Can You Weld Black Iron Pipe?

Last Updated on May 2022


If you are new to welding, you might be wondering whether you can weld a black iron pipe. You might even be wondering what this pipe is in the first place. In this article, we define briefly what a black tube is and discuss whether or not you can weld this kind of pipe.

What is Black Pipe?

Interestingly, a black pipe is an ordinary iron pipe but coloured black.  The black colour is the outcome of the iron-oxide that forms on the surface of the metal during manufacturing. Usually, these pipes are used to transport propane gas and natural gas in residential applications. This pipe is made as seamless, which accounts for its preference as a better option for gas transportation as well as fire sprinkler systems.

This type of pipe hot-favourite metal among welders is easy to use it to create projects and fittings found at local home improvement stores and scrap piles.

Difference between the Black pipe and Galvanized Pipes 

Diverse Coating

Black pipe is made of steel as is aroused channel. The thing that matters is that the stirred pipe is covered with zinc, while the black tube isn’t.

Distinctive Application

Black channel is best utilized for gas lines, not for water lines since it rusts effectively, while aroused can’t be used for gas lines because the zinc can stop up the ropes when it starts to chip, electrifies pipe is the more secure pipe to use in water lines.

Distinctive Corrosion Resistance

The black channel is a light covering and gives just the barest security. The black pipe will rust outside. The stirred channel will scarcely rust by any stretch of the imagination.  This is a vital quality especially if the item you are welding requires high corrosion resistance

Different Cost

Black channel is less expensive than aroused pipe as a result of the zinc that is added to the stirred channel.

Is it Safe to Weld Black Iron Pipe?

Indeed, because the black pipe isn’t galvanized with zinc, there’s no danger of making toxic zinc-oxide fumes while welding. Typical well-being safety measures are adequate.

However, there are some risks, but the good thing is that you can avoid these risks. Consider the following:

Black iron channels are known for high protection from heat, and they are seen in both sprinkler frameworks and convey cooling waters. Black iron pipe is bound to rust, which makes it not perfect for carrying water; however, it is as yet utilized because it is reasonable and straightforward to discover.

What are the Risks of Welding with Black Iron?

The general dangers that accompany welding black iron channel are like distinctive welding materials. The absence of zinc in the covering implies that there is not the same amount of poisonous fumes as there could be, however, that doesn’t suggest that welding this material is safe.

With welding, there are risks with working with the welding gun and even the materials. Black iron pipe ought to be dealt with simply like some other stuff to remain as sheltered as you can while taking a shot at it.

  • Shock

With regards to welding, shock is one of the most well-known dangers that a welder can confront. Not only can there be an issue with the hardware that is being utilized, but wet or messy working conditions can also lead to mishaps.

Shock can likewise happen through defensive apparatus, and some welding things have various voltages that the client ought to be all around prepared in preceding use.

Of course, nobody wants to get this kind of experience in the course of duty.

  • Fumes

Even though the black iron pipe doesn’t have the equivalent harmful fumes that originate from stirred channels, there is as yet a lot of vapour and gases that can negatively affect your well-being.

The area you are working in ought to have unmistakably natural regions where you need mask ventilation and zones protected from breathing freely. If you are working in a similar room as another person, the material they are working with could emit fumes. For more information on top rated fume extractors [See our full Review]

  • Injuries

The most glaring danger of welding is the danger of real injury. Presentation to high-compelled gases and extraordinary heat are visited in a welding domain. Without the best possible defensive rigging, labourers can be presented to injuries, for example, waterfalls, welder’s glimmer, and even likely visual deficiency.

Starts and fire are the two occasions that can occur in welding, which can bring about consumes or metal flotsam and jetsam from instruments or materials being dealt with.


It is getting rid of mill-scale plant scale and other assembling coatings (inside just as outside) is a decent practice to decrease fumes and guarantee a quality weld. It’s consistently a smart thought to give sufficient ventilation and utilize a respirator.

Is Black Iron Weld-able?

Some people think it’s not advisable to weld black iron pipes. Others believe that these pipes are not even weld-able. They have their reasons to think so.

However, the fact is that these pipes are weld-able since they are not galvanized with zinc. As earlier mentioned, the outer black coating is an iron oxide coating.

The heating of white cast iron for quite a long time makes ductile iron with advantageous properties. Black pipe fittings made of ductile iron are extreme with adequate protection from wear and stun.

If that pliant cast iron is warmed-over its essential temperature, around 1700℉ (925℃), the carbon will recombine with the metal, changing go into white cast iron.

Thus, black iron fittings are bad to weld because the heat of welding will change its qualities. The accessories become weak and inclined to splitting.

Brazing, or braze welding at a temperature under 1700℉ is a decent method to get iron fittings together with a black steel pipe.

Another option is to utilize weld-able produced iron pipe fittings like these attachment weld fittings.

You can weld a black iron pipe, but how?

For more in depth info on welding cast Iron [read our full guide]

Welding Black Iron pipe

You can weld black “iron” pipe since it’s made of mellow steel, not iron. Black steel pipe can be welded utilizing any welding technique used for steel. This incorporates MIG, motion center, TIG, and stick curve welding.

However, black pipe fittings are made of pliable black iron. Black iron fittings are hard to weld without damaging the joint.

The most effortless approach to weld black iron channel is by utilizing a welding strategy called bend welding.

Welding Black Iron pipe – Step by Step Guide

  1. After your black iron channel and the metal, you need to bond it to is spotless from garbage and soil. They should be cinched together as solidly as they can be.
  2. Bend welding utilizes exceptional power to create heat sufficiently high to liquefy the two metals together. This procedure can likewise be called stick welding if a terminal is used to make a circular segment where the power is coming from.
  3. Test your welding firearm on a region of the crease between the two metals after putting on the correct well-being hardware.
  4. This will frequently dissolve the two together immediately, which makes the difficulty of the two metals before working the entire crease.
  5. Utilize the gun to go down the ridge of the metals. Turn when required, and this ought to make a globule where the two metals are associated.
  6. After the two are sufficiently cool to contact, the surfaces should be cleaned with a welding tool brush, and any debris should be removed to keep the surface smooth and clean.

As you can see from the above, welding black iron pipes is not rocket science. You’ll produce a pleasant and professional weld quite quickly as long as you use the right tools and procedures.

Albeit black iron channel has iron in its name, it’s made of poor quality, mild steel. Mild steel is a delicate metal that can be expertly welded and cut with a torch. Sellers and industry experts in America will necessarily allude to plan 40 steel pipes when discussing black iron pipe.

Mild steel is used because it can twist; it very well may be cut with light and is a lot simpler to work with generally speaking. Recognizing what black iron is made of is significant because the iron’s warm properties are not the same as those of mild steel.


So, next time you have an assignment that requires you to weld a black iron pipe, do not hesitate. However, remember that though this metal is safe to weld, you need to take the precautionary measures highlighted above. Do not forget the step-by-step guide we’ve given here, as this is the only sure way to weld this metal properly.

When you do this, you’ll avoid shocks, fumes and injuries associated with this kind of welding.

You can use a black iron pipe for a wide range of welding assignments. For instance, you can use for home remodelling, making sculptures, automobile body repair and much more.

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