Miller Millermatic 141 Weld Machine Review

Last Updated on May 2022

The Miller Milllermatic 141 is a 120V, highly technical welder designed for small-to- medium scale use. This welder is appropriate for both professionals and hobbyists and is well known for its ability to produce neat welds without spatter. When it comes to usability, the Miller Millermatic 141 is in a class of its own, particularly due to its minimalistic design.

Weighing an impressive 51lbs, this welder is highly mobile and can be carried around. Its compact design also helps it to fit into your car or work truck without occupying much space. With an input voltage of 120V, you can use this highly capable machine around your garage or at home without having to worry about voltage restrictions.

Before examining the features of the Miller Millermatic 141, let`s take a quick look at its performance based on usability, power, price and portability.

The Miller Millermatic 141 in a Nutshell


Although the Miller Millermatic 141 does not rank up as one of the most powerful welders, it has some state-of-the art features that make it a superior welder to have in your garage or workshop. This bad boy comes with an auto-set control feature which helps reduce the effort required when setting up to weld.

A blue light appears when you activate auto-set. Once the blue light appears, your work is to select the material thickness and wire diameter and then proceed to weld. This feature is convenient for professionals looking to save time and first timers with little experience in welding.

You can also choose to set the machine manually if you prefer taking a hands-on approach. Just check the usage chart on the inside of the welder`s door and select the controls from the available options. It comes with 10 wired feed speed settings and an infinite voltage control as well. The Miller Millermatic 141 can weld stainless steel and 14-18 gauge aluminum.


The Millermatic 141 boasts of a duty cycle of 20% at 90A, meaning you will have to give the welder an 8 minute break if you weld for 2 minutes. At 40A, the duty cycle stands at 100%. This modern welder has an amperage range of 30A to 140 A, which allows you to perform a variety of welding tasks in your garage.

The infinite voltage control settings give you maximum control and help improve your welding outcomes. And since the Millermatic 141 runs on a 120V outlet, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a compatible outlet within your home or garage.

Price and Warranty

Expect to get a 3 year Millers True Blue warranty once you purchase this product. Of course, due to its tech upgrades and additional features, the Miller Millermatic 141 costs more than the handler 140.

The voltage control and auto set features contribute to the slightly expensive cost of this welder. However, the price is totally worth it if you consider the neat welds it produces as well as its superior performance.

Main features of the Miller Millermatic 141

  • Auto-set functionality for ease of start up
  • Infinite voltage control that increase your welding flexibility
  • Quick Select drive roll
  • Compatible with 15ft MIG guns due to its redesigned drive system
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Spool gun detecting feature (automatic)
  • Comes with a 10ft spool gun
  • Two gauge regulators
  • Door chart for setting up and usage guidance

 Advantages of the Miller Millermatic 141

Increased control

The infinite voltage control feature increases your overall control when welding to ensure you get neat welds. This allows you to perform various welding tasks like repair without having to seek for higher-quality welders.

 Very Portable

The handles make the Miller Millermatic 141 one of the most convenient welders when it comes to ease of movement. While its weight is still considerably heavy, the extra handles ensure you can lift and move the device around your workshop with ease.

Ease of Use

This machine is easy to use, particularly due to its auto-set feature, which does a significant chunk of the set up tasks for you.  The startup features ensure the welding process is spatter free, consequently allowing for smoother, cleaner welds.

Quick set-up time

The Miller Millermatic 141 boasts of a fast setup time due to its quick-select feature. Unsurprisingly, the welder has one of the fastest set-up times for 140A welders. You don’t have to waste time in keying in several settings if you utilize the Millermatic welding-simplifying features. The simplistic design also helps to ensure that first timers can set up and use the machine with ease. If you are looking for a non carry option please read our review on top rated welding carts.


The input voltage of 120 is highly appropriate for home and workshop usage as you can easily plug it in without fussing about your sockets` input power.


  • Although the Miller Millermatic 141 has an impressive amperage range, it is not suitable for thick metals and industrial welding.
  • The power cord (5ft) is not appropriate as it limits the freedom and mobility of the welder when in use.
  • Quite costly


The Miller Millermatic 141 is highly appropriate when it comes to efficiency and ease of use. Its simplistic design and technologically advanced features make it standout as one of the best welders in the 140A class.

Although it can`t perform heavy welding tasks, you can expect this welder to give you proper service for your home and repair projects. Its compact design and fairly light weight make it easy to move around. We recommend the Miller Millermatic 141 if you’re a hobbyist or a professional welder looking for a high-quality welder for simple repair and maintenance tasks.

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