10 Best Machine Shop Lights [Buyers Guide 2022]

Last Updated on May 2022

If you deal with garage lighting, you most likely know that this can be a tricky undertaking. Choosing the right bulb and amount of brightness to light up the entire area is not as easy as it might sound. But you don’t have to worry. You are not the only one who has faced these challenges.

Many of us have had to learn the hard way through trial and error as well by reading reviews to finally have the knowledge and skills necessary for proper lighting of our garages and welding surfaces.

The purpose of this review is to give some insights into the 10 Best Machine Shop Lights as well as provide you with a valuable buyers guide to make your future purchases hassle-free. Let’s start with the ten best machine shop lights and wind up with the buying tips that you should follow when you are buying these lights.

ProductDimensions Weight

48 x 2.5 x 5 inches15.47 pounds

48 x 4.4 x 4.4 inches6.84 pounds

50 x 23.5 x 6.2 inches29.8 pounds

7.5 x 6.4 x 4.9 inches1.55 pounds

48.25 x 8.5 x 6 inches12.65 pounds

23.76 x 17.28 x 3.6 inches16.3 pounds

47.4 x 5.5 x 2.6 inches4.19 pounds

46.1 x 0.9 x 1.45 inches4.85 pounds

49 x 5.1 x 3 inches2.4 pounds

48 x 5.4 x 2.24 inches3.5 pounds

10 Best Machine Shop Lights

HoneyBay Linkable LED Shop Light


  • Brand: HoneyBay
  • Model: LED-4
  • Weight: 13.2 lbs

This linkable LED light from HoneyBay gives you 4800 lumens of intense lighting. This is most likely as high as any of the available today goes so ensure you have assurance set up bulbs so the glare doesn’t visually impair you.

It’s an aid for the darker garages and large ones that don’t have many light sources.

One of the critical things you quickly notice about this specific light is the incredibly straightforward mounting framework.

You can balance the LED on a customizable chain or mount it flush to the roof. The two frameworks are effectively compatible and similarly easy to use.

You can likewise link different such lights in design to illuminate a particularly diminish garage. The chain itself is known to fizzle, so it’s ideal for getting a modest extra chain (for if and when it does). The light itself costs twice as much as some 4000-lumen lights and keeps going half as long as they do.

A couple of concerns separated; this is a dependable, intense light, which is fit for illuminating large dim regions without breaking a sweat.

If you have enough to get it, you certainly should – it’s an easy to use and top-notch item.


  • Excessively brilliant and vitality sparing, 4800 lumens 5000K light.
  • Commercial grade drove shop light, keeps going up to 22.8 years.
  • Included equipment pack and ultra-lightweight configuration make the.
  • Super worth 4-pack drove shop lights. It is anything but difficult to daisy.


  • Tend to hum quite loudly

Hypergiant LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture


  • Brand: Hypergiant
  • Model: Hypergiant-T4_8P
  • Weight: 6lbs

Hypergiant LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture is an incredible alternative for illuminating garages, storm cellars, work regions, utility rooms, and so on. It gives you a lot more brilliant, less expensive, and more beneficial lighting than regular bright light and can without much effort outperform any current installations.

Tired of intensity floods broiling your lights and leaving you out of the loop? The Hypergiant-T5_8P is made to work in the range of 85 to 265 V. This design of eight 4ft LED shop lights will sparkle as brilliant as it can paying little heed to how low the power gets, giving consistent brightening in any event when every other gadget are going haywire.

You can use every one of these lights independently from the pack or go along with them into a battery. Be that as it may, the set accompanies only six interfacing strings, so you’ll need to forget about two lights. We do like that the ropes are sufficiently long to spread the light out, making it conceivable to frame them into specific shapes to increase enlightenment effectiveness.

It’s additionally difficult to deny that the 20W power utilization is genuinely engaging with every light radiating 2200 Lumens. Indeed, they’re insufficient to illuminate an entire distribution center all alone, yet they will work fine and dandy as a lot of LED shop lights for a garage.

One final expression of guidance – be cautious when introducing the lights as clients have grumbled about the join cuts being somewhat frail. Make an effort not to shake the LEDs around something over the top and mount them well. They probably won’t be rattled by a power surge; however, a tumble from the roof will wreck any light.


  • Led lights are very bright
  • Easy to install
  •  Each light weighs so little (approx 1lb)


  • Put out a lot of noise

Sunco Lighting 40W LED Shop Light


  • Brand: Hykolity
  • Model: Hy-SL42W5KF-4
  • Weight: 3.5lbs

Sunco Lighting has been in the LED fabricating scene for an exceptionally lengthy timespan. It’s by a long shot one of the most seasoned light design industries out there today and has been hailed as genuinely outstanding for giving an extremely flexible scope of LED light models for an assortment of purposes.

