10 Awesome Do it Yourself Welding Side Businesses

Last Updated on May 2022


Maybe you are a new welder or you want to start some welding business and make money along the way. The problem is you don’t know what opportunities are available out there. You can actually earn some extra cash along with your usual day job.

You are on the right track. Demand for welders is growing with time and this ensures you’ll hardly miss something to do with your welding machine and make money in the process. But then, how do you go about it?

Figure Out the Legalities

Before you join the bandwagon why not get the legal requirements right first? For instance, if you are already working in a welding shop you must know the terms of your contract with your employer.

Some employers won’t give a damn while others don’t hesitate to fire you and take further legal action against you. Take precautions and follow avenues that won’t infringe on your contractual obligation.

Without sorted out, it’s time for you to scout around for welding side gigs that will see money flowing your way. Consider the following tried and tested welding gigs for a start.

10 Awesome Do it Yourself Welding Side Businesses

i) Make and Sell Art or Furniture

Have you noted how many people love metal sculptures, model cars, characters and furniture in their homes and gardens? Al these pieces of art are products of welders like you. Why not join the party and design different types of fabricating items?

You might not make all imaginable of fabricated items imaginable. The best thing might be to select some categories for a start and see which ones resonate with your clients. Once you establish a niche and become a star, you’ll get a constant feed of customers lining up for items made by you.

ii) Try the Housing Industry

If you live in a neighborhood that has many houses, chances are, you’ll always have homeowners who want a fence, a balustrade, a gate or even a structural work done. The amount of work you can get in the housing industry immense.

In case you opt for this route, it’s prudent to prepare for onsite work. You might, for example, decide to have some long extension cables to plug in nearby sources of power.

iii) Interior Decoration

Homeowners love to make their homes look pretty. That’s why people spend substantial amounts of money on interior décor. This translates into lots of jobs for insightful welders.

Think of items such as light fixtures, coat racks, fireplace guards, frames and other types of metal accessories and you quickly see the potential of this market.

One good thing about this business is that the items you make a relatively small and the materials won’t cost you much. Besides, with proper marketing and pricing, you can sell a significant quantity of these home décor items.

Don’t forget you can scale up your side-business by making customized items for your customers.

iv) Yard Art

Still, at the home front, you can do some outdoor decorations by putting your welding skills to work in the yard.

Yard art is a profitable side business if you love enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the outdoors. This gig is excellent for anyone who wants to start with nothing too serious. The art doesn’t require high-level welding skills.

In case you are new to this, welded yard art comprises of small pieces of metal such as scraps and leftovers, which are then put together to form small decorative objects.

You can design anything that will mesmerize people in the yard. Such objects of art can include animals, birds, and other caricatures.

This job can be fun since it basically taps on your creativity and sense of fun.

What’s even better is that you won’t have to spend a fortune to start this business. Why? Your raw materials are basically wastes and otter low-cost materials.

v) Car Ramps

If you are a car enthusiast, you can join others in your league by helping them repair and (or) fit new car ramps on their favorite motorized-machines. In this category, car businesses, garages, and individual car enthusiasts become your key customers.

Of course, different cars will have different requirements. Use your creativity to get precisely what the customer wants. Then, deliver the best of what you can. What you charge for these services will depend on the nature and the magnitude of the job. Smaller vehicles will require smaller ramps while bigger vehicles will take more time and effort to get the perfect ramp.

vi) Build and Repair Trailers

Trailers are quite popular with many people. They help them haul cargo with ease and convenience. However, buying a new trailer from the leading high-end manufacturers can be quite expensive. This allows you to tap into this market by building your own custom trailers and selling them at a fraction of the price of the premium trailers.

However, quality is essential if you have to make inroads in this business. Just because the trailers you make are budget-friendly does not mean people will come flocking to buy them. No one is going to buy a poor quality trailer that looks like it was hived from a tree just because it’s cheaper than the one from the factory.

You can as well decide to buy and repair old trailers then sell them at a profit.

Whether you decide to make new trailers or buy and makeover old ones, it’s advisable to stick to the common size. Unless a client asks for one that’s out of the common size, such as a heavy haulage trailer, you might end up with trailers that almost nobody wants to buy.

vii) Aluminum Welding

Aluminum welders are in short supply. Though this is more specialized welding but it is in high demand. The good thing is that you can easily set up your side-business in this field.

In case you don’t have the skills and expertise to handle the job, invest in some courses to up your skillset. You’ll reap handsomely later. If you live near an ocean, river or any other water body that allows boat adventures, think of the money you can make just making aluminum boats.

The high demand for aluminum welding services allows you to charge higher rates than a normal fabricating shop.

viii) Become a High-risk Welding Specialist

If you are okay with your adrenalin, this is another type of welding side gig that you can take and make some extra money. The good thing about this type of job is that they pay much higher than conventional welding. The downside is that you have to work in areas or welding tasks considered high risk.

What are some of the tasks and work environments? You might be required to work at abnormal heights, for instance, imagine welding the outer side of a skyscraper? Yes, welding as you hang precariously at a height of the 200 feet above the ground. That’s not for you if you are acrophobic.

Underwater welding is another good example of high-risk welding assignments that you can specialize in.

You might also be required to weld around hazardous substances. Irrespective of the kind of risk involved beware that this is not the kind of work you just wake up one morning and decide this is it. You need special skills, safety gear and the will to take the risk.

Getting some training will go a long way in preparing you for these jobs. You can choose to be a generalist in this field or take specialized training that prepares you for a specific type of high-risk welding job.

ix) Overflow Jobs

This requires you to take advantage of the fluctuations of workflows to welding companies. The amount of work available is not always constant, even to the established companies. So, if you get spare time during regular working hours, you can ask for welding opportunities from these companies when they have more work than they can handle.

Such companies will gladly assign you some work instead of hiring new staff. This saves the company the agony of what to do with the extra staff during off-peak periods.

Don’t ignore the smaller machine shops. They too can get overwhelmed by work and seek the services of a freelancer like you. Once they are happy with your work, they won’t hesitate to contact you every time they get surplus work. Who knows? You might find yourself fully occupied by the numerous assignments you get from different machine shops.

x) Maintenance Contracts

How many times have opportunities slipped right through your fingers in your neighborhood? You know pretty well that some large business shut down shop for some time to do maintenance work. Can you imagine of maintenance work that has nothing for welders?

It’s during times like these that such companies look for contract welders to speed up the maintenance work. The range of welding work that you can get here is wide, and though in most cases the work is hard, you are well compensated for your work.


Have you noted that these 10 Awesome Do it yourself welding side businesses ideas are not mutually exclusive? You can always land projects that require more than one of these tricks of using your welding machine to make money. You can get a fencing job and the home or business owner asks whether you can do some interior décor.

Why not try and master a number of these gigs and use your new-found business acumen to make some extra money?

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