Yeswelder Cut 55DS Plasma Cutter Buyers Guide 2022

Last Updated on May 2022

The YesWelder CUT-55DS may change your view of costly, imported plasma cutters. It offers fascinating and helpful highlights, a quality form, and a pleasant cost. A positive assertion like that should be supported up. Along these lines, we collected all the data on the CUT-55DS into this off, convenient article.

You can review the information and make your own determination. Just read on to see whether this apparatus meets your shop’s requirements

Overview Of The Yeswelder CUT-55DS

Included Items

  • 10ft Earth clamp
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Air filter assembly w/ mounting bracket
  • 13ft Plasma Cutting Torch (AG-60)
  • Air Hose
  • 2 (110V) nozzles
  • 2 (220V) nozzles
  • 110v to 220v Adapter
  • 4 electrodes
  • 3 cups
  • Airline (to connect included reducer/filter to plasma cutter)
  • User manual

Pros & Cons Of The Yeswelder CUT-55DS


  • Can run on generator
  • Runs with 110V or 220V input power
  • High frequency, non-touch pilot arc
  • Small and light enough to be called portable
  • Braided wire strap on ground
  • It cuts up to 1/2 inch steel
  • 20s post-cooling period to extend consumables life
  • 60% duty cycle @ 55A (220V)and 100% @ 35A (110V)
  • 2T and 4T operation
  • Wire mesh cutting mode
  • A narrower 110V tip is handy for finer, more accurate cuts
  • Steady output amperage for thin stock


  • No settings chart
  • Air-cooling is not as efficient as water-cooling at keeping torch from getting hot in your hand
  • The power cord obstructs the water trap. This can also bleed water onto an electric wire
  • Using 110V input, the dial still allows you to go up to a 55A output. This often trips 110V circuit breakers
  • Setup instructions could be better

What You Need To Know Before Purchasing The YesWelder CUT-55DS

Stock Thickness

The literature for the CUT-55Ds states it can tidy slice up to 1/2 inch thick steel and cut off slice up to 3/4 inch (at 220V). This might be valid, yet you will be moving the light lovely delayed at the higher thicknesses.

Clients discover the unit slices well up to 1/4 inch running on 220V. From that point onward, as the thickness goes up, you need to back your cut off perceptibly. Running on 110V, the maximum you ought to expect is 12 checks before you need to moderate the light head speed.


This plasma cutter utilizes diverse estimated spouts for 110V and 220V activity. You get 2 of every (4 aggregate), so you should get some soon if you don’t add substitution spouts to your underlying request.

Additionally, you might need to add AG-60 terminals and cups to your request. You kick enough to get off, however, you will require all the more soon on the off chance that you plan on making regular cuts.


While it could be clear for most, it should be expressed. You should give an air supply and perhaps a few fittings to plumb air into the CUT-55DS.

The included air reducer likewise channels particles and eliminates water, which is extraordinary. Yet, where it mounts on the rear of the unit is excessively low. It pretty much hits the force line and depletes water on an electrical line. You may wind up changing the amount of the air reducer consequently.


If you hope to resign your processor, that is unreasonable. With any plasma cutter, including this one, you should manage some dross (or slag). Yet, it is not exactly with an acetylene light, and a speedy hit with a processor normally tidies things up pleasantly.

Settings Chart

New clients will see the absence of a settings outline. Along these lines, plan on doing some preliminary slices to set up the best amperage and pneumatic force settings for different metal thicknesses.

You can discover some client amassed charts two or three YouTube recordings with some burrowing as another option. These can give a decent beginning stage if you are new to plasma cutting. For more infomatiopn on the best cheap plasma cutters for beginners [Read our full Guide]


You ought to hope to watch a couple of YouTube recordings on setting up and utilizing this plasma cutter on the off chance that you do get it. The manual could be better and regularly doesn’t generally have all the required data.

Great Features That Make The YesWelder CUT-55DS Standout


You get more power than anticipated at the cost, up to 55A of power yield with 220V of information power. This permits you to tidy slice steel up to 1/2 inch thick and extreme slice up to 3/4 inch.


This unit is light and conservative, which means you can without much of a stretch convey and transport this unit. The center unit just weighs around 20 lbs. Add the leads, and the weight is still a little more than 34 lbs. To make the work of moving it around significantly simpler, an aluminum amalgam handle is mounted to the highest point of the case.