Their 16 pack light set is one of the ongoing increments in their line-up and is essentially simply astonishing with regards to enlightening your garage.

At the point when scrutinized, maybe the most appealing nature of this Sunco model is its proficiency. It is compared with a portion of the other standard models out there. This light pack of 16 flaunts one of the most vitality useful designs s.

Every one of the bulbs contains one of a kind LED chip inside them, which assists with controlling the power utilization considerably more carefully and makes them radically increasing effectiveness.

Another part of the Sunco garage set, which we cherished, was its sheer volume. While selecting it, one isn’t just putting resources into only a single LED light, yet 16 of them and that are correctly what make it such an astounding incentive for cash. This makes the set very adaptable too.

With the measure of LED lights gave, you can go through the set to light both little and enormous garage spaces well.

Be that as it may, we didn’t see these bulbs as reliable or as dependable precisely as we would prefer.


  • Color temperature is 5000K
  • Brightness is 3700Lm
  • Power Consumption is only 42W
  • Comes as a pack of four linkable light bulbs


  • Don’t last as long as expected

Tanbaby LED Deformable Garage Light


  • 50000 hours of use
  • Color: white (6000K)
  • Brightness: 6000LM

The best-LED garage light originates from this exceptionally rumored and notable brand. It is a Super Bright LED Garage Light that highlights top-quality diodes that produce an aggregate of up to 6000 lumens.

This shop Light has a wide-range lighting design and guarantees an ideal lighting dispersion covering 360° area. This coverage makes it perfect for your workshop, distribution center, garage, auto shops, storm cellar, parking spaces office, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The lights are produced using premium Aluminum amalgam that is erosion safe and high-temperature safe while it will accelerate heat scattering, making it safe to use. Ultimately, the Garage Lights accompanies two years constrained guarantee.


  • Has 3*48 pcs top quality diodes
  • Very brilliant drove garage light
  • Solid and has a long service life
  • Wide-range garage lighting design
  • Two-year guarantee


  • Sensor is not that great

Amico 40WLM Linkable LED Shop Lights


  • Brand: Amico
  • Model: Amico TC Shop Light 4pc
  • Weight: 12.65lbs

The Amico ECO utility linkable garage lights are intended to sparkle ultra-splendid while eliminating mass and weight.

The Amico LED garage lights are condition well-disposed as they don’t contain mercury or UV.

The ultra-lightweight design is appropriate for suspend-mount and has accessories remembered for the package. It features a Plug-n-Play, 5′ module cord, and no wiring. A simple built-in start to finish module connector helps you simply connect up to maximum of ten units. Pull string switch for simple ON/OFF access.

It has a simple installation, Plug-and-play. Simply use the included joints to hang it up and embed the fitting to light it on.

Full application – It is perfect for the garage, stockpiling region, workbench, cellar, home, and office general lighting under the bureau.

Quality assurance – 3-year boundless guarantee, quick and straightforward substitution is offered if any quality issue.

Linkable – Extendable design, could link up to fewer than six-cylinder lights along with compatible connectors or connector cords (no linkup above six cylinders light).


  • Brightness: 400Lm
  • Colour temperature: 5000K
  • Power Consumption: 40W
  • It’s a pack of 4 linkable LED bulbs


  • The Bulbs are NON-CHANGEABLE

Hyperikon Foot LED High Bay Fixture


  • Brand: Hyperikon
  • Model: 59251051
  • Weight: 16.33 pounds

Hyperikon may not be one of the more well-known LED fabricating brands on our rundown today, yet that doesn’t imply that their items are wrong by all means. Their garage LED models are unfathomably solid, without a doubt, and accompany probably the best vitality useful highlights that you will discover today.

The Hyperikon Double Fixture Shop Light expends only 38 watts when contrasted with the more standard 40, and is equipped for delivering a stunning lumens tally of 4000.

This is definitely why the manufacturer was granted the prominent Energy Star authentication, as they are equipped for making LED bulbs, which are 60 percent more productive than the remainder of their opposition.

Be that as it may, productivity isn’t the main thing that the Hyperikon Double Fixture Shop Light is known for. It is very tough also and accompanies an incredible 45,000 hours of execution in its munitions stockpile.

Mounting the LED set is straightforward also, and you can transform it into a fun DIY venture without depending on your nearby expert circuit repairman.

Regarding flexibility, we cherished the way that the set came in three various globes, coloring temperatures of 3000k, 40000k, and 5000k, permitting you to pick as indicated by your garage inside.

In any case, with regards to the light volume, this bulb model misses the mark concerning our desires. Although it flaunts an extremely splendid light yield, with regards to generally speaking visibility, it’s not as compelling as a portion of the others on the rundown.


  • Lightweight yet sturdy design
  • Motion sensor technology functions 80 feet away
  • It provides over 35,000 hours of lighting in your garage.


