50 Best DIY Welding Project Ideas for Gifting or Selling

Last Updated on October 2023

Welding can be a great skill to add to your résumé, and you may find it quite profitable when you become proficient.

As soon as you learn the skill, you may start taking up small projects to improve your welding abilities.

If you are already proficient at welding, it will only be good for you to attack more projects to improve your skills.

In the process, you may even fill your pocket with some extra cash. This is the ideal opportunity to look at some profitable projects to improve your welding skills and earn some money on the side.

Let’s take a look at some projects for beginners, as well as some for the more proficient welders out there.

Projects for Complete Beginner Welders

These projects should not prove to be too difficult for someone who is just starting out. As a beginner, it might be tempting to dive right in and try to create intricate pieces of art. However, you need to crawl before you can run. Take your time and teach yourself the finer things about welding before starting something big and impressive.

The washer bowl is a very good project for beginners. When it is done, it will also display nicely in whatever room you put it in. This project will help you practice your tagging skills, and you only need some washers to finish the project.

If you have a lot of spare mild steel washers in different sizes, you will be able to make a very nice fruit bowl. After welding all the washers together to form the bowl, you can clean it with alcohol and use it to hold anything you want.

A floating chain bottle holder for holding your wine is a fun project that you can show off to friends and family. This is a great way to practice your welding skills, and it will also help to improve your welding technique.

Using repeated tagging, it will help to improve your welding. This is an ideal project for creating a present for someone. This project can also become quite a profitable project side hustle, as well as provide some beautiful decor for the house.

This standing BBQ pit may be the envy of your friends and family when they see and admire your beautiful handiwork. The BBQ pit can also become very profitable if you are able to make it appealing and with good quality. People will see yours and want you to make one for them, as well.

This project will help you practice your welding skills and could help you become quite the famous BBQ pit maker. Do this project for yourself, and it may improve your personal skills, as well as your financial status.

An outdoor fireplace may add to the value of your property, especially if you are able to do it yourself. If you are a beginner welder, you don’t need to pay someone else to do it for you. The outdoor fireplace is a very easy project to complete, and you can do it without pressure from someone else.

This project also has the potential to become quite a lucrative enterprise. It is certainly something you will not regret when you look at it every time you have a family gathering.

A coat rack for the entrance hall is just the thing for beginner welders who want to be creative. Plus, it will be there for everyone to see and admire when they enter your home to hang their coats.

It is an easy project that will help improve your welding skills and give you the opportunity to practice your newly learned hobby. Who knows? This may just turn into a little business on the side for extra income.

What you need to add to the previous projects is a nice BBQ smoker. With this, you can add a handy cooking tool to your outdoor kitchen. Plus, with this handy BBQ smoker, you will be able to prepare a greater variety of foods for your home.

The BBQ smoker will enhance your outdoor kitchen and provide you with some added training and practice time for your welding skills. This will be an ideal way to boost your welding skills and practice your creativity in a very profitable and fun way.

The security door project is a fun way to secure your premises and improve the value of your property. This type of project may keep the beginner welder busy for a long time and will help hone your welding skills.

The security and safety of your home and your family is essential. If you can do that without paying someone else, that is even better. This beginner project for welders may save you a lot of money in the long run if you can pull it off on your own.

A welding table to do all your welding on is a very handy and practical project to tackle for improving your welding skills. This may seem like a difficult project to do, but it is a straightforward welding job.

While you are practicing, you can hide the ugly welding on the bottom. Even your family and friends will envy you when they lay eyes on your workbench that you made for yourself. It may just become a source of extra income for you.

Helping hands is something every do-it-yourself enthusiast would find handy when working alone and needing some extra help. This project will make your job easier in the future if your welding career requires you to work all alone.

Not everyone needs a helping hand in their homes, but it may just help you in the future when making profitable projects. This is something you will not regret having You can even use it for different types of jobs where you may need a helping hand.

A metal heart, as a piece of garden art or something you just want to decorate with, may be a good project for you. Plus, it can also be used to bring you back into your spouse’s good graces. You might even be asked by someone to make metal hearts for wedding decor or something else that requires metal heart decorations.

