10 Best Air Compressors [Buyers Guide 2022]

Last Updated on May 2022

You want an air compressor, but you don’t have sufficient information about how they work or the best device to work with. Well, if that is the kind of info you are looking for; you are in the right place. We give you a review of the 10 Best Air compressors on the market 2022.

But before that, if you are new to air compressors, we give you some background information.

ProductDimensions Weight
17 x 18 x 22 inches47 pounds
19 x 19 x 18 inches31.2 pounds
15.74 x 7.87 x 19.58 inches21.3 pounds
17 x 17 x 19.25 inches31 pounds
18 x 22 x 10 inches59.6 pounds
15.5 x 13.25 x 20.5 inches20 pounds
17.2 x 16.6 x 20.1 inches32.1 pounds
21.58 x 17.44 x 13.81 inches40 pounds
14 x 13 x 10 inches20 pounds
11 x 23 x 26 inches67 pounds

10 Best Air Compressors

HitachweKNT50AB Air Compressor Kit


  • Constructed of 600 denier water-resistant material
  • Equipped with 30 pockets in total for optimal storage

The NT50AE2 Brad Compressor, from the start, is amazingly light. Tipping the scales at 2.2 pounds, it’s practically confounding that it doesn’t disintegrate in your grasp, it’s that light. Its hold is rubber treated, the fare of the air is multi-directional, the air admission is at a point towards the back, and a marginally significant trigger.

With its ¼” air gulf, the working weight of 70-120 psi, and a single/consecutive incitation instrument, it comes as an incredible device in a little bundle. This compressor offers a 100, 18 measure nail limit (5/8″ to 2″), an instrument less simple to clear nose, and profundity of drive dial. My lone entanglement is it isn’t oil-less. This is not a significant issue, as any compressor should be kept up for security and precision reasons.

In the wake of utilizing this for miscellaneous items around the house (for example, reassembling a closet space front, joining meager trim to different openings), I was satisfied with the outcomes. Presently, this blower is the thing that one would expect as a hotcake blower style.


  • Convenient 6-Gallon Oil-Free Pancake Air Compressor (EC710S)
  • 2″ 18-Gauge Brad Compressor (NT50AE2)
  • 25′ x 1/4″ Hybrid Air Hose (115158)
  • Pneumatic Tool Lubricant (115338)
  • Safety Glasses (875769)


  • It might take longer than you expect to fill up

PORTER-CABLE C2002 Air Compressor


  • 150 psi max tank pressure stores more air in the tank for longer tool run times
  • 2.6 SCFM at 90 psi allows for quick compressor recovery time, per ISO1217
  • Six-gallon pancake-style tank for stability, includes water drain valve and rubber feet

At times you need to go past what the maker promotes to locate the genuine employments of a force device. On account of Porter-Cable C2002, we had a ton of fun assignment of discovering for ourselves. This implied long stretches of pouring through the detail in the manual, seeing client reports of precise application in homes or shops, and contrasting highlights with those of comparable blowers available.

Profoundly convenient, portable, and astoundingly simple to utilize, the Porter-Cable C2002 150-PSI, six-gallon pancake compressor is quite a pack for such a little bundle.

Ideal for everything from filling tires to terminating nailers, this blower includes an induction motor that gives long life and ideal execution.

For utmost convenience, this proficient unit runs off of typical household unit circuits and offers mess-less activity.


  • 150PSImax tank pressure stores more air in the tank for longer device runtimes.
  • 6 lady hotcake style tanks for steadiness, incorporates water channel valve and elastic feet.
  • 2.6 SCFM at 90PSItakes into account snappy blower recuperation time.
  • Solid siphon for long life and no support.
  • Low amp 120V engine turns over effectively in a chilly climate or with additional rope.


  • The standard package does exclude the air hoses, or frill units yet can be purchased furthermore if necessary

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor


  • 3 gallon horizontal tank and 0.36 CFM at 90 PSI. 110 Max PSI provides plenty of power to tackle DIY projects. Operates on 120 volt house outlet
  • Oil-less pump for maintenance-free ownership and strong, reliable motor output. Motor overheated
  • Equipped with 10 piece accessory kit which includes a coiled hose, blow gun, inflation needles and fittings.dBA @ 3ft:93

This is an excellent air compressor if you often handle multiple projects.


  • The Campbell Hausfeld 3-gallon air compressor kit can handle multiple projects.
  • Oilless pump for maintenance-free ownership.
  • Conveniently placed gauges are pretty easy to read, and this air compressor’s compact design makes it easily portable.
  • It includes a 10-piece accessory kit that makes it easy for you to get started on projects right away.
  • It operates on 120-volt household current.
  • 110 Max PSI, 0.36 CFM @ 90 PSI.


