Miller Syncrowave 250 DX TIG Welder Review 2022

Last Updated on May 2022

If you love welding then you must be interested in welding machines. Of course, you might not know all the welding machines out there and what they have to offer. Since it’s practically impossible to go through all these machines, it’s wise to have some background info about some of the top welding machines available in the market.

That kind of crucial information is what we want to equip you with in this review. Hopefully by the time you finish reading it you will in a better position to select one of the best welding machines in the market today.

This intro brings us to the Miller Syncrowave 250 DX. This machine is a single-phase TIG/Stick welding machine with a lot to offer to professional welders.  Any welder who want a  welding machine that can quickly transition between stainless steel TIG, stick, TIG AC/DC and aluminum TIG welding has a the right companion with this welding machine.

It easily transitions from one to the next application in the list given above.

The Miller Syncrowave 250 DX is ideal for light industrial applications.  Experienced welders who are ready to handle more heavy-duty tasks that require finesse and optimum control find this to be an excellent welding machine.

Don’t be surprised to see a Miller Sycrowave 350 LX model if this brand. It’s a good machine too but the 250 DX model is still a superior choice.

But when writing about this welding machine one might think we are writing about one model. The truth is there are three models of the Miller Syncrowave 250 DX. These models are: the Miller Syncrowave 250DX standard model, the TIGRunner Package and the Foot Control Complete Package. These models differ in significant ways as explained in the next sections.

Syncrowave Power Source Standard Package

This is the basic version of this machine. This model includes the basic welding machine plus some Dinse-style connectors.  This basic model is what we’ve used to describe the machine thus far so that you get the welders stick capabilities. Remember that this basic model does not include a power source and the TIG torch.

If you have these and other accessories from another model then the Syncrowave Power Source Standard Model can be a good welding machine for you. But in case you don’t have these accessories and still want a decent machine it out having to buy the accessories separately, then the other two models will come in handy.

TIGRunner Package

This model includes a completely assembled standard model but with some extras which include: a running gear, a Coolmate 3CS cooler and a RFCS-14 HD foot control. The last accessory is a remote control addition.

These extra features help you keep the welder running efficiently with no overheating. The remote foot control gives you greater control of the welding machine and the welding process. The way it is designed, Miller Syncrowave 250DX TIGRunner Package allows for optimum accuracy thus making the package an excellent choice to reinforce precision.

Foot Control Complete Package

This package is called complete package because it includes everything that is in the TIGRunner package and more. For instance it comes with a water-cooled kit that has a custom TIG torch and also four gallons of TIG coolant meant to cool the Coolmate 3CS cooler.

In addition you get a torch connector, cable cover, flow meter regulator, accessory kit, work clamp, gas hose and Dinse-style connectors in this package. However, this package lacks one thing, a power cord. This might not a big issue since many welders have one of these cords lying somewhere in their workshop.

Evidently, this package has it all. Even if you have an old machine that has these accessories it’s still prudent to buy a complete package. The reason for this is that the old accessories mostly wear out with the old machine and thus might not last as long as the new incomplete machine you might be thinking of buying.

When you have a complete package you are sure the full system is safe and running efficiently.

Miller Syncrowave 250 DX

TIGRunner or the Foot Control Complete Package?

These two models of this welding machine have more to offer that the standard model. However, it’s plain clear that the Foot Control Complete Package is a better deal. Although this preferred model is more expensive than the TIGRunner version it still takes priority due to its near-comprehensive list of features.

What about Pricing?

The price tag you see will depend on where you purchase and the package you opt to pick. If you check online you’ll find numerous stores such as Amazon selling these products. Scout around and find the store offering the best price.  Some online stores also offer deals and coupons to make it more affordable for you to get your favorite welder.

What Makes the Miller Syncrowave 250 DX Unique?

The relatively hefty price of these welding machines indicates there must be some unique qualities that justify this high price.

The Miller Syncrowave 250DX comes with a wide amperage range starting from 3 to 310 amps. This superior machine easily handles materials with varying thickness. You are sure that whether you want to weld 0.4mm aluminum or 12.7mm stainless steel, this welding machine won’t disappoint.

Syncrowave technology ensures the machine achieves impressive weld quality. This technology provides arc stability, prevents tungsten erosion and helps avoid arc reflection when welding aluminum and other similar lightweight metals.

The equipment’s AC Squarewave Welding Current instantly removes any layer of oxide that develops during welding thus producing high-quality, clean welds.  This is a superb feature if you intend to use this welding machine for meal arts.

You can count on the welding machine’s  Syncro Start Feature, to choose from the three levels of TIG starts. The selection you make should be based on the application and the tungsten size which range from hot, medium to soft.

