ESAB Rebel Emp Welder Ac/Dc Mig Tig & Stick Welder Buyers Guide 2022

Last Updated on May 2022

Whether you are beginning to weld or are a veteran welder, having the ESAB rebel 205ic in your workstation is more than favorable. ESAB rebel is mostly a well-known company in terms of manufacturing quality welding products. Furthermore, apart from that, the company also concentrates on robotics.

ESAB rebel Emp was first launched at the 2018 SEMA. The unit has caught the attention of most welders accompanied by the product’s 215 multi processes. The product is among their most prolific products.

However, today we shall bring you closer to what precisely this welder has to deliver using the detailed ESAB welder review.

A Review of ESAB Rebel 205ic

Even if the name of this fantastic welding product suggests that it’s a multi-process unit, you can still consider the welding machine as a multi-purpose product. It’s a unique and high-frequency welding machine that can weld anything and go anywhere.

ESAB Rebel being a portable and highly durable welding machine; you can quickly move with it around your workstation or welding buggy any way you wish. The product only weighs 49 lbs. (22), and it measures (229 mm) x (584 mm) 9 in 23 in. x 16 in. (406 mm). Additionally, it comes with a steel unibody construction and five handle drive rolls cage that makes it easy to move and strong.

Although the most significant advantage is still the welder’s multi-purpose feature, the unit can do TIG, AC, Flux-Cored, Stick, DC TIG, DC pulse, and MIG. But compared to the ESAB Rebel EMP 215ic, the 205 ic has the ability besides performing DC TIG welding, TIG AC welding for both titanium and aluminum.

However, what distinguishes the REBEL EMP 205IC welder from the rest is the SMIG technology inclusion. It gives the welder exceptional arc control that leads to superior and smooth repeatable welds. Also, it comes with two modes: advanced and basic, that further emphasizes its usage.

With its basic mode, you can position the material thickness and wire diameters by pulling the trigger. Nevertheless, its advanced mode provides you complete control over the overall arc characteristics.

What is useful with this product is its ease of use since you don’t need to be an amateur to set and weld things using the machine properly.

Product Specifications

  • TFT multilingual display that comes with many features. AC/DC has up to 4 programmable memory locations for spot weld setting, pre/post flow control, inductance control, trim adjustment, and multi-language selection to give you ease to fine-tune your welding projects for proper performance.
  • Unmatched Durability and portability and weighs only 49 lbs.
  • Has five handle roll cage that can do any task in and out of the workstation
  • SMIG technology feature continually learns and adapts to your welding method to give you a superior and stable arc
  • Professional TIG features like the High-Frequency start in AC and DC modes, frequency adjustment, pulse DC, and balance adjustment.
  • True All-processes with a proper performance on Flux-cored, MIG, DC TIG, and AC TIG applications.
  • Maximum wire feed speed: 475 IPM
  • Phase or voltage: Both 230/120 1 PHASE


  • It comes with a smart MIG feature for easy control
  • The unit has an HF arc start used for TIG welding.
  • You can easily connect two gases simultaneously
  • It’s a lightweight product for maneuverability
  • Comes with all accessories like earth clamp, TIG pedal, TIG torch, and MIG Gun.
  • The welder doesn’t overheat quickly and remains running at an ideal temperature without getting hot
  • Runs with 120-230V input.
  • It has a beautiful TFT display control panel
  • Accompanied by a 3-year warranty
  • The case is durable and long-lasting
  • It has an excellent roll cage
  • Quick accessibility to the user manual through the display


  • An expensive unit
  • You must have some little skills to operate the machine
  • Its plastic gun connector can break down quickly during the TIG use.

