Miller Maxstar 150 TIG STL Welder Review

Last Updated on May 2022

High-quality tools are imperative for satisfactory welding results. One of those top-quality welding tools is the Miller Maxstar 150 TIG STL welder, a product by Miller Electric company that has long been a household name in welding equipment manufacturing.

The welder features patented Miller technologies geared to offer users with maximum convenience and satisfaction. Loaded with several awesome features, it offers you greater portability, considerable versatility, and appreciable performance.

This Miller Maxstar 150 TIG STL welder review will look into the several features loaded into this machine, as well as how they benefit operators, both starters and pros. Sounds good? Read on.



Miller Maxstar 150 can seamlessly switch between TIG welding and stick welding, offering you highly sought-after versatility in welding machines.

As a TIG welder, Maxstar 150 has the edge over several competitors. It relies on Miller’s Lift-Arc technology for TIG arc initiation, thereby eliminating the high-frequencies interferences that would otherwise damage the machine’s electronics.

The commendable TIG amperage range of 5-150A allows you to work on a broader range of  metal material thicknesses, right from ultra-thin sheets to 3/16-inch thick materials.

When operating as a stick welder, Maxstar 150 offers an output range of 20-150A, enough to weld ¼-inch thick steel on a single pass.

The multiple capabilities make this machine ideal for different environments and applications. TIG function is synonymous with industries such as food and beverage, where aesthetic appeal is a top consideration. It’s also suitable for do-it-yourself repair and maintenance projects at workshops and home shops.

Whether you’re a welding hobbyist or a professional contractor, trust Maxstar 150 to deliver your desired results for light and moderate projects. For design ideas on our top 50 DIY welding projects [Check Our In Depth Guide]

Intuitive Controls

Thanks to the easy-to-use panel, selecting parameters and processes is straightforward.

First, you have a large knob surrounded by a 15-150A scale. Using this control, you can tweak the amperage output to your desired value. Next, there is the process selector with which you can choose stick, TIG, or TIG remote mode.

Something else you’ll love about Miller Maxstar 150 welder is the ability to control the settings remotely. Typically, the machine comes with a fingertip remote control with a rotary wheel that allows you to change the output amperage. The device attaches to the TIG torch with two hook-and-loop fasteners.

Alternatively, you can purchase a remote foot pedal with a non-slip transaction pad. By pressing the pedal, you activate the gas contactor or increase the amperage, and by releasing it, you turn off the machine and activate an afterflow cycle.

Compact and Portable

The Miller Maxstar 150 is in inverter welder, meaning it’s smaller in size and incredibly light. It weighs just under 14 pounds, so moving it around the workshop or from one job site to another is hassle-free.

The machine also features a carrying handle and shoulder strap, which make it one the most portable light-duty, multi-process welders.

The compact design not only enhances portability but also offers more room for welding, meaning you can comfortably work with this equipment in confined spaces.

Auto-line Management Technology

One of the creative features present in Miller Electric products, including the Maxstar 150, and one the reasons why the manufacturer stays ahead of the competition is the auto-line technology. The multi-voltage feature allows you to effortlessly switch between 120V and 240V outlets without using additional tools.

With 150V power running through most households, you can seamlessly tackle plenty of repair jobs at your home. Nonetheless, more demanding projects call for the utilization of the maximum amperage rating(150A), and this requires you to switch to a 240V supply and have the appropriate outlet at your job site.

Also, keep in mind that you can TIG weld at 150A using a 120V supply, but stick welding at 150A will undoubtedly require you to switch to a 240V supply. This is where Miller’s auto-line technology comes into play.

The technology allows you to switch processes with varying power demands without manual linking. Simply pick a plug and insert the power cord into the outlet, and tighten the collar to complete the switch up process. Using automatic line management, Maxstar 150 welder detects the inserted plug and adjusts its output accordingly.

Auto-line management not only offers you flexibility but also filters spikes and dips from dirty power so that you consistently use high-quality arc for superior welding results.

Safe to Use

This welder comes with an excellent selection of safety features that not only protect the machine from damage but also lengthen its lifespan.

Topping the list of Maxstar’s safety features is the on-demand cooling technology. Whereas most welding professionals are just okay with a welding machine staying cool, Miller’s fan-on-demand technology takes the notion further. The fan turns on only when it’s necessary.

On-demand cooling tech offers several benefits. It saves energy consumption as it doesn’t have to work throughout, while also reducing the noise coming from the machine by a significant measure. The fan also minimizes the amount of contaminants and dust that gets into the welder.

Enhancing the cooling technology is Miller’s exclusive wind tunnel technology that directs airflow away from the machine’s PCBs and electrical components, safeguarding them from debris, dust, and dirt. This helps to improve reliability and decrease maintenance requirements.

Miller Maxstar 150 incorporates a thermal overload protector that switches it off when it becomes too hot. However, it may often be too late to prevent internal circuitry damage when the welder shuts down. Fortunately, Maxstar has an indicator LED that turns on when the welder is approaching thermal overload, giving you the chance to switch it off before damage occurs.

Impressive Torch

The Miller welder comes with a Weldcraft A-150 TIG torch with a 12.5-foot durable lead that provides you with plenty enough freedom to move around your workstation without dragging your welder. If 12.5 feet length is too short for you, a 25-foot alternative bought separately will undoubtedly suit your movement needs.

The torch’s Diamond Grip design helps to reduce discomfort and fatigue while reducing downtime attributed to operator fatigue. The handle is ribbed to increase grip and also allow some airflow to cool your hands. However, the cooling aspect may be pointless if you are wearing gloves, which is always recommended.

The torch head is flexible to allow easy access to hard-to-reach areas.

Miller Syncrowave 250 DX


This section reveals some cons worth noting about the Miller Maxstar 150 STL welder.

Cannot Weld Aluminum

This might be a deal-breaker for some welding professionals since TIG welding is mostly associated with aluminum. Maxstar 150 STL is a DC welder, meaning it can’t weld aluminum effectively.

The thing about AC is that it removes the oxide layer and cleans the weld. Contrarily, welding aluminum with DC leads to contaminated and poor-quality welds. This is why you should look for an AC TIG machine for aluminum welding.


Miller Maxstar 150 TIG STL is quite pricey, which is bad news for buyers on a budget. On the bright side, you are paying for a brand known for high-quality products that are backed with a comprehensive warranty. Besides, it saves you from the headaches of replacing low-quality welders now and then.


Miller Maxstar 150 STL manages to deliver optimum performance in a small package weighing as little as 14 pounds. You are sure to get high-quality welds from this dual process machine that offers both stick and TIG capabilities in conjunction with high portability.

The welder is also packed with various technologies meant to streamline welding, protect the machine from damage, and maintain a longer lifespan. It’s undoubtedly a reliable product for beginners and professionals looking for a compact and well-performing welder.

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