7 Awesome Phone Welding Apps

Last Updated on May 2022


We live in a digitally saturated world where it’s challenging to avoid the idea of an app.

But why is it so?

Apps—short form for applications are small bite-sized software programs that you can download into your tablet or smartphone from the internet. There are many apps for every conceivable activity. Apps will help you play games, find happy hour drinks, and count calories—all on the go.

The good news: there are numerous welding apps that you can use on both Android, Apple, and smartphones. You can use them to calculate the weld costs, look at error codes and cut charts, and find the welding parameters of the next project.

Are you a welding pro? Do you want the best apps for your welding projects? Don’t be worried; we’ve saved you from the hassle by listing some awesome welding apps.

Let’s roll!

Best Welding Apps

AWS Event App

If you want to receive the latest events and news from the American Welding Society, then the AWS event app is your best pick. It alerts you on all occasions and information passed by the American Welding Society.

It has a dashboard where you can see event information and shows, and you can explore sessions and other exciting services. Additionally, this app helps you discover and reserve open seats, plan your schedule and resolve all the scheduling conflicts.

Additionally, you can get real-time estimates that help in the navigation of events campus, get clear updates on the latest speakers, contents, and all the services that are added to the catalog. Many welding experts love this app as it comes with newly updated features such as upgraded Dependencies, enabled translations, and minor bug fixes.

Welding Fundamentals Quiz

Are you interested in learning how to weld using trivia? If yes, then this Welding Fundamentals Quiz app has got you covered. By the way, it’s the best app for newbies who are interested in learning the basics of welding.

While using this app at practice mode, you’ll see clear explanations that describe the right answer to the welding problems. It features a real exam style and has a full mock exam that’s timed with an interface to test your skills.

Additionally, the app allows you to create a personal profile that permits you to check your result history with a single click. It has a large number of questions set that covers all the welding syllabus area with 300 welding multiple-choice questions with term-by-term flash cards. For more information on welding careers and pay [Read Our Full Guide]

Blender 3D Design for Android and iPhones

The blender is a unique app that features CAD animation and modelling. The blender is only compatible with android phones and iPhone users alone but can cover texture application, mesh modelling, rendering, and lighting.

It’s free to download that needs a Blender 2.5X software used for running the video tutorials. And it’s an excellent app for learners with little knowledge of Blende.

A blender is a powerful software that boosts your creative side as well as challenging you to improve your skills. It helps you learn how to create a 3D production suite as well as making architectural 3D models.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator for Android

This powerful app looks and works the same way as real calculators. One thing that people love about it is the ability to store the last ten calculations. In addition to that, you can perform different calculations like pressure, speed, area, and conversations between distances in a quick way.

It comes with all scientific calculator functions, and you can select several formats and display styles you want to use. More so, it supports octal, and hexadecimal, and features an RPN mode. It’s straightforward to use the app.

RealCalc also features landscape design and a screen widget, and it’s an excellent welding app designed with a 12-digit bright display with excellent internal precision. It has a Samsung multi-window support that can support drag and drop.

Scan2PDF Mobile

This is a general-purpose welding app that works handily with your phone’s camera to scan contacts, documents, and receipts. Besides that, you can also email colored PDF’s and place them on the desktop. Never be worried about finding a fax machine or a photocopier!

Scan2PDF welding app is also compatible with Android and iPhone. You can also perform an easy document sharing with colleagues and friends using this app. This includes welding projects, magazine articles, a letter, or anything else. In terms of convenience and speed, everything is wow!

Weld Design for Android

Weld design is an excellent app for newbies. It helps you calculate the weld strength required in the workstation. It delivers fundamental welding lists and symbols with crucial information on TIG, MIG, and FACW welding.

Furthermore, this app helps you calculate the overall MIG speed when entering the burn rate and plate thickness. It’s a structural/civil app that bundles together all the welding-related components.

It’s an essential app that has won the hearts of many users as it has information on polarity chart, welding safety, and more. Very easy to use and has a capacity of 15.4 MBs.

Welding Parameters Guide

The ESAB welding app is simple and easy to use the app. It’s a welding parameter app that provides the parameters needed during the next project without leaving your workplace. It works hand in hand with a QR scanner. Are you using an iPhone or Android? If yes, this product has numerous options.

It makes necessary welding information readily available, and the app has a welding grade selection guide, ferrite diagram, heat-input calculators and a shielding gas assistance.

With this app, you can evaluate weldability and receive tricks and tips for all your welding plans in the welding guide. Also, included in the app are the details of the EXATON portfolio of all metal products.


There are tens of thousands of applications on the internet each serving its purpose and today, and nearly all business processes are becoming virtual. That’s why the urge to download apps is growing.

If you want your welding business to grow, consider investing in one of the listed welding apps.

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