The Product Comes With:

  • An extended power cord
  • Tweco 200A electrode holder
  • Four numbers of stick electrodes
  • Flowmeter regulator accompanied by 3m gas hose
  • 230V installed plug and 120V adapter plug
  • Ground clamps and MIG gun spare parts kits that includes contact tips and drive rolls

Smart Technology

Many users are amazed by this eye-catching welding machine is the ESAB’s groundbreaking smart MIG technology addition. It’s a nice feature for novice users since it assists in improving the welding quality.

Additionally, it’s accompanied by two modes: advanced and basic. The basic mode works well for rookies. It does not only make the setup quite easier but also assists in the proper control of the arc.

The advanced mode, on the other hand, is targeted to more experienced and professional welders. It provides the user with full control of the entire arc features. It can adapt to your welding mode as you weld. Its in-built arc control adapts to the weld as you work and delivers more superior welds.

More so, you can adjust everything with the TFT screen then control your work. Its display is clear and has a more extensive and better lighting pixel density that gives you a better and closer view of the working area. You can check on the wire feed speed, volts, and welding amps all at the same time.

AC TIG Welding

This multi-process machine provides the full utility of its TIG and AC capabilities. ESAB Rebel is accompanied by frequency control (25 – 400 Hz), AC wave balance (60% – 90%), and arc starts of high frequency. Its direct current TIG performance is low to 5 amps.

The machine can easily pulse across thin objects, and you can plug it on a standard 120-volt or 230 power input.

Stick Welding

In terms of sticking welding, this fantastic unit can perform well. This is due to its additional smart MIG feature that assists you in stabilizing the weld. Additionally, the stick welding arc can do well even while using the E7018-1 and E7018 electrodes. With its added technology, the unit works handily with four general-purpose 6010 and 6013 stick electrodes that are hard to weld.

SMIG Welding

The unit’s fantastic feature is the SMIG welding option. The feature allows you to begin welding immediately off the bat. If you are a beginner, then you are lucky as you can start welding immediately after unboxing it. One major thing Is that the unit can now adapt depending on the materials plus the preferred bead profile that you enter. The machine adapts easily and assists you continue with your work.

It comes with two other user modes: advanced and basic. The high-frequency welder lowers the number of errors that an inexperienced welder can do. Among the greatest mistakes that you can do is either running the machine cold or even too hot. But using this option, this problem is immediately eliminated. Additionally, it gives you an easy time when you want to switch between processes quickly.

The TFT screen

This is a significant area of the product’s high-frequency. It comes with an added 4.3 inch, high-density, and innovative display that provides a precise welding status of your project and a clear view. It’s easy to use and generally makes things much easier in understanding how to properly use the machine.

Its screen displays a list of spare parts kit and the user manual. More so, it comes in a range of multiple languages to help you adjust it properly. The screen makes the welding process and your life quite easier.

Buying Advice

This product is of great quality in its class as it comes with the latest functions and rich features in the market that lacks on regular welders. Most products from ESAB have positive reviews from satisfied customers and basically, this product functions as promised. Coming with a customer support service together with a 3-year warranty, you can easily purchase this welding machine without further doubts. The good news is; it comes with a 100 days’ money-back guarantee that allows you to return the product in case you aren’t satisfied with it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What’s the highest voltage that can be used when welding using the spool gun?

Anytime you are welding using a constant Voltage process, Rebel gives a maximum output of up to 25 volts using the optional spool gun or the standard MIG gun.

  1. Can a foot pedal be added when doing a TIG welding?

Yes, it’s possible to add the foot pedal. Many thanks to the included package that includes a Tweco fusion foot pedal that you can use to start the arc in both TIG, DC and AC modes.

  1. Can one weld without using the foot pedal?

It’s easy to weld without a foot pedal. The machine is generally capable of accomplishing the lift arc TIG start. Therefore, you don’t necessarily have to use the foot pedal.


This welding machine is essential for each welder with rich welding skills. It comes with plenty of features that will make your welding projects easier. It’s a perfect multi-purpose welding machine that you can use for numerous processes including TIG, AC, MIG Flux-cored, stick, and MIG welding.

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