5 Optrel Welding Helmet Reviews [2022 Buyers Guide]

Last Updated on May 2022

Getting the best Optrel helmet for your welding assignments is critical. Considering exactly how best in class welding is a metal creation process and gives consistent outcomes over different procedures, you appreciate why it’s such a favorite metal-work procedure.

Welding is present in numerous scientific and design fields, such as making and repairing boats, planes, nuclear force plants, vehicles, railroad carriages, including metal craft, and home DIY ventures.

But then, many manufacturers make helmets, and just like everything else, not all these manufacturers make equally fantastic products. The good thing is that some of the manufacturers have stood the test of time in making exemplary helmets.

Optrel is one of the top organizations that give what welders need. Here are the best five they at present have accessible.

5 Optrel Welding Helmets Reviewed

Optrel VegaView 2.5 Dark Welding Helmet


  • The automatic welding helmet with world record ADF.
  • Shade level range 8 to 12
  • Grind mode with a perfect view

The Optrel VegaView 2.5 is an extreme well-being head protector. It is entirely agreeable; however, it additionally has all the components expected to shield your eyes and neck from the light and flotsam and jetsam that may come to your direction while welding.

The craftsmanship on the head protector is intended for welders mainly. In the light express, this cap has a superior view than most different head protectors available. It offers a 180° perspective on your encompassing with the goal that you can see all that is circumventing you while you are welding.

It is indeed convenient and light. You can heft it around absent a lot of exertion, and you won’t feel it on your head. It likewise has a 9-point high corona headgear with a replaceable perspiration spongy cushion.

It’s additionally the most minimal expense on our rundown.

External controls help the welders change the shade level from eight to twelve to satisfy the welding application’s need aside from expelling the protective cap True Color Filter.

ADF focal points are covered well to see the hues in distinct structures, causes the welder to peruse the LED on welding gadgets without opening the head protector.

Welders who are working near one another may change the effectiveness of the ADF spares it from reacting very soon or not for the bend streak. It might be utilized at the hour of welding at low amperages, and the ADF may not obscure.

Opening Delay-the Opening Delay helps the welders set the time it takes, changing from the dull to light makes progress simpler for the eyes.

The Optrel’s protected Sensor Slide allows the recognition edge to be decreased from 120 degrees to 60 degrees, spares the ADF from reacting to the close by welder’s circular segments.

It comes well equipped with e3000 controlled air cleaning respirators. It might be utilized for various purposes for crushing just as overhead welding.


  • The twist external focal point put off little glare once in a while that might be diverting
  • Superb hood conceal just moves to 12 it might acquire splendid as you are running a higher amperage


  • There is no protection to the arc

Optrel e650 Auto Dark Helmet


  •  Lens Shade 4, 9 to 13
  • Battery Type Lithium
  • 3 yr. Warranty

The Optrel e650 is another top of the line protective cap, however not exactly as costly. It’s a stage down from the e680 arrangement in that it just has a 9 to 13 variable focal point conceal rather than a 5-13. In any case, it’s an auto-obscuring protective cap that will consequently modify your view and keep the dangerous light from hurting your eyes.

It has a similar reaction speed as the over (1/10,000 of a second) and a related review window (4″ x 2″) yet without the real nature include. Like the above mentioned, two light sensors can activate any programmed modification, and you can change the settings with the outside side handle; sorry, no remote control.

Like the e680, it runs on both battery and sun based force and will keep its battery charge for quite a while. The battery life on this cap is an astounding 2,500 hours. It additionally has a pounding mode for additional security.

The Optrel gives comfort from the auto obscuring focal point to the top movable hood and best for a wide range of welding employments having MIG, TIG stick options just as all out more than that.

If you use it once, there is no compelling reason to open it until you have completed the work. The external shell controls and the outside remote give all the flexibility that you need without removing the gloves or protective cap. The natural shading gives a brilliant view, a fresh and opportunity to puddle in all lighting circumstance.


  • Clear characteristic view, little shading stockpiling
  • Sun oriented fueled batteries
  • Conceivable to work with a hard cap and retrofitted with an Optrel respirator
  • Easy to use outside controls make welding progressively enjoyable and safe.
  • Light weight helps welder to work longer except for neck exhaustion.
  • Optrel e650 is less expensive than similar brands in the market.


  • The review space is littler; the field of vision is more extensive
  • Has no electromagnetic unsettling influence trigger
  • Response clock is rather slow.
  • The fixed batteries may not revive; however, they keep going for a longer time.

Optrel e680, Shade 4, 2 x 4


  • Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 20 inches ; 3 pounds
  • Shade 4, 5-13, 2 x 4

This Optrel e680 is a better than ever model over its ancestor Optrel Satellite model. It surpasses it in each viewpoint. It offers you solace and accommodation for all welding occupations, including TIG, MIG, Stick welding, etc.

When you put it on, you don’t have to take it off until you take care of business as the controls’ entirety is outward of the head protector. It additionally has a remote control you can use to change it on the off chance that you locate the external controls awkward to utilize.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true; this cap has a remote control. How cool is that? It includes a movable affectability slider, time delay, a crushing mode, and you can modify everything without expelling the protective cap.

The window itself gauges roughly four by two inches.

This head protector is a handyman, implying that you can utilize it for whatever reason you need from basic eye protection to MIG to Micro Plasma Arc work. It is one of the most adaptable welding head protectors out there available today.

