DekoPro 110/220V ARC Stick Welder Buyers Guide

Last Updated on May 2022

The versatility and simplicity of stick welding, also known as Shielded Metal Arc Welding(SMAW), makes it one of the most popular methods in the welding industry.

The fact that one can apply this technology in domestic and commercial operations, whether indoor or outdoor, makes it more synonymous with most welders when compared to other techniques.

Whether you are professional or a beginner just setting out in welding, you need a stick welder that will offer you long-standing performance in your fabrication and repair projects, accompanying this with flexibility and versatility.

This is where the DekoPro 110/220V Stick welder comes into play.

A top-rated welder on online retail stores, DekoPro welder proves to be a convenient and powerful welding partner that provides starters and professional welders an unmatched opportunity to undertake a variety of welding operations seamlessly.

What makes this top-selling machine stand out? Before we delve into this, let’s take a peek at the welder’s specifications.


  • Construction: Steel frame and plastic handle
  • Product net weight: 5.5kg
  • Dimensions: 12.2” * 7.5” * 5.1”
  • Input voltage: Single-phase AC110/220V
  • Amperage range: 10-160A
  • Power lead length: 71.6 inches

Robust and Compact Design

You can’t help but love the DekoPro MMA welder design. It’s unbelievable such a compact machine puts out an excellent measure of performance. Protecting the welder’s components, including motors and control circuits, is a steel casing with a metallic silver spray finish.

With sturdy construction, you can be sure this inverter welding machine will offer you consistent results over several years. The minimalistic size eliminates the hassles of storing and transporting the machine.

Premium safety

Safety remains a top factor to consider when picking any electrical equipment. Underestimating safety guidelines when working with electrical machines is a sure recipe for personal injury, unforeseen emergency bills, and welding fire hazards.  An unsafe machine will only serve to heighten the risks.

Incorporated into the DekoPro are several safety features, including a fan that cools the machine’s components while keeping airborne contaminants away from the welder.  This prevents component damage, thus extending the welder’s lifespan.

The vents on the sides also help to maintain optimal ventilation, keeping your machine cool during most of your welding operations.

You don’t have to monitor your machine for overheating continually. The thermal overload protection feature automatically shuts down the welder when something goes wrong. Before this happens, a warning LED light on the panel will warn you of excess temperatures in the machine’s compartments.

DekoPro 110/220V Brand Stick Welder

Easy to Use

Working with a complicated machine can result in time, power, and material wastage. It’s therefore wise to purchase a welder with features that facilitate flawless operation.

DekoPro welder comes with a detailed yet straightforward control mechanism that can be easily grasped by the most naïve of the welding beginners.

You don’t have to struggle with confusing controls and taps. The welder incorporates a single current adjustment knob that can be turned right or left to output varying welding currents. A digital current meter on the left of the output control knob shows you the amperage available at the welding gun at a particular time.

DekoPro’s combination of a 5.9-foot power cord and 9.28-foot electrode holder cable gives you a considerable length that minimizes the need for dragging the welder now and then around your job site.

Easy to Transport

Efficiency and flexibility are critical concerns for workers in the welding industry. When working as a welder, normally, you will carry equipment with you when switching job sites. An easy-to-transport machine will ease the hassles.

At barely 12 pounds, DekoPro 110/120V welder is highly portable and remains a top choice for “nomadic” welders. Augmenting this lightweight design is a high-strength plastic handle that makes it easy to hold the machine.

Owing to the compact size, you can stash the machine in a backpack or a standard bucket when transporting it to or from a job site. Something else you will like about this inverter welder is that it occupies less space at a job site and storage area.

Offers Outstanding Performance

It’s no brainer that you should pay particular attention to the capabilities before purchasing an inverter welder. Nonetheless, the notion that these relatively low-powered, cheaper options are downgrades of the so-called premium machines in terms of quality is simply unfounded. It’s not surprising that DekoPro inverter welder performs better than some of its premium competitors.

The 10-160A amperage range means that you can adjust the output to meet your welding requirements. The flexibility offered by this machine is just what you need, whether you are working on relatively demanding or simpler projects.

Thanks to the maximum duty cycle of 60%, you avoid the frustrations of having to rest your machine frequently. You only need to rest it for 4 minutes every 10 minutes of operation. That’s an excellent bargain for a machine costing a little over $100.

DekoPro MMA welder is incredibly versatile. You can work on a commendable range of metals, including cast iron, steel, mild steel, steel, and aluminum while obtaining clean welds with little spatter. Also, it works perfectly with 6013, 6011, and 7018 welding rods.

The closed-loop feedback technology ensures that the machine supplies a stable output and can easily adapt to different electricity networks.

Competitively Priced

The price tag you see will depend on where you purchase and the package you opt to pick. If you check online you’ll find numerous stores such as Amazon selling these products. Scout around and find the store offering the best price.

You surely don’t want to compromise on high-quality in the chase for a low-priced machine. Nonetheless, for just $129, the DekoPro inverter welding machine comes loaded with excellent features that support virtually all basic stick welding gigs.

DekoPro is an excellent welder for beginners looking to learn the art of welding with a top-performing and yet competitively priced tool. Also, you have no excuse to leave out this welder when on a tight budget.


The DekoPro 110/220V inverter welding machine offers you excellent value for your money. With easy-to-understand control mechanisms and versatility, the machine is rightly suited for beginners and welding pros looking for a reliable basic stick welding partner.

The strong casing and other protective features make DekoPro a safe-to-use option while guaranteeing extended operations and lifespan. You surely don’t want to miss out on the perks for as little as $130.

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