  • The coiled air hose might not be as long as you might want if you need a compressor with a long tube

Bostitch BTFP02012 Air Compressor


  • 78.5 dBA** operational noise level for a quiet work environment
  • High flow regulator and couplers to maximize air tool performance
  • Long life oil free, maintenance free pump for convenient use

This is an exceptionally portable and one of the best air compressors for your nail gun. You can run a small shower firearm in a crisis when this is the central blower you have. It has surmised cut-in pressure at 120 PSI and estimated cut-out weight at 150 PSI that gives 30 PSI.


  • The Bostitch BTFP02012 6 Gallon 150PSIOil-Free Compressor is compact and lightweight.
  • The 78.5 DBA** rating is perfect for a tranquil workplace.
  • It includes an oil-free oil support siphon that conveys 2.6 SCFM* 90PSI and a most extreme tank stockpiling of 150PSIfor long instrument run time with speedy recuperation.
  • At just 29 lbs, the unit is anything but difficult to carry and store.
  • It has a high flow controller and couplers to amplify air device execution. It has two all-inclusive couplers to bolster two users handily.
  • Specs: Max Tank StoragePSI= 150, Electric Power Supply, Oil-Free siphon, SCFM 90PSI= 2.6, Tank Size = 6-gallon.


  • Some users have a problem with the precision of the unit’s regulator.

Makita MAC700 Air Compressor


  • Cast iron pump with big bore cylinder and piston, combined with greater bore and stroke, delivers maximum performance
  • Substantially lower noise levels with a large 1,720 RPM pump, enabling greater displacement at lower RPM
  • Low amp draw reduces incidences of tripped breakers and voltage drop that can cause premature motor failure

The Makita MAC700 features the “Big Bore” pump cylinder and piston for high output and quieter operation.


  • It features an engineered pump with more excellent bore and stroke for faster recovery and increased compression.
  • It is powered by a 2.0 HP motor with a 2.6-gallon tank.
  • It features an oil-lubricated pump and a broad filter for greater efficiency.
  • It includes a roll bar handle and oil sight glass.
  • This blower features an operating pressure of 130 PSI.
  • It delivers at 40PSI (3.8 CFM) and 90PSI (3.3CFM).


  • If it remains unused for extended periods, it might rust the body underneath.

PORTER-CABLE CMB15 Air Compressor


  • 2.0 SCFM at 90 psi allows for quick compressor recovery time, per ISO1217
  • 1.5 gal tank in shroud is easy to carry, includes water drain valve and rubber feet
  • 150 psi max tank pressure stores more air in the tank for longer tool runtimes

The Porter-Cable CMB15 150 psi, 1.5 gals Oil-Free Fully Shrouded Compressor runs a 2.0 SCFM at 90PSItaking into account speedy blower recuperation time. It comes with the following:


  • 1.5-gallon tank is completely covered and is anything but difficult to convey. It incorporates a water channel valve and elastic feet.
  • Low Amp 120V engine turns over effectively in a chilly climate or with electrical rope, and at just 20-Pound, it is effectively convenient.
  • 150PSImax tank pressure stores more air in the tank for longer apparatus runtimes, and the strong sans oil siphon takes into consideration long life and no upkeep.


  • You might experience problems with the compressor’s balance; it tends to topple over if not well grounded

DEWALT DWFP55126 Air Compressor


  • 165 max PSI 6.0 gallon tank (22.7 L) and 2.6 SCFM delivered at 90 PSI pump. SCFM @ 40 PSI 3.7 SCFM
  • High efficiency motor for easy start up in cold weather or extension cord application. [14 ga or larger, 50 feet. (15.2 m) or less]
  • 75.5 dBA noise level for a quiet work setting

With a 165 maxPSI6.0 gallon tank (22.7 L) and 2.6 SCFM, this compressor conveys at 90PSIsiphon, empower long instrument run time with snappy recuperation.


  • It offers long life oil-free siphon for maintenance-free activity.
  • 75.5 dBA noise levels offer a quiet and peaceful workplace.
  • It has 2 widespread couplers to support two users effortlessly.
  • Helpful rope wrap for simple stockpiling.
  • It has a high-flow controller for enhanced execution.
  • High flow controllers and couplers expand air device execution.


  • The machine might leak air after some use. If this happens, you can always ask for a replacement.

DEWALT DWFP55130 Air Compressor


  • 3.0 SCFM delivered at 90 PSI pump, 2.5 gallon tank and 200 max PSI ; Pump Speed 2,300 rpm
  • Durable oil Free pump provides extended maintenance Free operation
  • Low 71.5 dB allows for quieter operation;High flow regulator for increased Performance

DEWALT 200PSIcalm trim compressor finds space in this review of 10 Best Air compressors. It includes a 2.5 gallon, 200PSImax tank, and conveys 3.0 standard cubic feet every moment (SCFM) at 90 pounds for each square inch (tried per ISO1217).