The top need on this cap is the well being of your face and eyes. The cap’s hood will shield you from all types of risk in the welding condition, including sound, UV and IR light, flashes, and flotsam and jetsam. The focal point obscures naturally between conceals 5 and 13.

It’s a pretty cap that will cost a chunk of change. You ought to hope to spend on one of these children.


  • A versatile head protector that you can use for various applications, including MIG and Micro Plasma Welding.
  • The cap’s hood will shield you from all types of risk in the welding condition, including sound, UV and IR light, flashes, and flotsam and jetsam.
  • It furnishes you with a brilliant, point by point perspective on the weld puddle and machine controls.
  • It has a remote control you can use to change it on the off chance that you find the external controls awkward to utilize.
  • It includes a movable affectability slider, time delay and a crushing mode.


  • Maybe the mid-range price might not be for you if you want a less expensive hood

Optrel e684 Auto-darkening Helmet


  • Welding Helmet Shade 5 to 13
  • Power Source Battery
  • ADF Controls Knobs

The Optrel e684 auto-darkening helmet is a blend of highlights from a portion of the models above. This cap’s focal point proportion is excellent at 1/1/1/1 focal point rating with completely programmed obscuring conceal 5 to 13 curve splendor location. It likewise has 3 sensors of 2.

You can likewise physically modify the focal point between conceals 4 and 13 to get your perspective on the circular segment. You can switch between the weld and granulate modes and back again remotely. You can likewise control the deferral and affectability by the outer handles.

It also has a Twilight Feature that will help the focal point when you change from dull to light states to facilitate eye weariness. It finishes all the shading assessments with the best appraisals because of its real nature innovation.

The view window gauges roughly 4″ x 2″, and the sun based battery endures 3,000 hours.


  • A 1/1/1/1 focal point rating
  • Entirely programmed obscuring conceal 5 to 13 curve splendor location
  • You can get your perspective on a circular segment
  • You can easily switch between the weld and granulate modes and back again remotely
  • It has a Twilight Feature


  • The price might not be for you if you want a less expensive welder’s helmet

Optrel Panoramaxx Auto-darkening Helmet


  • Panorama field of vision 
  • True Color View 
  • Autopilot 

The Optrel Panoramaxx is another contender in this Optrel helmet review. This helmet gives up to multiple times a more prominent viewing area than a standard head protector. This proves to be useful to you while you are welding. The focal point is situated nearer to your face because of how it is designed, which gives you a superior picture.

The estimations of the survey window are 2.3″ x 6.3″. It likewise has the genuine nature focal point that ranges auto obscures from conceals 5 to 12.

It has the standard pound mode and outside slider for a simple change. The battery on Panoramaxx is auto-battery-powered through the circular segment light. To charge it physically, you can utilize a miniaturized scale USB charging port.

This protective cap is entirely agreeable to wear and won’t burden you by any stretch of the imagination.


  • Multi-sensor detection – The wholly redesigned controls of the 5-sensor array ensure the auto-darkening filter’s perfect regulation.
  • State-of-the-Art power technology – With its rechargeable power-pack, changing batteries is no longer necessary.


  • Not overly comfortable

Buyer’s Guide

Importance of Welding Helmets

Since this craft requires working with welding hardware, one can expect certain dangers especially, as there’s presence of shimmering, electric stuns, skin consumes, flying metal garbage, and harmful gases, which is the reason PPE is so significant among welding supplies. One of the most significant bits of PPE is the welding helmets. For more info on custom welding hoods and masks readily available [Read our Full Guide]

One of the most significant things in any activity that could be perilous is security. You ought to never attempt to set aside yourself some cash on the off chance that it will bring down the degree of your safety. This fact is particularly evident welding, as it is critical to get all the best security gear you can.

Moreover, your hands, eyes, and face are at the most noteworthy danger of injury when you are welding, so you ought to put resources into a top-notch cap that will keep going for a couple of years.

In contrast to past models of face shields or other eye protection products that require the welder to lift it each time you need to check the weld, most recent sorts of head protectors are intended to furnish you with most extreme assurance and solace..

Made of squeezed metal, with a dull screen so as not to reflect light, welding head protectors can shield your eyes and skin from the harming UV and IR beams, just as harsh blue light, all bend discharged, and starts, there’s no doubt on them being your most important PPE need.

Frequently, welders decide not to wear head protectors because of not settling on the correct decision when buying. That is a gigantic misstep, to begin with as they twofold their odds of retina consumes and even visual impairment. It’s nothing unexpected these wounds make for one-fourth of the scars of welders.

A portion of the welding tasks requiring full face insurance because of the high light force is curve welding, air carbon circular segment cutting, and plasma bend cutting. On the off chance that you’re welding is one of them, don’t underestimate the head protector.

Best Places to Purchase an Optrel Welding Helmet


There are several options when considering an Optral Welding Mask. For worry-free return policies, transparency in product quality and customer service, and fast shipping, head over to Amazon.

When you browse on Amazon, you can see what previous buyers thought of the PPE mask they purchased, and find out everything about material quality, protective features, weight dimensions, and design. You don’t need to go out to compare prices or features.

If you have any problems with your new PPE equipment, you can quickly and easily return them hassle-free.

If you have any sort of problems with your new PPE equipment, you can also quickly and easily return them hassle free.


With these assurances and the review of the best five Optrel welding helmets in the market currently, you are set to take the next move. Go through this review, and the highlights are given and compare each mask to your unique requirements and budget. Select the most appropriate Optrel helmet for you in this Optrel helmet review and enjoy your welding projects’ safety.

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