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Last Updated on May 2022

Are you in the market for a premium-quality TIG welder? [See our Buyers Guide] Finding a good model is usually not as easy as most people initially think, given that the market is full of all kinds of brands, but it’s safe to say that AHP’s Alphatig 201XD welder is a bit above the rest regarding quality and performance.

This remarkable tool comes at a relatively steep price, but if you know anything about AHP’s 200 series, you’ll notice that its successor has some tricks up its sleeve. We’re here to show you why the 201XD is the best solution for all welding tasks.

What is New

Generally, AHP’s Alphatig’s 200X did a pretty fine job, so the 201XD has a high bar to reach. The earlier version of this remarkable arc welder (the Alphatig 200x) came equipped with bleeding-edge inverter technology combined with PMW and IGBT, and it worked great on both metal and aluminum materials. It was portable and affordable, and it had a reputation for offering the best performance out of all the machines in its price range.

The newer version features improvements concerning selectable AC frequency and balance settings, enhanced tungsten life, and improved properties of the arc cone as well as the etching width. What’s more, you can operate this unit remotely via the 2T/4T sequencer switch and swap between programmable features: post-flow control, start & end cycle, and more.

As with all tungsten-inert gas welders, the AHP Alphatig 201XD works like a charm when used on:

  • alloy steel,
  • stainless steel,
  • thin-gauge materials and
  • aluminum.

It can weld ¼-inch aluminum sheets and 3/8-inch mild-steel sheets with its’ plasma arc, but it’s also suitable for 7018 and 6013 steel rods.

One of the greatest things about the 201XD is that it comes with a convenient “pulse” feature – it’s fully adjustable, and you can easily manipulate the heat output thanks to the advanced inverter technology. It can be used in AC as well as DC mode, which will give you broad and extended control over the frequency range. To top it all off, this marvelous machine also features a stick weld mode, allowing it to act as a quality arc welder.

The Alphatig 201XD is pretty heavy. It weighs 50 pounds, and it’s safe to conclude that the unit is neither easily transportable nor compact. However, it’s not unwieldy as it features a plain, straightforward design. What it lacks in portability, the 201XD makes up for with robustness and durability.

The 201XD is designed plainly, just as we’ve mentioned in the section above. It’s a tall, standing tungsten-inert gas welder which is perhaps just a tad too big for convenience.

Even though it’s not the most beautiful machine, its practicality and usefulness make up for its slightly unsightly outward appearance.

AHP AlphaTIG Product Image

The Alphatig welder comes at a steep price, but it’s one of the most valuable welding machines ever made. Boasting superb technology, equipment, and features, this tig welder will get the job done – it’s powerful, versatile, and, even though it might not seem like it, it’s as reliable as can be.

Outfitted with pulse, stick weld, and advanced inverter tech, you’ll be able to start welding metal materials thick and thin, as it’s suitable for light, medium, and even heavy welding duty.

Generally, AHP AlphaTIG welders aren’t suited for heavy-duty work, but this particular model is. It features superior settings and inverter technology that are best utilized by professional welders, although mastering this machine won’t take too much time for experienced amateur welders to start up. It can take some time and patience to set up, but once operational, this tool won’t disappoint.

The best uses for this machine involve light and medium industrial work, daily welding maintenance chores, and tinkering, but you won’t have any problems tackling tricky heavy-duty welding tasks if you use the “pulse” feature. Stick mode is perfect for lighter work (welding pipes, for instance, is as easy as can be with it) while TIG functions ensure absolute performance in medium-duty industrial tasks.

AHP AlphaTIG Settings

Even though it’s quite heavy, AHP’s Alpha TIG welder is not entirely unwieldy. There’s a convenient carry handle at the top of this machine which allows for easier transport for the user. Though the AHP model is heavy, it’s safe to say most people could transport it from room to room or to the back of the car without significant issues.

As a company, AHP does a fine job with its return and refund policies, as both aim to help customers rather than act as a shield for the brand itself. Though lengthy, the warranty can be found here. In a nutshell, all you need to know is that AHP warranties apply only if you can provide a proof of purchase from authorized dealers – the list of authorized dealers can be ordered directly from their side for free.

9.2 Total Score

The Alphatig 201DX is by far one of the finest TIG welders that money can buy. This remarkable welding machine is robust, decently versatile, and not overly expensive. In fact, its value is high above that of competitors’ welding products, as can be seen through its flawless, unparalleled performance. Even though the TIG torch doesn't particularly excel in aesthetics or transportability, it makes up for these little flaws with a plethora of benefits, such as an easy-to-use method of operation, dual welding modes, and more. We hope you'll like it as much as we did, and we wish you good luck with your welding equipment!

User Rating: 2.71 (792 votes)

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