Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder Review

Last Updated on January 2021

When it comes to top quality welders for professionals and amateurs, not many brands can match the Hobart brand of welders. Hobart welders are known for their customer friendly prices, easy to use interface, and technologically enhanced features.

In this review we will analyze one of Hobart`s most popular releases, the Hobart-handler 140. The Hobart brands of welders are American-made and use high-quality, durable materials that guarantee your welder will serve you for years to come.

The Hobart Handler 140 is among the smallest MIG welders produced by the Hobart Company, making it highly appropriate for DIY project enthusiasts and homeowners looking to perform small to medium repair and maintenance tasks.

The Hobart handler weighs just 57 pounds and runs off a 110v power source, making it convenient to use and move in different areas around your home, office or metalwork shop.

What to expect from the Hobart 140

The Hobart 140 delivers an impressive power of 140A and is widely loved due its simplicity and considerable price range considering its remarkable quality. You get a 20% duty cycle while the machine is running at 90 Amps, making it ideal for day to day light to medium scale welding projects.

The Hobart Handler 140 is appropriate for welding thin material like stainless steel  and aluminum. You can also tap into its flux-core option and weld thicker steel materials. This welding beast is that versatile!

With the Hobart Handler, you will be capable of welding only 24-gauge items with ¼ inch thickness.  You can use this 140A bad boy for farm work, home maintenance and repairs, rental shops, constructions and automotive body work.

With the Hobart Handler 140, you don’t have to worry about mobility as it is considerably lightweight as compared to other high-quality models, making it appropriate for moving around to your several work stations.  Its size is also convenient if you have a small sized van or work truck.  Its portability makes it a gem worth purchasing, especially if you intend to use it to perform several tasks.

Should you settle for the Hobart Handler 140?

It goes without saying that having the Hobart Handler 140 by your side will give you the much-required control when it comes to your welding projects. Its price and quality make it a steal on your side, and you should definitely try it out, especially if you fancy performing regular maintenance tasks at home or in your farm.

The presence of an extensive 5/3/1 warranty gives you the peace of mind that you`ll get to use your welder without worrying about manufacturer`s flaws or defects.

What should you expect in the Hobart Handler 140 box?

The Hobart Handler 140 comes fully loaded and ready to use. You can expect to find the following products inside your box after purchase:

  • Handler 140`s unique SpoolRunner 100 gun
  • MIG gun (10 ft)
  • Spool adapater (8″)
  • Gas hose and a dual gauge regulator
  • Power cord (10ft)
  • Work cable (10ft)
  • Clamp
  • Contact tips (0.30)
  • Flux-cored wire(0.30)
  • Set up guide
  • User manual

The Hobart Handler 140 comes with a user-friendly warranty. That is, 5 years transformer warranty, 3 years warranty on electronics and a 1 year MIG gun warranty.

Hobart Handler 140

Key Features of the Hobart Handler 140

  • Comes with rapid release levers and in-built wire feeding mechanism
  • The in-built contactor enhances safety ensuring the wires are ‘cold’ when the welder is not in use
  • Wire feed settings allow you to adjust easily depending on the materials and their respective thickness
  • Drive rolls have dual grooves that make switching from different wire sizes a breeze
  • Boasts of a motor damage protection feature and a self-reset mechanism that prevents overloading.
  • Five-position selector that controls voltage allowing you to fine-tune and stabilize your arc
  • Heavy-duty work clamps with cast aluminum systems
  • Wide amperage range 25 to 140 amps
  • Comes with an MIG gun that measures 10 feet


  • Lightweight (57 pounds) allowing for increased mobility, meaning you can carry your welder with you all day without feeling the pressure of weight. This makes the welder appropriate for small and medium scale welding activities in and around your home and workshop.
  • High-precision and improved arc performance that produces little spatter when welding.
  • Adequate safety enhancement features like the built-in contractor.
  • Easy set up as it will take you minutes to set up the machine and you are good to go. The Hobart Handler 140 comes with a set-up guide that helps even first timers to know how to install the welder appropriately. The owner`s -manual will ensure you get to understand the weld and its proper usage.
  • Convenient for people with low skill level as the voltage control settings help determine the power. The simple user interface makes the Hobart Handler one of the most user-friendly low amperage welders in the market as novice welders can use it with reduced safety risk


  • The 110-volts usage can be limiting in locations without such power
  • A cart might be necessary to move the device around if you intend to use it frequently in different locations
  • When MIG welding, an extra gas cylinder might be require, therefore increasing your overall costs
  • The Hobart-Handler-140 is appropriate for small projects around home or your workshop but not ideal for heavy, demanding jobs
  • Cannot be used in locations without the supply of AC power
  • Can cost you more compared to gas-operated devices


If you want an easy to use, highly versatile and pocket friendly welder, then you should consider the Hobart Handler 140. This modern welder is designed to help both experienced and first time welders to perform several tasks with utmost convenience.

Some of the tasks the Hobart Handler 140 is appropriate for include welding exhaust systems, trailer hitches and frames, autobody panels, bow/gun racks, metal sculpture, fences and even garden or lawn equipment. This tool is highly convenient for welders who need to perform simple or fairly complex DIY tasks.

You don’t have to worry about durability as this welder comes with an impressive warranty that ensures the machine will serve you for several years without defect or damage. In case of factory errors or manufacturer`s flaws, the lengthy, five year warranty will ensure you get your welder repaired or replaced.

Should you get this welder? The Hobart Handler 140 is an ideal welder for both first timers and experienced welders. This device can come in handy if you want a welder that can help you manage or repair some faults within your work space or home. However, it is not ideal for large scale projects as it has a fairly low duty cycle and amperage rate.

You can use the Hobart Handler with ease not only due to its owner`s manual but also because it comes with a neat, solid but lightweight design. This allows you to move around with your welder and access areas that would be impossible to reach with larger-sized welds.

We recommend the Hobart Handler if you want a handy machine that will help you get the job done at home or in your metalwork shop. It`s fairly priced and the lengthy five year warranty guarantees it will serve you for several years without fail.

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