This is always a fun project you can use to practice your welding skills or just to get creative and show off your art. This type of project may just make someone happy that needs some cheering up.

Best Welding Project Ideas for Beginners

Simple Welding Projects for Beginners To Practice Their Skills

Most of these projects are aimed at taking you from newbie to intermediate or expert. Of course, that won’t happen overnight, and it will require lots of practice. The best way to boost your skill is by using it.

If you make enough sculptures, you will eventually be very good with your hands and your welder. Just remember that it will take time and many hours spent with your welder.

A modern metal mailbox will sit apart from the rest. You may just become the mailbox maker for your neighborhood in the future. This could bring you some notoriety and extra pocket money in the future when people see your simple mailbox. It may also be a great school project for the kids or the beginner welder who wants to make some pocket money.

A nutcracker should get the attention of everyone or may just be a conversation starter for your neighborhood BBQs and picnics. You will never struggle again when you have this heavy-duty nutcracker to crack those tough, stubborn nuts. Not everything is about money, and, when you make this handy tool, it will certainly help to make your life much easier. This may, in the end, prove to be a very versatile tool.

A clamping tool made from wire is just the right tool for keeping your fishing poles bundled together. In fact, it would work for just about anything you want to keep in a bundle. This tool will make your life trenbolon apotheke kaufen easier and hassle-free when you need to clamp that garden hose together. Whatever you use it for, you will never regret making it when others struggle and you just take your bundle and walk.

A simple pen holder may make your desk look a little different and will help to clean up your clutter. It may also be used as a paperweight to keep down those papers when the wind tries to blow them away. While you are busy making that one for yourself, go ahead and make a few more. Everyone is going to want one when they lay eyes on yours.

A steel pan hanging rack will save some space in the kitchen and change its overall look. On top of that, what woman would say no to such a nice pot hanger to hang the cookware with? This project will make any heart happy that wants some space in the kitchen and the cookware out of the way. This project is a nice space saver if you can do it yourself.

Make a horseshoe pot stand or Dutch oven holder to prevent the hot pot from burning the table. This pot stand may just help save some time by keeping you from having to repair the table. It may also save you some money in the long run. Make this project for the woman in your life, and it may just better your relationship by leaps and bounds.

By making a metal box, you will successfully create a handy storage space. At the same time, you will get more practice with your welding skills. This metal box can be converted into anything, and you will end up making more than just the one A metal box can be used anywhere from the kitchen to the workshop and anywhere else you need storage space. This metal box project may very well become a profitable enterprise, as well.

A very easy doorbell made from some offcut metals will be a great project for a learning welder. Gone will be the days that you did not hear the doorbell. There will be no more embarrassment when you open the door and find someone there waiting because you did not hear the doorbell. As a matter of fact, you can make one for the kitchen to announce dinner, as well.

Flowers are always the perfect gift for a romantic gesture, but imagine if you can make a forever metal flower gift. These metal flowers can be displayed on any wall or any surface, for that matter. They will help in decorating any room in the house. Just think of how many hearts will be touched by this creative and thoughtful gift or decor. You could also do this project for a mother’s day gift with a personal touch.

A welding cart for your welding machine is another great idea. That way, you can pull it or push it around to wherever you want to work. This is a great first, simple project to take on, and it may save a lot of time in the future. You can even upgrade it later to add a welding rod holder and extra storage space for your other tools. Spoil yourself with this project and make your life easier.

Best Welding Project Ideas for Beginners

Some Do-It-Yourself Home Welding Projects for Beginners

Here are some more projects for the DIY enthusiast. You can make these projects in your own backyard and hone your skills at the same time. Some projects will take longer than others, and some will prove to be trickier than others.

That’s part of the joy of welding — achieving something that you couldn’t do before. Practice makes perfect, so do not be too hard on yourself. A failed project is nothing less than another learning experience.

A firewood trolley or dolly is a perfect way to keep your firewood handy and in one place without making a mess. You can even pull it around for when you want to make campfire-style BBQ with wood in the outdoor fire pit. Everybody in the house will love this firewood dolly for making their life easier and less messy. Make your life simpler and much less complicated with this easy project.

