Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Review

Last Updated on May 2022

The Lincoln K2185-1 Handy MIG is more of a ‘convenience’ welder than a powerful welder. It is specifically designed for small welding tasks, which explains its small size and portable design.

The highly popular Lincoln Handy MIG is appropriate for first time welders as it is easy to handle, operate and even carry around. Its low amperage also reduces the chances of sustaining injury during welding operations as the machine cannot be used for heavy duty welding.

Some welding tasks do not require much power, especially when working with ultra-thin material. The Lincoln Handy MIG comes in handy in such situations as it can be moved around on hard-to reach surfaces to repair the tiniest of flaws.  It specializes in both MIG and Flux Core welding, making it a versatile device to have at home.

Before we get to the features of the Lincoln Handy MIG welder, let`s analyze its performance in regards to power, portability, cost and usability.

Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Reviewed


The Lincoln Handy MIG has a considerably low amperage of 88A, which makes the Handy MIG one of the lowest amperage welders manufactured by high-quality brands. Impressively, you can select from 4 varying voltage setting. The highest voltage setting will allow you to work on relatively thick metals. This welder boasts of a 20% duty cycle at 70amps; it is also convenient as it runs on a 115v voltage input, meaning you can use it at home or your shop comfortably.


As suggested by its name, the Lincoln Handy MIG is designed to be lightweight and highly mobile. It weighs 46lbs, making it fairly easy to move around your garage or metalwork shop. It also comes with a comfortable handle that allows you to carry the welder with ease. In regards to portability, not many small welders can boast of prime features such as the 4 different voltage settings you can find in the Lincoln Handy MIG.

Cost and Warranty

Cost is a huge factor to consider when purchasing a welder. Luckily, this convenient welder was designed to perform at a considerably low amperage, which plays a huge role in reducing the overall cost

Despite being among the cheapest welders sold by Lincoln Electric, the Lincoln Handy MIG is still high quality and is easily among the best products in the market in its class. You only get a one year manufacturer`s warranty on this welder, but it should not be a point of concern as Lincoln Electric is a well-reputed brand.


The Lincoln Handy MIG performs both Flux-cored and MIG welding and is specifically designed for light use. It can handle 24 gauge steel up to 1/8 inch making it ideal for thin material. Due to its understandably limited uses, this machine has a minimalistic interface that makes it easy for first timers to operate. It doesn’t have all the features that more powerful and expensive welders come with, making it appropriate for beginners or experts who want to perform specific tasks.

Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder


  • Comes with a cold contractor to enhance cooling by keeping the wire cold
  • Built-in cooling fan-based cooling system to prevent gradual overheating
  • 4 highly convenient voltage settings
  • Comes with an indoor chat that helps users understand set up
  • Wire feed speed adjustment
  • Comes with a clamp, gas regulator, welding gun, gas hose, among other relevant features.


  • Affordable due to its low power settings
  • Durable despite its low prices
  • Small compact size that ensures it fits in small spaces
  • Highly portable due to its light weight thud allowing you to transport it to your preferred locations with ease
  • Comes with a one year warranty that ensures you don’t incur additional expenses in case of manufacturer`s defect.


  • Can only be used for thin material
  • Comes with 4 voltage settings only
  • Low amperage


The Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG is a leading product in its category. Since not every welding project requires great amperage levels, having a small machine to sort your light welding needs can come in very handy.

With the Handy MIG you get convenience and efficiency all in one product, and here`s the best part, you can use this product to weld the thinnest material without much struggle. Its pocket friendly price makes it an appealing option for people with basic DIY welding needs.

This leads to the question, should you buy the Lincoln Handy MIG? Yes you should, especially if you want convenience. The best feature of this welder is that it’s a perfect performer when it comes to welding thin material. Therefore, even expert welders should consider using this device for projects that require high levels of precision.

The Lincoln Handy MIG is an appropriate option for hobbyists or welders looking to learn how professional welding works. Its simplistic design as well as user manual will help you get started, and soon, you will be in the category of expert welders!

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