Yeswelder 205DS Review Buyers Guide 2022

Last Updated on May 2022

If you are looking for an efficient and high-quality multi-process welder, you might have come across the Yeswelder MIG-205DS welder. However, you might also have wondered whether this it’s low price reflects the welder’s actual performance. In this review, we consider the facts and help you determine whether this multi-process welder is worth its low price.

Price discourages many small workshops back from adding a multi-welder. Or then again, you might be looking for a modest backup welder. Regardless, you may be compelled to consider those inexpensive, imported welders we all see on the market.

The Yeswelder MIG-205DS an alluring sticker price. Be that as it may, is it great?

Indeed, the 205DS shows up with the capacity to MIG, flux core as well as stick weld. Also, you can add DC TIG welding as an alternative. You likewise get various highlights pressed into this lightweight, smaller unit, similar to the capacity to utilize 110V or 220V.

The YesWelder 205DS resembles an adaptable multi-welder, and on paper, it provides a ton for a fraction of the cost of more costly, name-brand machines. It appears contradicting since as the adage goes, you get what you pay for.

Along these lines, we did some research to learn more about this intriguing made-in-China machine, so you don’t need to go through the same process. Consider the following.


What’s Included

  • 10′ Mig Gun
  • 10′ Earth clamp and Cable with 35-50 quick connector
  • 10′ Electrode holder and Cable with 35-50 quick connector
  • 110V/220V Adapter
  • American gas hose
  • 030″ & (1) 0.035″ contact tips
  • Hammer & Brush

Pros & Cons Of The MIG-205DS


  • Low price
  • Uses either 110V or 220V power supply
  • Ready to MIG, stick, and flux core weld out of the box
  • Gas-on button to set up the regulator
  • Wire feed button to aid in tip setup
  • 2T and 4T MIG welding
  • Dedicated 100% CO2 setting
  • Lift DC TIG option
  • Inductance setting can be fine-tuned to adjust arc quality
  • Compact and light
  • Carry handle makes it easy to move around
  • Dust cover to protect the control panel
  • The set gas type, wire thickness, and stock thickness, and weld settings are automatically adjusted
  • Fine-tuning of the welding presets is possible


  • No consumables included
  • Many of the units are in mm, not inches
  • The fan is constantly on which can be irritating when not welding.
  • It will not TIG weld aluminum, it only does DC TIG,
  • No weld settings chart on the machine
  • No TIG torch included
  • Cannot use a foot pedal when doing TIG welding process
  • Need your own gas regulator
  • Inverter technology is a cause of concern to some users when it comes to longevity
  • Case metal is rather thin to hold up to dents and dings if you are using it as a portable welder

The MIG-205DS Buyers Guide –Things You Need to Know

Reasons why multi-process welders make sense:

  1. Offers labor savings from multiple processes immediately available.
  2. Space savings by combining multiple units.
  3. Cost less than buying several single-purpose units.

Multi-process welding units make a lot of sense for auto body specialists, small fab outfits, and home DIY craftsmen.

One-man operations save a lot with one main and a backup unit that still costs less than an entire set of specialized units.

So, with that sorted out, let’s shift focus to the details of MIG-205DS.

TIG Welding

While this unit is meant for DC TIG there is no TIG torch in the case. Along these lines, you should buy one when purchasing the welder if you need to DC TIG with this welder.

Likewise, the YesWelder MIG-205DS only uses a lift TIG technique. This welder can’t work with a foot pedal.

No Consumables

Yeswelder kept things inadequate with the consumables you get in the case. You get no stick electrodes, no wire, and only a few tips (one 0.030 and one 0.035 to exact). With regards to consumables, you should purchase those independently.

Fortunately, you can purchase electrodes and welding wire straight from the manufacturers at a good price and value.

No Welding Aluminum

Since this unit can’t AC-TIG, you may figure you can MIG-weld aluminum if you need to. But, this unit isn’t spool gun prepared. Yet, running solid aluminum wire through the wire feed framework is conceivable if you understand what you are doing.

To put it plainly, do not buy this welder if you will be welding aluminum for the first time. Yet, with some experimentation, you can figure out how to run aluminum wire through the machine’s wire feed system. But you have to be patient and can manage an issue or two once in a while.