  • Sensor is not the greatest

OOOLED 48 Linkable LED


  • Brand: OOOLED
  • Model: BL-WR-48W-50K
  • Weight: 4.6lbs

The OOOLED garage light has 5000K CCT while right by utilizing 40W of intensity. The Wraparound Light is DLC, and ETL recorded affirmed for safe activity and execution. Other than that, this Indoor Light will keep going for over 50,000 hours and doesn’t require any support. All the mounting equipment is incorporated.  You can introduce the lights either in the roofs or in the divider.

With cutting edge optical design and white powder covering lodging, the LED lights will light up your cellar, flights of stairs, storerooms, kitchens, home, kitchens, workbench, and different spots. The unit accompanies five years guarantee.


  • Brightness: 4000Lm
  • Colour temperature:5000K
  • Power consumption: 48W


  • Lightweight and flimsy

Barina LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture


  • Brand: Barrina
  • Model: INWT504020650Bc
  • Weight: 5.15lbs

In some cases, you simply don’t have the space to crush in a lot of 8-foot lights that would take up the vast majority of the roof or the entire underside of the bureau. That is the point at which the Barrina INWT504020650Bc will prove to be useful.

This design of six little 4-foot lights can be linked through the free ropes to make one primary enlightenment battery or, if you so wish, spread out along the space to keep all corners lit up.

Try not to let that last part make you believe that the Barrina LED tubes aren’t brilliant. While the 2200 Lumens level isn’t the most elevated ever, they are all that anyone could need to light up a garage or a shop passageway and fill in as kitchen or restroom lights.

This design of linkable LED shop lights is likewise lovely vitality productive, every light utilizing only 20W of intensity. Nonetheless, the ropes that accompany the buy are somewhat short, so you’ll either need to restrict your design choices or get new links. However, installation ought to be a breeze because of a snap joint framework on all lights in the pack.

These lights are financially savvy, simple to introduce, and sufficiently splendid to illuminate to 500 square feet. Except if you’re searching for some ultra-brilliant light to light distribution centers or markets, the Barrina set is more than sufficient for the activity.


  • Brightness: 2200Lm
  • Color temperature: 6500K
  • Power consumption: 20W
  • Comes as a pack of 6 linkable LED bulbs


  • The screws provided are very short, tiny, and weak.

BBOUNDER Led Shop Light 36W


  • Brand: BBOUNDER
  • Model: SH02-36-10
  • Weight: 255lbs

Here and there, mounting a light on your dividers or roof is preposterous because of the absence of room or wiring issues. Fortunately, the BBOUNDER Modern gives you a third alternative to extend position decisions.

This 8-foot light arrives with a lot of steel wires that can be used to hang the LED tube directly on the roof or underneath a bureau and so forth. The cables themselves may look meager and shaky; however, don’t let looks fool you; they are sturdier than any stray pieces that generally hold up installations.

We were somewhat amazed by the incorporation of wires, yet they might be supported, and the best choice as the light gets very hot when it’s on. We don’t suggest mounting it on plastic surfaces as the warmth could harm them. Additionally, the steel wires let you bring down the light a piece, which can be valuable for hanging in shops and garages, where roofs will, in general, be high up.

The BBOUNDER Modern is likewise probably the most brilliant light we’ve at any point measured at 8378 Lumens. Unquestionably not the sort of thing you’d recently placed in your home or office fit more for large spaces, like grocery stores or distribution centers. Furthermore, that brilliance comes to the detriment of 72W power usage.

If it’s all the same to you, a higher power bill in return for incredible lighting quality, the BBOUNDER Modern is a decent decision. It tends to be put in any place in the room and doesn’t require a lot of design, making for an extraordinary model of LED garage lights for your roof.


  • Brightness: 4800Lm
  • Colour temperature: 5000K
  • Power consumption: 40W
  • It’s a single LED fixture


  • Screw slots seem weak

Hykolity 4FTW Linkable LED Light


  • Brand: hykolity
  • Model: HY-SL42W5KF-4
  • Weight: 3.5lbs

The standard 4FT linkable LED Utility from Hykolity is tied in with adjusting execution and cost. It’s one of the not very many models available that can gloat to provide food similarly to the necessities of both private and expert garage lighting. So if you run a moderate-sized auto mechanics shop, at that point, these LED lights may very well be what you’re searching for.

The standard Hykolity 4FT Utility bulb may not be the most brilliant LED model on the rundown. However, it sure gives a phenomenal balanced exhibition.

The value that every one of the bulbs comes in is very pocket-friendly; best of all, it has astonishing connecting and flexibility, which makes it such an incredible pick for experts all over the place.

The Utility Shop can connect up to 20 distinct bulbs. Presently, each garage may require an alternate kind of lighting course of action to get the ideal brightening; some may require more, some may require somewhat less.

