Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder Buyers Guide Review

Last Updated on January 2021

The Hobart Handler 190, similar to most Hobart welders, is a low-priced MIG welder with the capability of welding both steel and aluminum.

This highly versatile welder, is both study and robust, packing loads of power and has a simple, user friendly set up that makes it appropriate for first time welders.

Curious to know more about the Hobart Handler 190? In this review, we will analyze the hugely popular Handler 190, discussing some of its features and pros while also shedding light on its potential cons.

We will also highlight some of the accessories you should expect to find in your box in case you decide to purchase this top performing welder.

Hobart Handler 190 in a Nutshell

Despite its impressive amperage of 190 Amps, the Hobart Handler 190 is appropriate for non-industrial usage. Although it is designed for light to medium welding tasks, you can take advantage of its overall power to use it tackle heavy jobs occasionally.

This Hobart Handler 190 can handle 24 gauge materials and an impressive thickness of up to ⅚”. The power capabilities combined with the welder`s thickness range make it appropriate for construction work, automotive work, maintenance and several DIY projects at home or at the metalwork shops.

When it comes to compatibility, the Hobart Handler 190 doesn’t hold back. On top of being lightweight, it can also be generator powered, meaning you can tag it along anywhere regardless of whether there is a substantial power connection.

Another impressive feature that makes the Hobart Handler 190 stand out is its simplistic design that makes it appropriate for first timers or welders looking to advance their skills.



The Hobart Handler 190 weighs approximately 89 pounds, making it fairly easy to move from one location to the next. It also comes with a strongly mounted handle that allows you to carry the welder to your work location with ease. We recommend getting a wheel cart to aid you in moving the welder around, especially if you intend to use it in several locations when making repairs or general maintenance.


To use the Hobart Handler 190, you will require an input power of 230V. The good news though, is that you can use a generator to power this device, meaning its appropriate for use in remote locations. Impressively, the welder boasts of 7 voltage selections, infinite wire-speed control and enhanced magnetism. These features enable you to control the device`s output parameter all while providing improved arc performance. The voltage selections will help you chose the appropriate working power levels, which helps reduce spatter and consequently post-weld clean up.

Duty Cycle

The Hobart Handler 190 boasts of a 30% duty cycle at 130 amps; this means that you get approximately 3 minutes of proper welding and around 7 minutes resting time.

Easy to use Interface

The front panel has a minimalistic design that makes it easy for users to control. It has a control switch, a knob that has allows you to determine your preferred infinite wire speed, a trigger lead connectivity button and a knob with the system`s 7 voltage options.  The presence of a dual groove roll mechanism ensures you can switch from different wire sizes with ease. You can select the flux-cored wire and various wire sizes through the quick select drive mechanism that comes with 3 groves.

The Hobart Handler 190 boasts of a patented, in-built wire feed mechanism that allows fast and smooth release of the drive roll lever. This makes simplifies the devices ability to thread new wires.


The Hobart Handler 190 comes with a built-in safety enhancing contractor that keeps the wire ‘cold’ when your welder is on but not being used. The wire will remain electrically cold until the trigger is pulled to resume welding. This feature is appropriate for both first time and experienced welders as it increases safety and protects you from the risk of sustaining welding-related injuries.

The welder also boasts of a short-circuit protection mechanism that prevents electric current overload. Other additional safety measures are such as self-resetting protection system that prevents thermal overload and the motor protection feature that prevents the wire feed from overloads during use.

Compatible Wires

The Hobart Handler 190 is compatible with flux-cored wires that are 0.30-0.45 inches, aluminum wires that are 0.24-0.35 inches and stainless/mild steel that is 0.24-0.35 inches.


With the Hobart Handler 190, you can handle aluminum, flux core steel, stainless steel and mild steel.  To prevent potential feeding issues that usually arise when welding aluminum wires, the Hobart Handler 190 comes with its unique SpoolRunner 100 spool gun. This helps increase the feeding efficiency of the device.

Impressively, the Hobart Handler 190 has a pre-built circuitry system that eliminates the need for kits or extra controls. Your work is to plug the device in and start welding. The presence of a selector switch allows you to switch from MIG to spool gun with great ease.

What should you expect in the Hobart Handler 190 box?

The Hobart Handler 190 comes fully loaded and ready to use. You can expect to find the following products inside your box after purchase:

  • Handler 190`s unique SpoolRunner 100 gun
  • MIG gun (10 ft)
  • Spool adapater (8″)
  • Gas hose and a dual gauge regulator
  • Power cord (10ft)
  • Work cable (10ft)
  • Clamp
  • Contact tips (0.30)
  • Flux-cored wire(0.30)
  • Set up guide
  • User manual

The Hobart Handler 190 comes with a user-friendly warranty. That is, 5 years transformer warranty, 3 years warranty on electronics and a 1 year MIG gun warranty.

Hobart Handler 190


  • Comes with a user manual and a set up guide
  • Delivers efficient and clean weld despite your preferred welding process
  • Versatile and allows for the welding of various metals
  • Fairly simplistic aluminum welding through the spool gun
  • Allows aluminum welding through the use of a brand-specific , highly unique spool gun
  • Comes with several adjustibilities including voltage settings, power output and wire speed
  • Safety enhanced as it has advanced safety mechanisms
  • Easy to set up making it ideal for first timers
  • Lightweight and compact nature increases mobility and usability
  • Adequate warranty coverage that guarantees you`ll get the value for your money
  • Can run on a generator


  • Not appropriate for heavy welding and industrial tasks
  • Can only run on a generator with a minimum wattage of 7000 watts
  • Costly due to quality and brand name


The Hobart Handler 190 is a fantastic option if you want a solid MIG welder that can help you out in your small-to-medium welding projects.  This welding beast can handle most household or farm repair projects as well as small shop repairs with ease, making it appropriate for experienced welders and first timers alike.

With the Hobart Handler 190, making beautiful welds is no longer a tough task. It comes with several accessories that ensure you weld with all the ease in the world.  The warranty is extensive enough to guarantee that you will get the value for your money.

The only drawback with this capable welder is its high cost, which might require you to part with your hard earned cash. But, the investment is totally worth it as the Hobart Handler 190 is built to last due to its superior, world-class quality.

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