You’ll Need Your Own  Regulator

Another thing you need to get on your own is the gas regulator. While you do get a gas hose, the regulator is excluded. The manufacturers have their own branded regulator found here which we are told functions admirably.

Euro Dinse Connectors

The leads utilize the shorter “Euro” dinse connectors to plug into the unit. They turn out great, however, they are somewhat shorter.

So, if you have some older leads with a somewhat longer connector, they won’t fit into the YesWelder MIG-205DS.

If you, later on, need to add extensions or swap out the torch or light, simply ensure you get the Euro, shorter dinse connector (dinse 35-50).

User Manual/Welding Guide

You won’t get much from their user manual when you buy this unit. It is short, inadequately composed, and contains inadequate info for a novice in welding.

Also, you won’t find the chart usually printed inside of the wire drive door. This makes the unit harder to use, even with the aid of the presets programmed into the unit.

You ought to expect some time online to figure out how to set and utilize your new welder. The uplifting news is this welder is popular, so there are a lot of videos to guide you through.  Also, there are charts made by different users that you can download.

Likewise, many clients discover the settings for comparable Miller welders give a decent beginning stage to your settings.

Metric Units

When you enter your stock thickness, you’ll only do so in millimeters. You won’t find any mm to inch converter with this machine. So, be ready to convert the metric on your own.

Inverter Technology

The use of inverter technology permits this machine to weigh less and be minimized. It likewise supplies 200A of force yield from a minimal welder, with a 60% duty cycle. That is in fact a top quality.

However, while inverter technology functions admirably, you may hear a few welders say that the truth will surface eventually and prove if this technology is durable. Up until now, the appropriate response gives an impression of being indeed, yet to be reasonable this technology is more up to date if you compare it to some older designs.


Given that this machine comes at about half the cost of many f its competitors, this a worthy purchase by any action. Yet, remember to include the missing gas controller, consumables, and discretionary TIG light/adornments that you may need to purchase independently.

Arc  Quality

The Arc on the Yeswelder MIG-205DS intrigues most. Truth be told, with a little experience, you can downplay the scatter. Indeed, even experienced welders consider the arc quality found on this unit a solid point.

To tweak the arc, this unit likewise allows you to change the inductance setting. This allows you to streamline the arc, or make it somewhat harsher, depending on the situation for a specific weld.

Ground Clamp

The brace or clamp is strong and incorporates an interlaced wire to interface the jaws. This isn’t a discovered thing on many spending welders.

Wire Feed System

Each of the parts on the wire feed System is metal. (On many low-cost class welders, a portion of the feed parts are plastic.) Yeswelder seems to comprehend the significance of the wire feed framework and incorporated some quality into theirs.

2T and 4T MIG

It depends on what you prefer, and most units out there use the 2T strategy. However, the YesWelder MIG-205DS gives you the choice to use a 4T MIG strategy.

For the individuals who may not know, in 2T you pull the trigger to begin welding, and you discharge it to stop. 4T methods you pull the trigger to begin your arc at that point discharge it to keep welding. At the point when you need to stop, you pull and deliver the trigger once more.

4T sounds convoluted on paper. Be that as it may, for long welds, it implies you don’t need to hold the trigger the entire time.

Lift TIG

Another surprising feature on the MIG-205DS, the lift TIG start intrigues even experienced welders. It doesn’t stick, yet it is rather smooth and permits you to improve welds. This sort of execution isn’t normally found on spending units.


The shipped unit weighs 33 lbs, and its core “power source” just weighs 22 lbs. Additionally, the case is sufficiently little to conceal for transport and there is a convey handle on top. For the individuals who carry the welder to work or use a welding cart or wagon, the YesWelder MIG-205DS makes moving your multi-welder around simple.

SMAW Welding

For the individuals who depend on stick welding in specific circumstances, this welder has you covered. It arrives with an electrode holder, however, you get no rods.

Power  Supply

If you do move around a great deal, you are bound to discover 110V outlets. Don’t worry about it, this unit can run on 110V, yet can likewise utilize 220V if accessible.

Or on the other hand, if you intend to add 220V in your shop, later on, you can run 110V meanwhile. You are not restricted and extension cord or the plug adapter is incorporated

Setup Buttons

Yeswelder has some pleasant touches to help you set up. One is the wire feed button that runs the wire feed framework all alone. This allows you to take care of the wire through the lead to the firearm at a controlled speed with your gas off.

