Lincoln Easy MIG 140 Review For 2020

Last Updated on October 2023

When it comes to the manufacture of high-performance welders, not many companies can match the lofty standards set by Lincoln Electric. With a Lincoln welder by your side, you are guaranteed of durability, effectiveness and quality welds.

In this review, we will examine one of Lincoln Electric`s leading products, the Easy steroidekaufen MIG Welder 140. Packed with absolute power, the Easy MIG Welder is one of those welders that will outlive its warranty while maintaining a high-level of performance throughout the years.

Read on to learn more about the welder, and whether you should consider making it your next purchase.

Lincoln Electric Easy MIG Welder 140 in a Nutshell

The Lincoln Electric Easy MIG Welder 140 is appropriate for small-to-medium welding projects, meaning it can come in handy for home or farm use. This highly capable welder uses a 120V power source, a true testament of its convenience for light to medium projects.  It works best when used in repair and maintenance projects around the farm, automobiles body works, as well DIY projects at home. This top notch welder is a known performer and will likely give you the service you need for your day to day welding needs.

The Main Features

  • Boasts of a 5-500 IPM wire feed system
  • Can be used for gas-free flux welding
  • Comes with a fully adjustable drive system
  • User friendly design
  • Brass to brass gun connection system
  • 20% duty cycle at 90A
  • Numeric drive tension indicator that`s easy to turn
  • Operates on 120V
  • Compatible with several spool guns
  • Comes with gas shielding apparatus, gas nozzles and glasses
Lincoln Easy MIG 140

Benefits of the Lincoln Electric Easy MIG Welder 140

Simplistic, User-friendly Design

This welder is designed for both experts and inexperienced welders looking to learn more about professional welding. Despite its top-class performance, the Lincoln Electric Easy MIG Welder 140 maintains a simplistic look that makes it easy for use. It also comes with a calibration chart, which explains how to set up and start with your welding projects. These features make it ideal for someone who doesn’t want the struggle of setting up.


This multi-purpose beast of a welder can weld thin gauge steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. You can also weld thicker steel though flux-core welding.  Its compact size also allows for increased versatility as you can move it around in your car or wheel cart without the welder occupying much space. This makes it appropriate for light usage in and around your warehouse or workshop. The product comes with an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to move around.

Adjustable Drive

The fully-adjustable drive system helps forge high-pressure steam for your welding projects. You can also reduce wire crushing and tangling by using the numeric-drive tension indicator. This allows you to work on different wires of varying diameters. The brass to brass gun connection helps to enhance the conductivity of the welder.   The cast-aluminum gear box is durable and allows for quiet operation, allowing you to work in peace. Together with the cast-aluminum body, the rigid drive improves wire alignment thus reducing the risk of break downs and frequent repair.

Tension Indicator

The built-in tension indicator helps you to detect potential problems with your welder in good time. It alerts you when the machine needs to cool down or incase wires entangle. This allows you to act promptly and adjust settings to prevent the Lincoln Electric Easy MIG Welder 140 from breaking down. Its quick tool design minimizes changeovers when it comes to the drive rolls.

Enhanced User-Safety

Not many welders come packed with safety gear like gas shields and goggles. On most occasions, you usually have to buy such accessories separately. The Lincoln Electric Easy MIG Welder 140 comes with its goggles and gas shielding masks to enhance your safety during use.


The Lincoln Electric Easy MIG Welder 140 comes with a hard cast-aluminum surface which makes helps keep the internal components safe. Similar to other Lincoln Electric welders, the Easy MIG Welder 140 is made of high-quality materials, which ensure that the product serves you long after the warranty period expires. This makes it a good welder purchase, one that will save you money in the long term.


    • Fairly heavy (61lbs) meaning you will need a wheel cart to move it around with ease
    • Large sized dimensions make it less likely to fit well in small spaces


The Lincoln Electric Easy MIG Welder 140 requires an input voltage of 120V making it appropriate for use at home, the shop or other areas with 120V sockets and above. Although it is not the most portable welder in the market, the Easy MIG Welder can help you out in your various tasks as it has an output amperage of 30A to 140A.

This high-quality welder is appropriate for both experienced welders and novice hobbyists looking to perform DIY tasks at home. Its simplistic design ensures that you don’t struggle to understand its functionality. Another feature that makes the Easy MIG Welder 140 an attractive option is that it comes ready for use.

We recommend this diverse multipurpose welder if you want to take your welding experience to the next level. It might cost more than other alternatives in its price-range, but buying a Lincoln Electric welder guarantees that it will last long enough to serve you well.

If you are a first-timer looking to learn how to weld, this device is your best bet as it is easy to use and comes with several safety-enhancing features.

7.1 Total Score

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