Sun-Gold-Power-200A-Stick-Welder Buyers Guide

Last Updated on February 2021

If you wish to complete your DIY projects on time or plan on starting a construction business, then you’ll need a stick welder. There are tons of decent welding tools out there that can assist you to come up with high-quality products or just repair your items. However, if you need more than decent, you are in the right place. The article reviews Sun Gold Power 200A Stick Welder, and you can also change it into a 220 to help you arrive at a hotter weld.

Additionally, this product can burn DV Reverse rods pretty well. You can use E6010, E7018, E6013 and can weld from any angle with much ease. The added plug-type is rated to 15 amps to prevent you from getting the maximum amount of heat from the unit unless you rewire it.

Things to Expect from The SUNGOLD Power Stick Welder

One major thing that made this fantastic power stick welder win the hearts of many is that it’s affordable. On the other side, this unit is not that smooth, and you experience some little splatter as you work, but with some experience, you can work it out to help you get stuck with trapped slug or pinholes. For an indepth look at the best anti spatter sprays [Read our Buyers Guide]

The stick welder is lightweight and portable and comes with a safe carrying handle located on top of the case. It boasts an 85% rating efficiency and comes with a 1.2-meter grounding cable, protection grade of IP21, and a 1.8m welding holder cable.

Furthermore, you can change the current from 20 amps to the topmost amperage, and it has a rated duty cycle at maximum amperage of 60%.

This unit works well for many small-to-medium projects. It can work great even if you haven’t adequately prepared your materials.

Features of SUNGOLD Power 200A stick welder

1. Advanced Technology

This stick welder comes with a full-bridge IGBT inverter technology. This offers a level of arc stability and promises you a higher inverter efficiency that runs up to 85%. It’s more power-saving compared to other traditional welding machines.

2. Dual Voltage

It’s a highly rated welder that uses both 110V and 220v power inputs and can weld a range of materials due to its dual voltage ability. It can do anything with ease, from welding mild steel to stainless steel.

3. LED Display

Compared to most welding machines, this welding machine comes with a LED display to help you see your work progress. It assists you in keeping an eye on the progress, so you don’t outwork it.

4. Versatility

5. Adjustable Wire Feed Speed

This machine has another great feature that’s adjustable wire feed. It provides proper control over the feeding rate of the wire on the welding gun.

It is durable, and it’s backed up with several other features that safeguard it from the common welding machine problems that include:

  • Over-current protection
  • Under-voltage protection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Thermostatic control that permits you to monitor the temperature as you work
  • Anti-sticking ability that prevents machine overloading

It has an energy-saving feature. As compared to most welding machines that are power hogs, SUNGOLDPOWER is designed to maintain your electricity bills under control as you do your projects efficiently. Apart from that, it has a sturdy compensation ability.

What Comes with The Product?

Once you order this machine, the package comes with the items below:

  • A cable joint
  • Inner hexagon spanner
  • 2-inch ground camp
  • User manual (English)
  • 8-inch electrode holder
  • Cable
  • AC cable wire


  • it’s constructed using durable materials
  • features a dual voltage mechanism
  • an excellent energy-saving welding machine
  • easy to use
  • 60% duty cycle
  • It comes with an advanced IGBT inverter system
  • Good value for money


  • It has a shorter cable
  • The paddle isn’t that smooth
  • No spool gun that can be used for welding aluminum

Who Should Buy the Welder?

This machine from SUNGOLDPOWER is made using a lightweight profile, and its cost is also reasonable. When searching for a full-bridge welder at a budget-friendly price, then this is the best option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Can this machine function appropriately with a 20Amp outlet?

Yes, having a dual voltage, it can function adequately with either 110V or 220V. If you are working with either 110V or 220V, it runs properly with the 20Amp outlet.

  1. Is this welder DC or AC?

This is a DC machine. However, you can plug it on AC too. Immediately it’s plugged on AC, and it’s changed to DC and again changed to AC at maximum frequency, then it will be finally corrected. That’s why it’s known as a DC inverter machine.

  1. Can one use an AC rod or DC rod with this machine?

No. being a DC machine, make sure you only use a DC rod.

Bottom line

If you are looking forward to completing your professional business or DIY project on time, then SUNGOLDPOWER 200 A welding machine is the best option. You can quickly repair and construct metals with maximum efficiency. There are other better welds in the market currently but not at this price. Please take time to understand the equipment, and you’ll agree that the Sun Gold Power 200A welding machine is an incredible value buy.

That’s all for this fantastic Sun Gold Power 200A welding machine review.

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