You can do likewise for the gas. There is a gas “on” button that runs the gas autonomously. Once more, that allows you to run gas through your system and set the flow rate precisely.

MIG-205DS Versus MIG-250 Ace

If you are thinking about the MIG-205DS, you may have seen Yeswelder also offer a model up – called the MIG-250 Professional.

As there isn’t much distinction in value, a rundown will do. In case you’re searching for that additional power, might want to weld on aluminum and you realize you’ll generally have access to a 220v plug, then for an additional $80, you will be far better with the MIG-250 Star machine.

Claim 10% Off Your MIG-205DS

YesWelder has provided Weld Master readers a liberal 10% sitewide on any of their items. This means you can get about $40 off the MIG-205DS!

To get this offer, go to the MIG-205DS item here, at that point enter the promotion code: WELDGURU10 at the checkout.

What Clients Are Saying About The MIG-205DS

As usual, a couple of remarks are basic when welders use this unit. Things like, “Yeswelder MIG-205DS is phenomenal worth regardless of whether it cost $500. The high duty cycle is class-driving.”

Words like “amazing” and “simple to use” are frequently used to depict the welding experience. It is regular to find clients saying, “I love this little unit.”

One tip that shows up frequently is the “welder settings for the auto set will be excessively hot, I would have a go at dialing it down a little from the start.” Luckily, the MIG-205DS permits you to change the presets to do this.

Another great tip, “consider purchasing the welding wire through Yeswelder simultaneously, as it is seriously valued.” Consumables are excluded from the container, yet Yeswelder makes it simple to add them to your buy, at a decent cost, if you purchase straightforwardly from them.

FAQs When Buying a Multi-Process Welder

What Functions Do I Need?

There is no single standard that figures out which welding processes are incorporated. Some just have MIG and stick measures, others have a few more like TIG, flux core, and MIG. Still, others will add a plasma cutter.

TIG is the best process for sheet metal, undoubtedly. MIG and flux core can both perform well with sheet metal, yet only when the arc is effectively controlled and the minimum output is under 20 amps. Many sheet metal experts incline toward TIG welders that get under 5 amps.

If you plan to weld thick steel plate, stick curve and MIG measures get the best entrance. Plasma cutters are incredibly helpful to fabricators. It truly gets a good deal on work when you just need to flip a few switches and connect a torch to the cut metal right where you’re working.

What’s the Main Process?

The idea behind welding technology is that any welding power source can run pretty much any process. The distinction with high-end units offering each process and various settings when compared with less expensive units with two cycles and essential settings is straightforward. One costs more.

You ought to choose which welding processes have the highest priority. Every maker will underline an essential welding mode to minimize expenses. Be certain the primary function of a given unit is following your needs.

Do you have to perform weighty responsibility welding, cut rapidly and continue to move? You need a MIG or circular segment welder with a plasma cutter.

In case you’re not cutting consistently, it very well may be more financially savvy to purchase a plasma cutter separately and get a multi-process unit with MIG, TIG and stick.

What Sort of Work Would You Say You are Doing?

If you need to TIG weld aluminum, you need a unit with AC TIG welding. The most attractive welds on aluminum with the best strength are from AC TIG units.

If you will do a great deal of open-air work, you need to put a need on motion center or arc processes.

FAQs When Buying a Multi-Process Welder

For one low value, the Yeswelder MIG-205DS gives the capacity to flux core, MIG,   TIG, and stick weld. It runs on 110V or 220V, has a 60% duty cycle at 220A, and its inverter technology utilized makes for a smaller, lighter unit that you can easily move around.

Besides, the Yeswelder added a usable control panel which is protected by a dust cover. Plus, there are different touches such as a dedicated preset to use CO2, a carry handle, and an inductance adjustment. Thus, this unit comes stacked with many helpful features, even though it is a “budget” welder.

At its cost, you get a ton of benefits, features, and decent performance. All these facts make this unit a great choice.

For new welders or those on a limited budget, this unit is moderate and brings along many new capabilities to your small workshop. Alternatively, if you need a budget-friendly backup welder, the MIG-205DS is a decent unit to have. For more information on the best cheap autobody welders [Read our Full Guide]

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