Duty Cycle

A 60% duty cycle at maximum power (i.e., 55A) while running on 220V info power keeps you working (it is 100% at full force utilizing the 110V information). This is higher than would be normal for a moderate machine.

The advantage is self-evident. You have less personal time keeping an eye out for the plasma cutter to cool in the wake of overheating so you can work once more.

Non-Touch Pilot Curve

Minimal  cost units normally expect you to touch +the piece to begin a curve. In any case, not so with the CUT-55DS.

You get a non-touch start when you use this device. Get about 2mm from the piece and pull the trigger to begin cutting. You have improved control during curve inception for a more exact, better cut.

Yet, the HF pilot arc capability additionally assists you with cutting unpleasant or messy surfaces neatly and with less slag. This permits you to be more exact with your cuts while lessening the bend in the piece. It additionally assists with increasing the life of your consumables.

Dual Power Input

With the CUT-55DS, when 220V is free, you have the full 55A this unit can siphon out. Append the included connector and fitting it into your 220V outlet.

Be that as it may, if you just have 110V accessible, no issue. The CUT-55DS can run on it. Indeed, this plasma cutter can likewise run off of a generator. You have a lot of approaches to control this instrument.

Simply remember, at 110V, you have less cutting power, and you ought not to anticipate cutting anything over 1/8 inch without hindering the speed of the cut.

Gas Flow Test

You have a catch that permits you to stream air without pulling the trigger. For what reason is this acceptable?

Since your air pressure goes down when the air is streaming.

Thus, to set your air pressure precisely, you need to set it while it is streaming. This catch permits you to do exactly that.

2T Or 4T Operation

4T isn’t an element you would hope to discover in a “spending plan” plasma cutter. Be that as it may, the CUT-55DS incorporates it.

For individuals who may not know, 2T is the ordinary method of trigger activity. Press and hold the trigger while you cut and deliver it when done. The press toward the beginning is one touch, and the delivery toward the end is a subsequent touch, for an aggregate of 2 touches.

However, if you make long cuts, you have 4T mode as an alternative. That implies you press and delivery the trigger to begin (2 touches), make your cut, at that point press and rerelease the trigger (2 additional touches) to stop the cut. This mode is a lot simpler on your trigger finger for expanded cuts.

Increased Consumable Life

The CUT-55DS a few unforeseen highlights to increase the life of your consumables. To begin with, it runs air for 20 seconds after you discharge the trigger. This cools your outing after each utilization. It is a pleasant touch to have in a reasonable plasma cutter.

In any case, you likewise have a cross-section cutting choice as well. The component permits the unit to run all the more effectively when cutting lattice, which starts and stops the cutting commonly in one pass. Utilizing this setting permits you to go simpler on the light consumables and the machine overall.

Clean Air

You get an air “reducer” in the case, permitting you to change the stream. Be that as it may, it additionally is a water trap and channel. Plasma cutters need perfect, dry air to work appropriately.

YesWelder comes with a reducer in the package, which helps ensure you get the most ideal presentation.

How The CUT-55DS Compare to Others

There are other comparative plasma cutters offered at equivalent costs. See the table beneath to perceive how the Slice 55DS looks at a portion of the more well-known contending units.

Lotos LTP5000D

The Lotos LTP500D is a mainstream plasma cutter in this value range and is additionally another extraordinary decision.  In any case, there are some key contrasts you ought to consider.

While the Lotos comes up short on certain highlights contrasted with the Yeswelder, it’s significant that there is an impressive number of good audits on the Lotos LTP5000D that make it a decent other option.

Primeweld CUT50DP

Primeweld is another well-known and minimal expense plasma cutting brand that arrives somewhat less expensive than the Yeswelder.

The distinctions are like the Lotos, passing up certain highlights:

If you need to save an extra $50, you might need to consider the Primeweld CUT50DP. It’s quite comparable separated from the distinctions referenced previously.

What Clients Are Saying About The YesWelder CUT-55DS

Peruse or watch a couple of audits, and you will hear an ongoing idea. You get bunches of influence for the cash. Most clients track down the CUT-55DS cuts extraordinary up 1/4 inch however eases back down for thicker stock.

For the DIYer, this is fine and covers a large portion of the work they run into. It likewise fits directly into numerous car, upkeep, or manufacture shops that don’t consistently cut material more than 1/4 inch thick.