  • Reliable, sans oil siphon, gives upkeep free activity.
  • It delivers a low 71.5 dB working noise level.
  • The proficient engine just draws 12 amps, giving simple beginning up and lessening the chance of stumbling.
  • Estimating just 14 inches wide and weighing only 36 pounds, this blower is reduced and convenient.
  • Move confine configuration makes an advantageous and agreeable handle for transportation, stockpiling, and insurance.
  • They should put away in a flat or vertical position.


  • Some users have a problem with the relatively short durability of this air compressor.

Senco PC1010 Air Compressor


  • Lightweight and portable–easy to carry from site to site as you work
  • One horsepower peak ,1/2 horsepower runningand one-gallon capacity
  • Ideal for a range of renovation and home improvement jobs, as well as for hobbies and crafts

This air compressor features an immediate drive engine/siphon that gives extra-productive activity to an assortment of occupations. In addition, it has these other features and capabilities:


  • Aluminum chamber offers credible durability.
  • Siphon is without lube, no wreckage, and removal issues engaged with working with oil.
  • It’s quiet
  • The PC1010 makes almost no noise while running.
  • This blower is fit for conveying 20 to 44 drives for each moment, contingent upon the instrument and application.
  • Rubber-covered feet won’t scratch hardwood floors, so you can feel good utilizing it in your home.


  • Though it’s an excellent device, it looks like the manufacturer needs to improve response to customer queries.

Campbell Hausfeld DC080500 Air Compressor


  • QUIET: The DC080500 air compressor is up to 50% quieter than comparable compressors, producing just 68 dBA which it makes the unit ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • VERSATILE: This compressor is perfect for inflation, hobby painting, stapling, fastening, nailing, and bolting projects
  • DURABLE: The compressor’s key components last up to four times longer due to its oil-free, maintenace free, dual piston pump

At only 68 dB, this air compressor offers a peaceful workplace and is perfect for anybody working where noise is a significant issue. It provides the following:


  • Long life, Oil-Free, support free siphon for advantageous on-going use.
  • Essential parts last up to multiple times longer.
  • The double cylinder siphon system is designed for superior and strength, and it produces 25% more air contrasted with other 1.0 HP air blower engines.
  • Strong, oil-free siphon furnishes broadened upkeep free activity with prevalent engine execution.


  • It might not be as durable as you might want.

 Buyer’s Guide

How Air Compressors Work

Single-stage, piston-type air blowers are the most widely recognized models for home use and function admirably for some applications around the home or workshop. An electric engine, or fuel motor, powered by an eletrical cord drives a piston that packs air and powers it into a capacity tank. As the cylinder powers more breath in, the gaseous tension ascents. When the pressure arrives at a predetermined level, the blower quits running. The compressor restarts to construct the air pressure stress back up as you utilize the put-away air to control an instrument. When signaled to release high pressured air is ran through the Air compresor valve and fed through the compressors hose line. For detailed information on the top rated air compressor hoses [Read our full guide]

Two-phase blowers have two cylinders. The primary packs the air and pushes it through a check valve to the subsequent cylinder, which packs it further and conveys it to the tank. These blowers are typically uncompromising, business models that carry a more prominent volume of air at higher pounds per square inch (PSI) levels. They’re acceptable decisions for constant use in shops or to control numerous devices on the double.

With that said, the fact is there are myriads of air compressors in the market, and what you need is the best air compressor available. If that is the case, don’t worry, we’ve done the background research and came up with a list and review of the best air compressors you can ever get. Consider the following list.

Where is Compressed Air Used?

Compacted air powers a wide range of sorts of gadgets. It can be utilized to push a cylinder, as in a jackhammer, it can experience a little air turbine to turn a pole, as in a dental drill, or it very well may be extended through a spout to create a rapid fly, as in a paint sprayer. You may also see metal fabricators use their air compressor to blow off the shavings on their welding surface and then clean it up with thier heavy duty dry vacuum.

Packed air gives torque and revolution capacity to pneumatic devices, such as metal die grinders and drills, brushes, nut sprinters, riveting firearms, and screwdrivers. Some type of rotational air engine commonly fuels such devices, such as the vane or projection-type or on the other hand by an air turbine.

Similarly, regular are gadgets delivering sidelong movement and direct power, either consistent or discontinuous. Regular models are clasps, presses, and the program takes care of. Pneumatic stress can likewise be used to quicken a mass, which at that point applies an effect upon a blacksmith’s iron, as in clearing breakers and heap drivers.

Basic applications in modern plants and on development locations are air-controlled nail guns, staplers, screwdrivers,  torque wrenches, paint showering, and passing on of material. In paint showering and air passing on, the dynamic weight of the air confers movement.

Best Places to Purchase Air Compressors


There are several places to buy welding accessories online. However, for worry-free return policies, transparency in terms of product quality and customer service, and fast shipping, head over to Amazon.

When you browse on Amazon, you can see what previous buyer reviews on the product they bought, and find out everything spec wise on the items quality, protective features, and comfort. You don’t need to go out to compare prices or features.

If you have problems with purchasing from Amazon, their customer service is excellent. You can also quickly and easily return to them.


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