A fire guard for your log burner will make everything so much easier for you and whoever uses the log burner in your home. This easy project will also make your home safer. Plus, it will spare you the stress of being worried about someone accidentally bumping into the burner and getting seriously injured when using the log burner. This project is a must before the colder months arrive and catch you unaware.

A screen for the fireplace will help in keeping your home safe. It will also keep the exploring hands of small children out of the fireplace. This project will require you to be able to do stainless steel welding for the fireplace grill. It is a safe and easy project that can be completed with little experience. At the same time, you will increase your skill level. Do this project for the safety of your loved ones.

A fire pit is a great way to build that bonfire for family gatherings. It will be perfect for an evening of sing-alongs or just being together around the fire. This strong and sturdy fire pit is just the answer to get the family together and keep them close to home and off the streets. Make this project before winter and bring the family together on those cold weekend nights when nobody wants to be out anyway.

Shelves on every wall in the house may not be ideal, but a lot of shelves may keep your things out of harm’s way. This is an ideal project to complete so that you may have enough packing space for everything in your home. Make space for the glasses and the linen and whatever else you want. You can decorate your home with creative shelving and other racks on the wall. Try one and you will not stop making shelves.

A simple stool is always a winner for a place to sit down and relax after a day’s hard work on your projects. This project is very easy to complete and will help you practice your welding skills. You can learn to make usable things that can be used in and around the home at the same time. Do this project and add some value inside and around the house. This simple stool will not take too long to make.

Even in the garden, your welding skills may come in handy to improve your greens. You can also make it much easier to grow fresh veggies. A trellis in the garden will make your life easy and keep the veggies safe from pets. Additionally, it will help protect them from the elements. Tackle this project to save you time and money, as well as heartache, since no one can harm the veggies.

Make your own hanging gardens by finishing the project of making a trellis in the shape of a house. Then, you can put your potted plants out of the way. You can put or hang anything or plant on the trellis, or put it inside or on top or wherever you want. This house-shaped trellis may, in the long run, save you a lot of time and even money by keeping your garden in order.

A garden bench is what every garden needs. Without it, your garden cannot be enjoyed as much, so you need to tackle this project. Finish this project for your home and garden. You will not regret it when you sit on it, exhausted or just to relax. This garden bench may just become your favorite spot for morning tea or coffee, or just the perfect starting place for a busy day.

A hammock rocking chair is great to put in the garden or in the sunroom for a wonderful peace and quiet morning meditation. The rocking chair is great for practicing your welding skills and improving your creativity. Plus, you just made something somebody will love to have. This is the ideal project to relax in later when your work is done. Also, you would have the satisfaction of completing an interesting project. This will not be your last rocking hammock.

Cool Projects to Show Off Your Welding Skills

The horseshoe puzzle is a very cool idea, especially for those who love puzzles. This may seem very complicated, but if you stick to the instructions, you will be just fine. Just take it easy and approach this like … well, like a decent puzzle. This will definitely impress your friends, especially if they can’t get the ring off. They’ll be left puzzled!

A ball and chain art piece would be an interesting addition to a room or even a lawn. It looks very impressive and will have onlookers admiring your skills. There might be a lot of work that goes into this, but it is absolutely worth it in the end. Not to mention that it looks cool, as if from a movie.

Want to creep people out on Halloween while also leaving them with mouths agape at the impressive welding skills you have? Try making a giant spider. This can go on top of your roof or even on your lawn. The supplies you need can be easily obtained, and this will look awesome once you’re done.

If you feel like making something that can be used again and again, you might like to create a wood-fired pizza oven. With this, you can make fresh pizza yourself while spending time outdoors with family and friends. You simply need to modify old tanks and scrap metal to make this impressive oven.

Another cool idea that will reflect your welding skills is a stainless steel shower. Not only is it something that you will actually use, it will look beautiful, as well. If that’s not enough motivation, you can save a lot of money by making this kind of shower yourself.