However, clients are likewise steady in taking note of this unit isn’t for mechanical shops or hefty use. While the 60% obligation cycle surpasses the assumptions for some purchasers at this value, it might baffle those that need to cut thick stock for significant periods.

Another sparkling remark made by numerous proprietors, the incorporation of highlights like 4T, double power input, and an HF non-touch pilot curve is not expected at this cost. Thus, words like “deal” and “extraordinary worth” regularly seem when you tune in to real clients.

Plasma Cutter Purchasing Aide

A plasma cutter significantly improves your manufacturing capacity, yet a modest plasma cutter may not take care of business. Regardless of whether you needn’t bother with one for mechanical use, here are the essential elements you ought to consider when searching for the best plasma cutter.

What Kind of Cutting Would you say you are Doing?

The work you intend to do is your primary main consideration. In case you’re just cutting sheet metal, you needn’t bother with a major 200 amp plasma cutter proposed for a 3/4-inch steel plate. For auto bodies and other light-obligation errands, a more modest machine costs less to buy and likely sudden spikes in demand for 120-volt power for extra reserve funds.

What Power Levels Are Required?

When considering power needs, first is yield force and obligation cycle. This chooses as far as possible you can cut, and it’s likewise going to decide if you need 240-volt input or if you can make do with 120 volts. You may choose it’s more adaptable to have 120/240 double voltage input power.

Do You Need any Air Pressure Source?

A few machines come with a built-in air compressor. Others require outer air from a different air blower. Contingent upon the size of the plasma cutter, an installed blower can add massive expense. Even though you may have to purchase a different air blower, it can presumably serve as a force hotspot for shower firearms and air apparatuses.

Do You Need Advanced Features?

There are a couple of alternatives that add a great deal of comfort to the cycle and make the machine simple to utilize.

Different Arc Starting Types: A few machines start the curve without touching, some you drag the light to get moving and others scratch start like a welder. One downside to the high recurrence no-type by the memory of circular segment beginning is that it obstructs advanced gear like computerized measures, cell phones like telephones and tablets, and meddles with PCs and CNC control units.

An option in contrast to a high recurrence beginning is blowback light innovation. These lights use air backpressure from the work surface to work a switch that fires the light. This methodology conveys no-touch begins except for doesn’t interfere with advanced gadgets, permitting CNC use.

Do You Need Computer Numerical Control?

CNC permits a PC to control the cycle. This requires an exceptional rack-type table that moves the light on a matrix framework.

Does It Have any Air Flow Adjustment? A few machines will permit you to set the measure of time to keep streaming air to cool the metal after you quit cutting. Others incorporate a comparative capacity as a programmed setting.

Specialized Automatic Settings: A few machines change gaseous tension or electrical flow settings to coordinate with how you’ve prepared your light or to adapt to evolving conditions. Some have industrial facility presets and you select material and thickness to begin cutting.

Automatic Torch Re-Strike: This capacity permits the machine to cut across holes in the metal surface. These can be impediments, for example, bolt openings, part patterns, and materials like extended metal, lattice, or grinding. An electromagnetic sensor can recognize holes in the metal surface being cut. The light stop naturally as it crosses the hole, at that point re-strikes the bend when it’s over a metal surface once more.

Final Thoughts

The YesWelder CUT-55DS will meet or surpass most Do-It-Yourself shop needs. It will likewise find a way into more modest auto, support, and creation shops that manage generally 1/4 inch stock or more slender and cut thicker stock (up to 1/2 inch) every once in a while.

Yet, when you include the reasonable value, the included list of capabilities makes this plasma cutter a genuine deal. YesWelder even adds some pleasant touches to help broaden the existence of your consumables, again not expected in a “spending plan” plasma cutter.

You get a solid obligation cycle given the expense. In any case, the 60% rating will be excessively low for hefty clients and mechanical shops (as will the 1/2 inch clean cut restriction). In any case, for generally little to medium-sized shops, the CUT-55DS covers your requirements. Far better, it will probably accommodate your spending plan.

The consideration of other valuable highlights like 4T and an HF, non-touch pilot bend make this plasma cutter difficult to disregard. You would be unable to discover a unit with these highlights for a similar measure of cash.

If you have been holding back from purchasing a respectable plasma cutter because of the exorbitant cost, the CUT-55DS might be the machine for your shop.

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