Longevity 140 MIG Welder Review

Last Updated on May 2022

The Longevity 140 welder, as its name suggests, is one of the most durable, top-performing welders in the market. The device can weld aluminum and exotic metals as well, making it versatile enough to accomplish your day to day welding tasks. Longevity 140 requires a 110V power source, a feature which makes it easy to use at various locations that don’t have massive output capacity.

In this review, we will examine the main features of Longevity 140, analyzing it pros and cons while also making a recommendation on whether you should buy this capable welder.

The main features of the Longevity 140

  • Power Plug Installed
  • Operates on a standard 110V outlet power
  • Can weld 3/8″ mild steel comfortably
  • Uses consumables with standard measurements making it easy to make replacements or add accessories.
  • You can use gas or gasless flux-core welding
  • Portable
  • Inverter based welder
  • Duty cycle of 20% at 90A
  • Has a 0.025″-0.030″ wire range
  • Optional spoolgun 140
  • Weighs 61.9 pounds after set up

Pros of the Longevity 140 MIG Welder

Uses Standard Consumables

The Longevity 140 MIG Welder despite being unique, uses the same affordable consumables used by other welders. This allows you to replace or add accessories without any difficulty. This welder has a simple design and is not chromed with several keys that can lead to confusion, especially for a first time welder.

It also comes with standard sized wires that ensure you get to use your welder immediately after unpacking.  The use of standard measurements makes the Longevity 140 MIG Welder one of the most consumer-friendly welders in the 140A range.


For a 140A welder, the Longevity 140 MIG Welder is one of the most powerful in that bracket. This welder can cut an impressive 3/8’’ mild steel and can easily weld out thick metals. The 110V power requirement means that you can connect the device in almost any socket and commence your welding projects.


This powerful welder can be put to a variety of tasks from light fabrication to farm and home repairs as well as regular maintenance. This bad boy can also be used in welding ornamental gates, hot rods, furniture, BBQ pits, among many other uses.  Although it cannot Stick weld, it has the ability to produce some of the smoothest and neatest welds.


The importance of having a compact, solid welder cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to mobility. With the Longevity 140 MIG Welder, you don’t have to worry about size or bulk as it has a compact design that ensures it fits anywhere.

It might not be the lightest welder in the market, but it has a strong ergonomic handle that ensures you are comfortable when lifting the welder to your work location.


It is not every day that you will find a high-performance welder retailing at such friendly prices. The Longevity 140 MIG Welder is affordable despite its great features and ability to weld thick enough material.  It also comes with a warranty that ensures you don’t lose money in the event of manufacturer`s defects.

Easy set-up

The Longevity 140 MIG Welder comes with an  instruction manual that helps you understand everything associated with setting up the device. This great feature makes it appropriate for first time users who need adequate information about the set-up process.

Its simple design also makes this welder one of the easiest to set up and use. It comes fully packed with standard accessories including the required wires. Set up can be completed in less than ten minutes if you follow the simple user manual correctly.

Cons of the Longevity 140 MIG Welder

  • Stiff regulator horse
  • Not made from the highest quality components
  • Not as portable as advertised by the manufacturers
  • The handle might be uncomfortable at times.


The Longevity 140 MIG Welder is a good welder option for a variety of reasons. Its ability to cut through thick metals makes it appealing, especially for welders in need of that extra power from a 140A welder. Its reliance on 110V power source ensures that you don’t have to struggle to plug in the device.

For first timers or hobbyist welders, this machine is arguably one of the best options to consider. It comes loaded with a user manual that ensures that you can easily set up, and here`s the best part, it costs far less than other welders in its class. This makes it a good option for learning and developing greater welding skills.

Should you get the Longevity 140 MIG Welder?

Yes. If you want a low budget option that won`t break the bank but is still powerful, then you should consider this top-rated weld. It might not be made of the highest-quality components like other expensive option, but it is built to last, and will serve you comfortably for several years.

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