The digital welding meters display voltage and amperage ass you work thus saving you time and energy as well as helping you achieve higher welding accuracy.

What Projects Should You use This Model For?

As earlier said, this welding machine is designed for light industrial applications. Such projects range from your favorite DIY home projects to welding high-quality metal sculptures.

Other than those applications you can also use this welder for high-purity processing, automotive restoration, farm and ranch maintenance, yatch customization, construction and/or restoration. To be frank, the possibilities with this Miller Syncrowave 250 DX are endless.

This welding machine becomes a welder’s darling due to its longevity and maximum productivity. The Miller TIG and the Foot Control Complete Package come with a cooling system with the Coolmate 3CS cooler. The cooling system is designed with a visual flow indicator which ensures the four gallons coolant maintains a continuous flow.

The external coolant filter is vital as it prevents foreign objects and dirt from getting into the water-cooled torch cable. By doing this, the coolant promotes better flow.

The Miller Syncrowave 250 DX is also very efficient even when you use it in extremely demanding applications. Its last procedure recall feature helps you resume working if you need to use the most recent settings.

The welding machines easy transition from aluminum TIG to stainless steel TIG and others makes it a very convenient and user-friendly welding machine to use.

How Does Miller Syncrowave 250 DX Compare to Other Models?

As an experienced welder, you know the market is awash with similar models from different brands. So it’s only natural to want to know how this model compares to its competitors.

For one, this model has far more accessible service locations when compared to other brands you’ll get in the market. Accessible Service locations mean it is super-easy and convenient to get replacement parts or seek professional maintenance every time your machine requires it.

Miller beats other competing brands when it comes to the availability and accessibility of service locations.

Unlike other similar models in this range, the Syncrowave allows you to handle more heavy-duty industrial projects such as infrastructure and construction assignments.  At the same time this model is quite at home handling delicate welding projects such as doing sculptures or making metal art.

Lastly, you’ll love the user-friendliness of this model.  Everything is conveniently located on the machine making it easy and smooth to operate.

This comparison demonstrates clearly why the Miller Syncrowave 250 DX is popular among informed welders. This welding machine promises and delivers high-quality welds and utmost convenience anytime you do your welding tasks.

Although this welding machine is more expensive than its competing brands, welding professionals cherish it for its unmatched reliability and performance features. It’s not  a wonder that the Miller Syncrowave 250 DX has made a name for itself  in light industrial applications such as in maintenance and repair in shipbuilding, automotive, manufacturing, aerospace and jewelry.

Our Favorite Features

In a nutshell these are the features we like in this incredible Welder from Miller:

  • AC balance control
  • Adaptive Hot Start so no sticking as you start o a positive arc
  • Pulse which makes it possible to reduce distortion and heat input
  • Last Procedure recall – meaning you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel every time you go through the same procedure again.
  • The Digital welding meters mentioned earlier.

One great thing about the Miller Syncrowave 250 DX is the fact that it’s a high-quality machine. It offers excellent safety features and user-friendly options that make for a seamless welding experience.

Our thoughts

Every time you purchase a welder, spend your money on a model and brand with solid reputation on quality and usability. If you are engaged in light industrial assignments, get a welder meant precisely for this kind of jobs.

The Miller Syncrowave 250DX provides you with an interface; an important feature when it comes to efficiency and management of your project time.

It is advisable to first take stock of what you have in your workshop. This informal audit will help you determine what you actually need. Remember there’s a large price gap between the standard model and the other packages highlighted earlier. Where possible go for the standard model or better still select the Foot Control Complete Package for your welding assignments.

While it’s true the standard model will not give you the extras you get with the other packages, it still gives you the feel and precision of the Syncrowave 250 DX.

But if you don’t mind a pricier package you have to choose between the TIGRunner and its cousin the Foot Control Complete Package.

In our view, the Foot Control Complete Package takes priority for a number o reasons. Most importantly this package gives you more value for your money. It has more features than the TIGRunner. In fact the Foot Control Complete Package gives every important piece that you need to kick off your welding projects immediately.

he Miller Syncrowave 250DX is one of the larger welding machines out there. These kinds of machines provide you with increased versatility and excellent features and power. With this machine you have enough power to handle more heavy-duty industrial tasks including infrastructure and construction projects. The Miller Syncrowave 250DX is user-friendly and delivers the finesse of o smaller machine.

Armed with the facts highlighted in this review its now your turn to make the choice and select this model for your welding assignments. The results and experience you get from this machine will prove you made a great decision.

9.3 Total Score

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