How To get Free Scrap Metal For Welding

Last Updated on October 2023


There are many reasons why you might be looking for free scrap metal for welding. It might be for efficient management of your limited resources, cost reduction and if you are eco-friendly (which you, should be) you might be looking for this reason as your contribution to reducing land fill utilization.
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But scrap metal can be expensive and buying the same will push your costs up. So getting free scrap metal is the sure way to go. In this article we share with you some insights on how you can get free scrap metal easily.

It’s critical to comprehend what you’re searching for. Some essential things that you need to watch out for will be apparatuses, tables/seats (office furniture), TV/PCs, racks, exercise gear, metal confines, bed frames, any stray pieces, and obviously automobile parts. This is in no way, shape or form a comprehensive rundown, so keep your brain and eyes open when you’re out there gathering.

Here’s our list of the best places to get free scrap metal for welding:

  • Local Construction and Renovation Sites
  • Local Businesses
  • Assisted Hospitals, Living Centers, and Medical Clinics
  • Antique or Junk Stores
  • Shooting Ranges
  • Dumpsters
  • Farms and Ranches
  • Contractors
  • Industrial Areas

List of the Places for free scrap metal for welding

Local Construction Sites

It doesn’t make a difference what nation or city you live in there is consistently development occurring. You will discover private and business structures being manufactured all year. These are incredible areas for you to discover some salvaged material. They are likewise incredible spots to get some answers concerning different locales you can visit too.

Before you begin looking over a dumpster or taking bits of metal up out the ground, it is prescribed you converse with the laborers on location to discover who the foreman. Inquire as to whether it is alright to rescue salvaged material or if there is some place he/she can prescribe to get free metal. When you have the foreman’s authorization you would then be able to converse with different specialists about bringing home a few pieces.

Local Businesses

The best local organizations to begin conversing with will be your nearby little motor or auto fix shops (don’t go to the notable partnerships), attempt the independently employed entrepreneurs that will most likely be all to glad to chat with you. This can be a gold mine with regards to gathering salvaged metal material.

Familiarize with them first. Discover to what extent they’ve been doing business, and why they began their business. See whether they right now have anybody evacuating their garbage for them, and in the event that they’re paying for it or not.

Assisted Living Centers, Hospitals, and Medical Clinics

This one can be somewhat trickier to get hold of the correct individual. Be that as it may, have confidence, in case you’re ready to manufacture a relationship with the overseer while booking a get together and disclose to them that you have a free piece evacuation service, they ought to be very glad to let you drag away any old wheelchairs, machines, or beds (bed outlines make for extraordinary salvaged material as well).

In case you can plan a meeting with the manager, try to discover what their present systems are for disposing of garbage is. See whether it costs them any cash to dispose of their garbage and ensure you appear to be keener on getting them out than you do in gathering garbage from them. On the off chance that you can show them the worth that you can bring to their business, they will be unmistakably bound to need to work with you.

Antique or Junk Stores

These spots are somewhat harder to discover free salvaged material, however there’s modest salvaged material lying around the same amount of. You can discover irregular bits of salvaged material that won’t cost much out of your pocket, now and then you simply need to continue glancing around until you see a decent arrangement.

There are huge amounts of utilized steel or metal shells to be gathered here. You’ll discover an assortment of shapes, sizes, and hues you can braze, patch or attach to any welding undertaking to include visual intrigue.

Dumpsters/Local Landfills

Try not to be hesitant to get somewhat grimy when searching for salvaged material. Now and then you can discover some extremely significant bits of scrap while looking through dumpsters. I don’t mean hopping shoulder-deep into the dumpster and figuring out each bit of trash there is.

In some cases investigating what’s standing out of the dumpster and moving a couple of packs from the highest point of the junk to the side can uncover a pleasant shrouded pearl you didn’t see previously.

Farms and Ranches

In case you’re in a rustic region, in most cases you can discover old beat-up relinquished vehicles that have been there for quite a long time. You should check with the nearby law enforcement first to ensure that the vehicle isn’t enrolled to anybody. You can likewise check any of the dumpsters close to some rancher’s organizations to check whether they’ve disposed of whatever you can utilize.

Search for utilized horseshoes for your welding project ventures. Easy to weld and sturdy, on the off chance that you can envision something, odds are that you can make it out of horseshoes.

Shooting Ranges

There are huge amounts of utilized steel or metal shells to be gathered here. You’ll discover an assortment of shapes, sizes, and hues you can braze, bind or attach to any welding undertaking to include visual intrigue.