A gazebo is another super idea. It looks fantastic and is a really impressive project. Gazebos are especially great for making a boring backyard look fabulous. This is a big task, though, so you may need to call in some help. With more hands working on this project, it will be much easier.

If you truly want to blow everyone away with the things you can create as a welder, stairs are a great idea. Although making stairs sounds like a near-impossible feat, it’s actually very doable. Not only will you feel proud of your craftsmanship, but you’ll be able to make something that lasts.

This may be more than just a fun project to show off your abilities. It can be a way to change someone’s life. Many places lack proper wheelchair ramps and you could be the one to change that. If you’re in need of a wheelchair ramp at your own home, it could be a great way to save some money.

If you feel like showing off not only your skills but your artistic abilities, as well, consider making animal art. This kind of project is perfect for the garden. You aren’t limited to just one idea either. You can make pigs, dogs, lions, or whatever you please. It may take some time, but you’ll likely love doing it.

A dragon will be an extra cool project for any welding enthusiast. It can be as big or small as you want it to be. You can go small and cute or massive and fantastical. Of course, your choice will determine how much time and effort will be needed to complete the project

Best Welding Project Ideas for Beginners

Welding Projects to Earn Money With

With these ideas, you could use your welding skills for some extra bucks. If you make enough projects, you could just retire from your day job and make a living off of being creative with metal.

Portraits are a nifty idea for making something that you can sell, as well. You can make welded portraits of just about anyone if you practice enough. You can even make portraits that look like cartoon versions of people, just to be extra creative.

Car sculptures are another creative way to earn money with your welding skills. You can make customized car sculptures that look unique or like something we see every day — it’s all up to you. You can really go all out and be ‘artsy’ with this idea.

If you’re looking to make something that is in honor of the Christmas spirit, a star could be just the thing. It looks like Christmas personified and is gorgeous. You can even alter different designs to create a variety of starry projects.

Another ‘homey’ idea that could earn you a few bucks is making picture frames. With some creativity, you can make really beautiful frames for all those timeless memories. Sure, physical photos are becoming more and more rare, but that makes them even more important. That’s all the more reason to protect them with beautiful frames.

By using something as simple as horseshoes, you can make lovely candle holders. You have different sizes to play with, and you can be really creative. You can create attractive sculptures that will light up any room and beautify it.

Another cool idea with horseshoes is making bookends with them. It’s pretty simple but very effective. You just have to weld 2 horseshoes together at the right angle, repeat and voila! This will look great on any bookcase and isn’t very expensive to make.

Making sculptures that are good for candles is quite popular because it’s very beautiful. You can combine that with the love of Christmas and make something really impressive. You can make a candlelight tree — the combination of Christmas trees and candles. It looks really nice and is unique.

Jewelry holders are also really cool ideas. You can keep it simple and make something small and cute. You can go all out and make a giant ornamental piece suitable for a princess as well. It’s up to you and will look great no matter which direction you take.

Working with wrought iron can be a real joy, and, if you love it, you can make money from it. You could make hanging signs and sell them. There are millions of different kinds of signs you can make. You can even incorporate wood into your work for even more fun. You can make these signs for homes, as well as businesses.

If ‘ordinary’ looking projects are not for you, consider making objects from other objects, such as a steel washer bowl. Although this looks like a lot of hard work, it’s actually very simple. If you’ve got enough skill, you could even finish a bowl in one day.

For something a little more ‘niche,’ you could consider making aluminum Archangel wings. This is great for people who do cosplay and want a more realistic look to their outfit. This won’t be simple, though, so make sure it is for you. It will take a lot of time, effort, and skill, but it will be worth it in the end, that’s for sure.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve been given ample ideas and samples, it is time that you start getting creative. You can follow these instructions, or if you feel comfortable with your abilities, you can make some changes.

Some projects are really simple and won’t take longer than a day or two to finish. Others are a little more complicated and need some fine welding work to be done. These projects can take a week or longer to complete. In the end, you want to have fun while doing any of these projects, so keep that in mind.

Don’t try something that will be too difficult for your level of skill. That will suck all the joy out of what you do. The point of this is to have fun while creating something awesome. So go have fun!

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