, you can’t weld aluminum with it. The only reason why Alphatig is better is that it can weld all the metals mentioned above plus aluminum.

Proper Control

Knowing that these welders are incredibly powerful, performing regular maintenance checks and tests are imperative. These fierce beasts can be easily tamed, but should they be set loose, you would be in quite a predicament.

Maintaining your welding machine shouldn’t be too hard – activate the built-in vents when you feel like the grime and dust have accumulated inside the construction, keep the exterior clean, and check the plugs every once in a while.

Overall Performance

In general, these phenomenal welding machines are exceptionally powerful and versatile, and it’s safe to say that every professional won’t be able to say otherwise with a clear conscience.

Although a bit heavier, the Alphatig is robust, reliable, and strong as a mule – it will be able to withstand some serious punishment while dishing out heavy electric punches. As for the ITig200, it’s a powerhouse outfitted with numerous versatile features, and it’s safe to say that it’s as sturdy as its competitor.

Final Comparison

The differences between Alphatig and ITig200 are relatively small – the latter is outfitted with a carry strap while the former has a solid carry handle, the ITig200 costs roughly $30 more, and there are some minor differences regarding design. Overall, they’re both formidable welding machines, and some would say they’re evenly matched.


One of the best things about this comparison is that the winner isn’t necessarily decided yet – that means that Alphatig (as the less expensive option) can go toe to toe with ITig200 in virtually every aspect of performance. If you’re in the market for a quality welder, you can’t make a mistake if you opt for either of them.

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