Reach your nearby shooting ranges (open or private) as ahead of schedule as conceivable before heading over yonder. Inquire as to whether they need/need somebody to drag away the entirety of their released shells for nothing and contact however many shooting ranges close by as would be prudent.

Industrial Areas

In case you can discover an assembling office or distribution center, a great deal of times they will have salvaged material simply lying around behind their structure. Now and again they will put broken apparatus that you can approach to get for nothing for them.

In many cases, they will be completely excited to let you remove it for them, simply make sure to make reference to that your service is free for them and at the time they determine.


Contact your local handymen, electricians, roofers, or siding contractual workers HVAC fix experts and let them think about your free garbage evacuation services.

Another extraordinary tip that not many individuals think about is to join some Facebook welding groups gatherings and begin reaching various temporary workers through there.

Begin posting in the gatherings first before adding a lot of aliens to your companion’s rundown. Attempt to discover something enlightening that you can post that will bring them worth, and remark on any post you see them posting about. The more comfortable they get with seeing your face, the more open they’ll be to having a discussion with you.

Attempt to keep the discussion as normal as could reasonably be expected, discover progressively about them first and check whether they need your service. In the event that you need you can even make a Facebook page or fan page as a garbage removal service, that way you look progressively real when conversing with individuals about your business.

Another area may be a fence manufacturer. Regardless of whether they have some expertise in PVC fencing, there is a metal post utilized that is crashed into the ground, and afterward, a squared PVC sleeve slid over. If you visit with somebody from the business, possibly they will save buckets of scrap for you to get after each occupation.

Free Salvaged Metal on the web/Craigslist or Offer Up

With the web you can discover free metal online without leaving your home. Some bigger parts of metal, similar to steel bed edges and old clothes washers, can at times are difficult for individuals to discard. On the off chance that they don’t have a vehicle to drive it some place or are old, for instance. This works out for your potential benefit in the event that you ready to get it from them.

Craigslist or OfferUp are two destinations that will be ensured to get you some salvaged material. The main thing you need to do is continually being online. One man’s waste is another man’s fortune! Ensure that you are steady with mentioning to individuals what you’re searching for on your posts. Machines, automobile parts, metal pet enclosures or whatever else you can consider will do ponders.

With OfferUp, you can generally tell individuals that you can remove their garbage for nothing, or simply notice that you’re hoping to purchase extremely modest bed casings, apparatuses, or whatever else you can consider. The other incredible thing is that you can generally attempt to deal the cost down lower.

Drive Around on Garbage Day

If you have a vehicle, at that point you ought to be out driving around on trash day. It’s astounding what individuals will put-out by their trash receptacles with the expectation that somebody will drive by and get these things.

Free Scrap near Garbage Bins

You can discover a wide range of things like aluminum seats, bicycles thus substantially more. Indeed, even places of business will put things adjacent to the huge trash receptacles that they know ought to be given and not discarded. They likewise put these things next to (not inside) the containers so you will take them.

A ton of the things you find next to trash receptacles may be littler. For example, you could discover metal wrenches and things like that. These things can be manufactured and filled forms so you can make something with them.

iScrap App for everything Scrap Metal

In case you truly need to be in-contact with the whereabouts of metal piece yards, laws around salvaged metal material thus substantially more, download the iScrap application. In the wake of downloading you enter your city or town and you will be acquainted with the entirety of the nearby scrapyards and that’s just the beginning.

If you have salvaged material you can utilize this application to disclose to you the current costs for your metal. It’s incredible in the event that you need some additional money. On the off chance that you get in great with somebody at one of these areas possibly you can work a lot to buy your salvaged material at discounted pricing and sell your projects for a profit.

For those not as active, there are online promotions or essentially ask companions and family members that you realize who may have associations with break the ice for you first!


Locations that take gifts of home furnishings and things could be a gold mine. On the off chance that these spots have a drop-off area, a few people will exploit this and leave metal items things that genuinely don’t have a place there. These things could be vast bits of railing or whatever else.

Any appliance repair shops and used machines and furniture stores deserve your attention. You may need to dismantle pieces to get what you need, yet it is free.

Muffler shops could be another excellent choice. These shops use new pipes that are occasionally chopped down, and they generally have scrap mufflers and other metal pieces to discard.

These are not the only places and methods of getting free scrap metal, but they give you an idea of the kind of sites to get this vital waste metal. You don’t have to spend a dime purchasing scrap metal when all these options are available.

With that said, you no longer have to worry about where to get scrap metal for welding. In case you are not out-going, you may make some difficult times getting free scrap metal. If you don’t have an issue conversing with outsiders or in any event, ringing them to discuss what you are searching for and why then you ought to have enough metal to last you in excess of a lifetime!

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