Also, this is correctly where the connecting proves to be useful. If you have a little to a fair-sized garage or even an enormous stockroom, these Utility LED bulbs can be the ideal lighting design.

It doesn’t have an incredible waterproofing or even fume safe highlights, and thus don’t keep going up to one might want it to.

The light is directional and will scarcely give any 360-degree inclusion, so you should put resources into more bulbs and rely upon the connecting highlight.

It may not be such an incredible decision for open garages.


  • Brightness: 3700L,
  • Colour temperature: 5000L
  • Power consumption
  • It’s a pack of four linkable bulbs


  • Feels flimsy

 Buyer’s Guide

Indeed, there probably won’t be any set guidelines that figure out what the best-LED light is or what highlights it should brag Yet; there are sure things you can pay unique minds to before putting resources into one.

The LED light you pick should accommodate your inclinations consummately, and separated from that remember to check for:

The Light Power

Checking the lighting intensity of the LED bulb that you wish to purchase should be of the most extreme significance.

The light power will decide how well it can keep your garage lit and enlighten the spaces close to the corners.

Presently, under light power, there are fundamentally three things that you ought to consider: Watts, Lumens, and Temperature.

These are interlinked with one another and assume an essential job in the general execution of the bulb with regards to viably lighting little too large measured spaces.

While Watts and Lumens primarily manage to light a specific space, the temperature, then again, might be vital with regards to lighting up a particular item.


The wattage rating of a specific LED bulb decides how well it will illuminate a particular space. So a lamp that requires a higher wattage extension cord is commonly going to create all the more light, or that is the manner by which primarily it ought to be

In any case, here note that lighting quality is unique about brilliance. Wattage decides the nature of light and how it can enlighten a specific space, though lumens define the splendor of the bulb.

The nature of the LED is basically controlled by how much volume of light, the bulb can deliver.

So generally, a more prominent volume of diminishing light will have the option to enlighten a space superior to a little amount of marvelous light. In any case, it’s critical to find some kind of harmony between the two qualities.


As we have referenced previously, the lumens of a LED decides the brilliance of the bulb and is regularly the property that gets the attention of the regular purchasers.

The wattage would be a more significant factor to see and permit the light beams to arrive at the different corners of the space.

. If you use your garage for various tasks like an auto-repair, a bright light, and a higher lumen tally should be the thing to pay particular minds to.

In case you’re buying a LED model for anything separated from general seeing purposes at that point, it’s in every case better to search for a set that has higher lumens.

Activities such as auto body tack welding or even woodworks require a great deal of focus as it includes working with a ton of subtleties. So a more brilliant light will have the option to enlighten singular given detail far superior to shine with more volumes.

It will permit you to take precise measurements, monitor lines, controls, and even cut metals with percision in any job field.

In any case, if you, for the most part, work in a mid to enormous estimated garage, at that point, have a go at getting a LED model that flaunts both higher lumens and wattage. These sets may be somewhat costly, yet their quality alone makes them a beneficial venture.


The temperature of the bulb has a great deal to do with making out the different subtleties than with measuring the general light that is spread over your garage.

The temperature on a LED quietly impacts how effectively you can see the different items lying around the space.

It is significant in ensuring how the different hues contrast the light, and which articles are more transparent and aren’t.

If we accept daylight, for instance, as it’s unbiased, its coloring temperature is around 5000 degrees, Kelvin. This will make the light look bluer if the temperature is increased and redder if the temperature is diminished.

Henceforth, if you pick a LED light whose coloring temperature is excessively far from the nonpartisan, at that point, your garage space will be washed away with the subtleties of that specific coloring.

A bluer light with a higher temperature will make it hard to make out blue articles, while a redder light with a lower temperature will make it exceptionally hard to make out red items.

Notwithstanding, there are a few investigations that have demonstrated that a somewhat hotter coloring temperature towards the bluer range can advance mental mindfulness and centered vitality.

Best Places to Purchase Machine Shop Lights


There are several places to buy welding accessories such as shop lights online. However, for worry-free return policies, transparency in terms of product quality and customer service, and fast shipping, head over to Amazon.

When you browse on Amazon, you can see what previous buyer reviews on the product they bought, and find out everything spec wise on the items quality, protective features, and comfort. You don’t need to go out to compare prices or features.

If you have problems with purchasing from Amazon, their customer service is excellent. You can also quickly and easily return to them.


With such a significant number of LED models to pick from for your garage, it genuinely can get hard to choose the one that meets your requirements and garage the best. From coloring temperature to wattage and to try and construct material, you should remember a great deal before buying.

If you follow these tips and any other meaningful ideas you might come along, you are sure to give your shop the best shop lights from our list of 10 best machine shop lights.  We trust that our review and guide today had the option to light your way towards a choice, even a piece.

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